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WDOMINICAN STARFISH FOUNDATION2015 HIGHLIGHTSTHANK YOUThank you so much for your help withour projects in the Dominican Republic in 2015 . Our foundation is growing and your donations have made a significant difference to people and projects in the Dominican Republic. We started construction on a library which will service two communities of 5000 people. The project will be completed in 2016. WWITH YOUR HELP AND DONATIONS, THESE ARE SOME OF OUR ACCOMPLISMENTS IN 2015.We completed construction of 8 new homes. We are currently working on 3 additional homes. With our sponsors and partners, we are in the fund-raising process for an additional 6 homes.We took a large amount of uniforms and equipment to baseball teams in the Dominican.We hosted AYUDA Humanitarian, a group of dentists and their families who came in July and did over 500 complimentary dental appointments. We hosted another dental clinic in October with two dentists and their families from Colorado. We raised money for a 13 year old to have a surgery to save his foot. He was born with a condition where circulation didnt go to the end of his foot and was in danger of amputation. We hosted pre-med students from the University of Lethbridge where we held wellness clinics and did other humanitarian activities. We assisted with clothing, food, household items and hygiene kits to residents of the community of Munoz where 63 families lost their homes to fire. We also helped year-round in several other communities with these same type of items. With help from many here in Canada we assembled hundreds of baby packs which we delivered to the hospital for new-born welcome gifts. We partnered with International Language Programs (ILP) to bring volunteer teachers to the Dominican Republic where hundreds of children will now have the opportunity to learn English.

We partnered with Hand in Hands at They literally bring smiles to many people. Lorren and Kari Lock work with dental technology and medical assistance. Thanks to faithful supporters, 2015 was an amazing year for Dominican Starfish Foundation. We received $178,368 in cash donations plus over $14,000 in donations of gifts of clothing, shoes, school supplies, hygiene kits, and household items. All of the work within the foundation is volunteer. No one is paid. All of the travel expenses are paid by the individuals travelling. The majority of administration expenses (mailings, brochures, newsletters) were also donated by board members. Dominican Starfish Foundation has a 9 member volunteer board. REGISTERED CHARITY 84958 1775 RR0001

Thank you so much to generous donors who have helped raise money to build 29 homes in the Dominican Republic since April, 2013. Dominican Starfish Foundation has chosen six new families for whom we are seeking sponsors to raise money to build them a new home in 2016. Bierka and her 3 young daughters, Jasmil,Adarleny, and Yamileiny,live in Javillar. Bierka's husband passed away of a heart attack recently and they need our help. She struggles to pay the rent and owning their own home would allow her to give her children basic necessities like daily meals. ILP employees raised money to buy a small piece of land.

David and Mor live in a tiny, tiny home about 9 by 12 in Javillar. There is only one bedroom. They have 5 children. The oldest girl lives with her grandmother because the family doesnt have room for her in their home. The father is a fisherman. Jasmin and her two children live in Javillar in a home that is falling down. It is literally being held together by rags. The mom does any little job she can find to feed and support her children. The home is so dilapidated that we were afraid to touch anything while inside. (This home has a sponsor!)This young couple live in Javillar. They have not been able to have children. They adopted the young boy that you see in the picture. His parents disappeared one night leaving 8 children to fend for themselves. This couple adopted one of the children and feed several of the siblings each day. They have managed to get a small piece of land to build a small two bedroom home. They are working hard to better their lives as well as helping others around them.

The cost of building a home in the Dominican Republic is about $9500 USD. If you and your family/friends would like to sponsor one of these families, or help in some way, please email for more information at

Gloria Vasquez is a 70 year old lady living in Javillar. She lives in very poor conditions. She is caring for a 26 year old daughter, Arelys, who has serious mental health problems. She is also raising a grandchildJunior, age 12. She has no family assistance and no job. She shed many tears at the thought that someone might really help her.

Francisca is a 63 year old lady who is nearly blind with glaucoma. She lives in Javillar. For many years her home has been flooding with every major rain. On her own she has hauled a massive amount of fill into her home by wheel-barrow to raise the level of the floor. We would like to help her get a concrete floor and a bathroom in her home. (This home has a sponsor.)

We are looking forward to another great year of growth and service in our foundation. Thanks to each of you for your support and donations!