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Why I chose Dolly Parton?

Dolly Parton

By: Lucy Heath

Why I chose dolly Parton

1.I am interested in her.2. I went to her amusement park.3.I like to sing a little bit.4. I like to act a little bit5. She is still alive.

Early life

1. She grew up on an old, broken-up, rundown ranch in Locust Ridge, Tennessee. 2.There were twelve children in her family.3. She was born on January 19,1946.4. Her daddys name was Robert Lee Parton.5. Her mommys name Avie Lee Parton.


1.Dolly Parton is good at singing. 2. Dolly Parton is a good actor.3.Dolly Parton is good at thinking of songs to write.

Dolly Parton challenges

1. When Dolly was little not having a lot of money for her and her family to get along very well was a challenge.2.Dolly had to fix her weight problem.

Gifts and talents

1.singing and acting

Episode or story

In 1956, Dolly Parton sang her first song at the Grand Ole Opry. She was ten years old.


1. We should believe in ourselves.2. We should never give up3. Just because you didnt have something in the past doesn't mean you wont have it in the future. This is what Dolly Parton showed us.

The songs Dolly Parton sang

1.Islands In The Stream2. Coat Of Many Colors 3. Baby Im Burning4. Yellow Roses 5. My Tennessee

Interesting facts about Dolly Parton

1.Her favorite color is pink.2.Her favorite animals are a butterfly and a hummingbird.3.Her favorite food is a hotdog.

Dolly Partons siblings names

1.Stella Parton ,sister2.Randy Parton ,brother3.Rachel Dennison ,sister 4.Willadeene Parton, brother5.Cassie Parton, sister6.Floyd Parton, brother7.Coy Parton, brother8.Frieda Parton ,sister9.David Parton ,brother10.Robert Parton Jr., brother11.Lary Parton, brother

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