Z8000 goes on Multibus in SGS micro & OEM cards

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Z8000 goes on Multibus in SGS micro & OEM cards The Samson computer is available from Italian group SGS-ATES. First introduced at Comdex Fall 83, Samson runs under the Sunix III operating system, SOS's version of Unix system Ill. Samson has demand-paged virtual memory. The system is Multibus compatible. It includes 70 Mbytes of integral disc storage and 67 Kbytes of formatted tape cartridge space. The computer's dual-bus architec- ture also incorporates distributed 16-bit intelligent I/O boards. These allow software drivers to be executed remotely. Software for Samson includes packages for database management, local area networking and mainframe communication. SOS have also announced a range of 16/32-bit boards for OEMs. The SAM (SOS advanced modules) boards are based on the Z8000 family and are Multibus compatible. SOS is a Zilog second-sou rce. The CPU board in the SAM family uses the Z8003 virtual memory micro- processor. The SAM memory board can be configured from 512 kbytes to 6 Mbytes. The intelligent communica- tions controller board supports a Z8003 or Z8001 CPU with local RAM and EPROM. Another Multibus-compatible product from SOS is the SAM-Z8003- EVM evaluation module. The module, which has virtual memory, is for evaluating 16/32-bit systems. For SBC, control unit, monitor program, and two RS232 channels for terminal and host computer connections, the price is $2500. Five industrial boards have been added to SGS's CLZ80 8-bit family. The boards are for A/D and D/A interfacing. Based on the double- Eurocard format, they use DIN 41612 connectors. Boards in the CLZ80 range are interconnected by the SOS- designed Gamma bus. Also for industrial use is the UX8-1 computer for OEMs. This is based on a Z80A CPU and runs under CP/M 2.2. Dual 5-in floppy disc drives are included. Samson computer and Z8003 emulation board from SGS The UX8-1 has two RS232 serial channels. There is a Centronics-compatible parallel printer interface. The online storage of the UX8-1 can be expanded externally with an optional 5)~-in Winchester disc that stores up to 10 Mbytes. (SOS, via C. Olivetti, 2, 20041 Agrate-Brianza, Italy. Tel: (39) 39 655 54 21. Telex." 43 330 131. SGS-A TES (UK) Ltd, Planar House, Walton Street, A ylesbury, Bucks, UK ) Burr-Brown front-end interfaces 128 terminals Communications front end A processor of front-end communica- tions has been announced by US-based Burr-Brown. The TMC900 can interface up to 128 microtermina[s to a single communications port in a host computer, says the firm. The input response time is less than 1 s for any terminal, says Burr-Brown. Definitions of up to 100 transactions (terminal polling, local validation, error recovery, transaction processing) can be downloaded to the TMC900. Each transaction can have up to ten prompt/reply editing specifications. The TMC900 combines an 8088 CPU with two Z80A peripheral micro- processors and a DMA controller. The 128k RAM stores database information and collected data. A further 10 Mbyte of unformatted storage space can be obtained with an optional 5-in Winchester disc. A serial RS232C or RS422 interface communicates asynchronously to the host system at up to 19 200 baud. Mains operation is on 110 V or 220 V AC. An optional battery backup supply (24 V DC) can keep the system up for 60 min after power failure, says Burr- Brown. TMC900 'is as simple to use as an automated bank teller machine,' says the firm. (Burr-Brown International Ltd, Cassiobury House, 11-19 Station Road, Watford, Herts WDI lEA, UK. Tel." (0923) 33837. Telex." 922481) 68008 gets online/offline incircuit emulation 68008 users can get incircuit emulation from ARS Microsystems. The unit is an extension to the Mice II range. The 68008 model can be used as part of a standalone program develop- ment/debugging system, or with a general-purpose computer for offline debugging. (A RS Microsystems Ltd, Doman Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 3DF, UK. Tel: (0276) 64341) 68008 incircuit emulation vo18 no 4 may 1984 209