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  • SymposiaSource: Slavic Review, Vol. 37, No. 2 (Jun., 1978), pp. 363-364Published by:Stable URL: .Accessed: 17/06/2014 07:22

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  • Symposia 363

    byla (feminine) bol'shaia komuata (feminine) ("The large room was the study"), contrasts with the seemingly straightforward agreemelnt in Kabiiwet byl (masculine) bol'shaia koinnata ("The study was a large roomi"). As the English translations show, the two sentences differ in meaninig (hence in underlyinag structure) atnd are not sinmply optional variants expressing the same meaning. The evidence adduced is synatactic, not impressionistic or semantic-the impossibility of using the attributive etot "tlhis" with kabinet in the first sentence as against its possible occurrence in the second. This is not to say that stylistic variants do not exist; they do, andi are carefully noted throughout the book.

    This is the best book available on agreemineit in Russian. It is outstanding for its breadth of coverage, its illustrative material, its reference to scholarly literature (both Russian and general linguistics), and its firIn theoretical foundationi.

    RICHARD L. LEED Cornell Unliversity


    FESTSCHRIFT FUR BERNHARD STASIEWSKI: BEITRAGE ZUR OST- DEUTSCHEN UND OSTEUROPAISCHEN KIRCHENGESCHICHTE. Edited by Gabriel Adridnyi and JosephI Gottschalk. Cologne and Vienna: Bbhlau Verlag, 1975. xiv, 260 pp. DM 58.

    CONTENTS: Tabula gratulatoria. Joseph Gottsclhalk, "Prailat Universitatsprofessor Dr. phil. et Dr. theol. Bernhard Stasiewski." Bertold Spuler, "Die Religionspolitik der Molngolen." Ewald Walter, "War der Tag der Offlnung des Grabes der hl. Hedwig und der Erhebung ihrer Gebeine aus demselben der 17. August?" Annieliese Trillel geb. Birch-Hirschfeid, "Das Wallfahrtswesen in Westpreussen um die Wende des 14. zumIl 15. Jahrlhundert auf Grunld des 'Processus Dorotheae Montoviensis' 1404 bis 1405." Werner Marschall, "Schlesier auf demn Konzil von Konstanz (1414-1418)." Alfred Sabisclh, "Die Statuten des Breslauer Domnkapitels und ihre Bedeutung im 16. Jalhrhundert." Robert Stupperich, "Melanchthoni und der deutsche Osten." Otto Scheib, "Die Breslauer Disputation von 1524 als Beispiel eines frillireforma- torischen Religionsgespraches eines Doktor-s der Tlheologie." Joachliin K61hler, "Das Testa- ment des Breslauer Bischoofs Andreas vonI jerim (1585-1596)." Norbert Conrads, "Historie und Jus Publicum an der Landschaftsakademie in Wien. Emii Beitrag zuim Leben des His- torikers und Juristen Gottfried Ferdinianid von Buckisch unid Lowenfels (1641-1698)." Reinhold Olesch, "Zur christlichen- Terminologie in der Sprache der Dravdnopolaben. Der Anteil dler westdeutscihen Slavenmission und spatere Vbernahmen aus demn Niederdeutscheni." Gabriel Adrianyi, "Geschichte und Quellen der ungarischen Ktirclhengeschichtsschreibunig." Max Tauch, "Schlesien und die Vollendurng des Kdlner Doms imn 19. Jahrhunidert." Paul Mai, "Die tschechische Nation und die Los-voni-Rorni-Bewegung." Gerhard Reifferscheid, "Der Bischof von Danzig, Eduard Graf O'Rourke, im Ka-npf gegen den- Nationalsozialismus." Johannes Chrysostomus, "Die Probleniatik der heutigeni russischeni Kirche des Moskauer Patriarchates." Narzissa Stasiewski, "Bibliographie Ber-lnhard Stasiewski."

    OXFORD SLAVONIC PAPERS, new series, -vol. 10. Edited bY Robert Asty and J. L. I. Fen-nell. I. P. Foote, general editor. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1977. vi, 138 pp. + 4 pp. plates. $19.50.

    CONTENTS: P-mile Turdeanu, "Le Testamient d'Abrahmi? en slave et en rournain." Robert Croskey, "A Further Note on Sir Jerome Bowes." Daniel Clarke Waugh, "Azbulka fnakanmi

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  • 364 Slavic Review

    lits: Egyptian Hieroglyphs in the Privy Chancellery Archive." R. P. Bartlett, "Scottish Cannon-founders and the Russian Navy, 1768-1785." W. H. Zawadzki, "Adam Czartoryski: an Advocate of Slavonic Solidarity at the Congress of Vienntia." Mark Everitt, "R. W. Blackmore (1791-1882), an English Chaplaini in Cronstadt." R. F. Christian, "Some Unpub- lished Poems of Nicholas Baclhtin." J. S. G. Simmonis, "Theses in Slavonic Studies Approved for Higlher Degrees by British Universities, 1972-1976."

    RUMANIAN STUDIES: AN INTERNATIONAL ANNUAL OF THE HUMAN- ITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, vol. 3, 1973-1975. Edited by Keith Hitchins et al. Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1976. vi, 221 PP. 64 Dglds.

    CONTENTS: PART I. HISTORY: Paul 1W. Schroeder, "Rumania and the Great Powers before 1914." $tefan $tefTnescu, "Orient et Occident au bas-Danube; Foindatioin des :stats roumains indepeindants." Barbara Jelavich, ":Russia aind the Rumaniain Commercial CQnvention of 1876." Lucian- Boia, "On the History of Rumanian Immigration to America, 1900-1918." Philip Eidelberg, "Vasile Kogalniceanu and Rumanian Conservative Populism (1900-1921)." Paul Cernovodeanu, "Transylvaniain Evidences abouit England during the Later Stuarts (1660-1714)." Keith Hitchins, "Austria-Hungary, Rumania and the Memorandum 1894." CostiIn Fenesan, "Der Baniater Kupferhanidel in der ersten Halfte des 18. Jahrhulnderts; zur Frage des 6sterreichischen Meerkantilismiius in einemi Grenzland." PART II. ARCHAEOLOGY: Sever Dumitrascu, "Recent Archaeological Research and Discovery in Northwest Rumania." PART III. ETHNOGRAPHY: Paul Simionesco, "Remiiiniscenices inythologiques conicerinanit le Danube." PART IV. SOCIOLINGUISTICS: Erica F. McClure alnd Malcolm M. McClure, "Factors Influenciing Language Variation in a Multilingual Transylvaniian Village." The Contributors.

    SLAVICA HIEROSOLYMITANA, SLAVIC STUDIES OF THE HEBREW UNIVERSIIY, vol. 1. Edited by L. Fleishmana, 0. Ronien, atnd D. Segal. The Center for the Study of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the Hebrew Univer- sity of Jerusalem. Jerusalem: Magnes Press, The Hebrew Un1iversity, 1977. viii, 335 PP. $12.00, paper.

    CONTENTS: Riccardo Picchio, "The Function of Biblical Thematic Clues in the Literary Code of 'Slavia Ortlhodoxa.'" V. N. Toporov, "Iz issledovanii v oblasti poetiki Zhukovskogo: I. 0 smlerti Pushkina: k otnosheniiu prozaicheskogo i poeticheskogo variantov. II. Ob istochlnikakh stikhotvoreniia Zhukovskogo 'Nevyrazimoe.' III. '19 marta 1823' i 'Elisavete Reitern.' IV. Blok-Zhukovskii: k probleme reministsenitsii. Primechaniie I: Ob istochnikakh odnogo obraza v russkoi poezii." L. S. Fleishman, "K interpretatsii blokovskogo tsikla 'Zakliatie ognem i mrakom.'" B. M. Gasparov, "Poema A. Bloka 'Dvenadtsat" i nekotorye problemy karnavalizatsii v iskusstve nachala XX veka." Ada Steinberg, "On the Structure of Parody in Andrej Belyj's Peterbntrg." Omry Ronien, "A Beam Upoln the Axe: Some Anteced- ents of Osip Mandel'stam's 'Umyvalsja noc'ju na dvore...." Omry Ronell, "The Dry River and the Black Ice: Aniamnesis and Amniesia in Mandel'stanm's Poem 'Ja slovo pozabyl, cto ja xotel skazat'.' " L. S. Fleishman, "Iz kommenttariev k 'Kukkhe'. Konl-krektor Obezvel- volpala." L. S. Fleishman, "Avtobiograficheskoe i 'Avgust' Pasternaka." D. Segal, "Pro Domo Sua: The Case of Boris Pasternak." Boris Pasternak, "Istoriia odnoi kontroktavy. Publ.ikatsiia i vstnipitel'naia stati'a E. B. Past-rnaka." Christopher J. Barnies, "Boris Paster- nak: A Review of Nikolaj Aseev's Obsnsaoa (1916)." Pis'mo L. 0. Pasternaka k Bialiku. Pztblikatsiia Zh. L. Pasternak i L. L. Pasternaak-Sleiter. L. S. Fleishman, "K publikatsii pis'ma L. 0. Pasternaka k Bialiku." Christopher J. Barines, "Boris Pasternak, "The Musician- Poet and Composer."

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    Article Contentsp. 363p. 364

    Issue Table of ContentsSlavic Review, Vol. 37, No. 2 (Jun., 1978), pp. 203-372Front MatterThe Ordinary, the Sacred, and the Grotesque in Daniil Kharms's The Old Woman [pp. 203-216]The Russian Census of 1897: Some Observations on the Age Data [pp. 217-227]Rural Crime in Tsarist Russia: The Question of Hooliganism, 1905-1914 [pp. 228-240]The Failure of Rural Policy in Russia, February-October 1917 [pp. 241-258]Stalin's German Policy after Stalin [pp. 259-267]Prospects for Stability in Post-Tito Yugoslavia [pp. 268-282]Notes and CommentBobodzhon Gafurovich Gafurov, 1908-1977 [pp. 283-285]

    Review EssayAnti-Systems [pp. 286-289]

    ReviewsReview: untitled [pp. 290]Review: untitled [pp. 291]Review: untitled [pp. 291-292]Review: untitled [pp. 292-293]Review: untitled [pp. 294-295]Review: untitled [pp. 295-296]Review: untitled [pp. 296]Review: untitled [pp. 296-297]Review: untitled [pp. 298]Review: untitled [pp. 299]Review: untitled [pp. 300-301]Review: untitled [pp. 301-303]Review: untitled [pp. 303-304]Review: untitled [pp. 304-305]Review: untitled [pp. 306-307]Review: untitled [pp. 307-308]Review: untitled [pp. 308-309]Review: untitled [pp. 309-310]Review: untitled [pp. 310-311]Review: untitled [pp. 311-313]Review: untitled [pp. 313]Review: untitled [pp. 314]Review: untitled [pp. 315]Review: untitled [pp. 315]Review: untitled [pp. 316]Review: untitled [pp. 316-317]Review: untitled [pp. 317-318]Review: untitled [pp. 318-319]Review: untitled [pp. 319-320]Review: untitled [pp. 320-321]Review: untitled [pp. 321-322]Review: untitled [pp. 322-323]Review: untitled [pp. 323-325]Review: untitled [pp. 325-326]Review: untitled [pp. 326-327]Review: untitled [pp. 327-328]Review: untitled [pp. 328-329]Review: untitled [pp. 329-330]Review: untitled [pp. 330-331]Review: untitled [pp. 331-332]Review: untitled [pp. 332-334]Review: untitled [pp. 334]Review: untitled [pp. 335]Review: untitled [pp. 336-337]Review: untitled [pp. 337-338]Review: untitled [pp. 338-339]Review: untitled [pp. 339]Review: untitled [pp. 340]Review: untitled [pp. 340-341]Review: untitled [pp. 341-343]Review: untitled [pp. 343-344]Review: untitled [pp. 345]Review: untitled [pp. 345-346]Review: untitled [pp. 346-347]Review: untitled [pp. 347-348]Review: untitled [pp. 348-349]Review: untitled [pp. 349-351]Review: untitled [pp. 351-353]Review: untitled [pp. 353-354]Review: untitled [pp. 354-355]Review: untitled [pp. 355-356]Review: untitled [pp. 356-357]Review: untitled [pp. 358]Review: untitled [pp. 358-359]Review: untitled [pp. 360]Review: untitled [pp. 361-362]Review: untitled [pp. 362-363]Symposia [pp. 363-364]

    Letters [pp. 365-366]News of the Profession [pp. 367]Books Received [pp. 368-372]Back Matter