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This interview will begin shortly... Stay tuned!Procedural Generation of Mountains and Tracks in SSXwith Caleb HowardProcedural Generation of Mountains and Tracks in SSXwith Caleb HowardChallengesAutomatic vs. ProceduralHow do procedural techniques fit in to the game development process? Are we trying to replace artists and designers?Elevation DataElevation DataAgenda1. Tracks & Gameplay2. Surrounding Terrain3. Tool Pipeline4. Workflow 5. DiscussionPart 1.TRACKS & GAMEPLAYThe TrackTrack RibbonsRibbon ControlsRibbon Parameters Difficulty is set first. Parameters:Slope. Turns. Hazards. Branch Probabilities.Track GeometrySwept ProfilesMeshesAdvanced ProfilesDynamic ProfilesSubtracting TunnelsUnderlying Representation (1)Underlying Representation (2)Part 2.SURROUNDING TERRAINSkirt GenerationSkirt GenerationTexturingSurfacingMesh DecimationRocksTreesInstance PlacementManual PlacementAre all trees placed automatically? Did the artists need tools to move trees that were generated?Surface AlterationDistant MountainsPart 3.TOOL PIPELINEHoudiniHoudiniNode-Based PipelineSSX PipelinePathTerrainInstancesMeshLightsAudioEffectsProcedural BenefitsWhat are the benefits of node-based pipelines for procedural generation?Houdini and SSXHow many custom nodes were written for Houdini to implement the SSX pipeline?Part 4.WORKFLOWOld WaysBuild Pipeline Lock Pipeline Test PipelineProof Of ConceptProof Of ConceptWith DesignersHow difficult was it to get designers on board with procedural generation?With ArtistsSimilarly, was it more difficult for the artists that were not familiar with procedural generation?Part 5.DISCUSSIONCredits Tom Munro Bryn Wyka Demetrius Apostopoulos Ivan DeWolf Ryan Ackert Brendon Vitz Craig Hall Carlos Lemus Carlos LemusProcedural Generation of Mountains and Tracks in SSXwith Caleb Howard


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