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<ul><li><p>SUNDAYNORTHWESTHERALD</p><p>Advice .................... Style 8Business .....................D1-6Classified.................... F1-5Community ....................B1Local News.............. A2-10Lottery............................A2Movies...................Style 11Nation&amp;World........... B4-7Obituaries ....................A11Opinions ........................B2Puzzles ....................... F5-6Sports........................C1-12State ...........................B3-4Style .......................... InsideWeather ....................... A12</p><p>WHERE ITS AT</p><p>* Complete forecaston page A12</p><p>HIGH</p><p>71LOW</p><p>45</p><p>WINSTREAK</p><p>Marengoimproves to 4-0</p><p>with victoryover R-B / C1</p><p>THE ONLY DAILY NEWSPAPER PUBLISHED IN McHENRY COUNTY</p><p>September 20, 2015 $1.50</p><p>NWHerald.com Facebook.com/NWHerald @NWHeraldSUNDAY</p><p>BUSINESS</p><p>On the riseCounty car dealers seeing boost in salesafter late 2000s recession; total sales inU.S. surpass 16M for 1st time since 07 / D1</p><p>Fighting chanceNot up against Rodgers, Bears defense looksto show strength against Cardinals / C1</p><p>SPORTS</p><p>Connecting with the authorsLibrary to host writer who lived next door toTo Kill a Mockingbird author Lee / Inside</p><p>STYLE</p><p>SUNDAYSUNDAY improves to 4-0 improves to 4-0 NWHerald.comNWHerald.com</p><p>Another SatisfiedCustomer.</p><p>Lic # 055-001101</p><p>Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical</p><p>adno=0333583</p><p>Photos by Sarah Nader snader@shawmedia.com</p><p>The casket of McHenry County Sheriff Deputy Dwight Maness is carried Saturday into Woodstock North High School, where Maness funeral was held.</p><p>Serviceworkersto seechange</p><p>By ALLISON GOODRICHagoodrich@shawmedia.com</p><p>It has been about fourmonths since providers of ear-ly intervention services, suchas Jennifer Crick of Cary, havegotten paid.</p><p>That is expected to changeaf ter an announcementWednesday from Illinois Comp-troller Leslie Geissler Munger.In a news release, Munger an-nounced the state will imme-diately beginmaking paymentsto early intervention providersas soon as it receives vouchersfrom theDepartment ofHumanServices.</p><p>Munger learned from herNonprofit Advisory Councillast week that early interven-tion services were slippingthrough the cracks of consentdecrees requiring paymentsduring the budget impasse, therelease said.</p><p>After looking more closelyat several active consent de-crees, DHS and the comptrolleragreed that early interventionservices were covered, andthey immediately began set-ting up the processes for mak-ing payments to providers, itadded.</p><p>This comes at long last forCrick and other providers inthe McHenry County area,many of whom, despite thehalted paychecks, have con-tinued going to area homes towork with young children de-layed on certain developmentallevels.</p><p>Early intervention pro-grams provide in-home ther-apy sessions, tools and otherresources and are designed toidentify children from birth to3 years oldwho are notmeetingdevelopmental milestones.</p><p>Crick said therapists likeherself work with the children,and coach families on how toencourage their kids to play,walk, talk and just be part ofthe family. When Crick foundout the state would begin mak-ing payments she said she isowed between $12,000 to $14,000at this point relief flooded in.</p><p>It was like, Oh my gosh, Idont have to stop working, she said, explaining providersin the area recently have sub-mitted 30-day notices to clients.</p><p>As the agency that coordi-nates McHenry County earlyintervention programming,</p><p>Honoring Dwight Maness</p><p>ByKATIE DAHLSTROMkdahlstrom@shawmedia.com</p><p>WOODSTOCK A line of near-ly 100 McHenry County sheriffssquad cars drove into McHenryCountyMemorial Park on Saturdayin silence with their lights flashing.</p><p>Beneath blue skies, they fol-lowed a procession route thatstretchedmore than 30miles to hon-or McHenry County Sheriffs Depu-ty Dwight Maness, who died unex-pectedly Monday while recoveringfrom injuries he sustained when hewas shot while on duty last year.</p><p>Maness squad car was followed</p><p>by the hearse carrying his body.The fallen deputys wife, Sue Ma-ness, followed close behind on herHarley Davidson motorcycle.</p><p>The department has workedtirelessly to honor him, McHen-ry County Sheriffs Deputy Ai-mee Knop said. He deserves this.</p><p>He has served our country in theArmy. He has served our countryin law enforcement. This is what hedeserves. This is all for him.</p><p>Officers came from across Illi-nois and southern Wisconsin forManess, a 47-year-old former U.S.Army Ranger who had worked forthe McHenry County Sheriffs De-partment for 7 years and 11 monthsbefore he died from a blood clot inhis lungs.</p><p>Maness, of McHenry, was recu-perating from injuries he sustainedless than a year ago in a shootingin Holiday Hills. He and his part-ner, Deputy Khalia Satkiewicz, re-</p><p>sponded Oct. 16, 2014, to a reporteddomestic situation. Shooter ScottB. Peters fired more than a dozenrounds through the front door.</p><p>After a jury trial, Peters, 53, wassentenced to 135 years in prison.</p><p>Maness was shot in the backand leg and remained dependenton a wheelchair or walker. He wascommitted to walking again, re-turning to work and riding a mo-torcycle again. Satkiewicz also sur-vived, and both deputies receivedthe countys first and only PurpleHearts from the sheriffs office.</p><p>Early interventionproviders to getpaid amid impasse</p><p>Mourners remember fallen county deputy at funeralOn the Web</p><p>To see video and a photogallery from the funeraland procession, visitNWHerald.com.</p><p>LEFT: Sue Maness, widow of McHenry County Sheriffs DeputyDwight Maness, rides behind the hearse during the funeral proces-sion Saturday in Woodstock. ABOVE: Joe Alger of Crystal Lake holdsan American flag while waiting for the funeral procession to passhim on its 31-mile route.</p><p>See MANESS, page A9</p><p>See PAYMENT, page A9</p></li><li><p>ILLINOIS LOTTERYLotto:Sept. 19 1-16-20-22-31-44 (5)Sept. 17 16-18-34-37-40-46 (6)Sept. 14 1-6-16-21-33-38 (4)Lotto jackpot: $8 million</p><p>Lucky Day Lotto Midday:Sept. 19 18-20-26-35-42Sept. 18 24-27-28-34-38Sept. 17 7-14-16-27-34Sept. 16 2-5-17-27-29Sept. 15 6-17-20-26-34Sept. 14 7-16-27-33-41</p><p>Lucky Day Lotto Evening:Sept. 19 3-5-14-28-37Sept. 18 25-28-39-40-42Sept. 17 10-11-13-25-45Sept. 16 12-16-17-29-38Sept. 15 3-11-20-34-43Sept. 14 8-15-16-17-33</p><p>Pick 3 Midday:Sept. 19 1-7-1Sept. 18 8-4-7Sept. 17 1-2-0Sept. 16 6-9-9Sept. 15 6-0-4Sept. 14 0-4-2</p><p>Pick 4 Midday:Sept. 19 2-7-5-4Sept. 18 4-4-6-5Sept. 17 5-0-1-2Sept. 16 1-5-5-9Sept. 15 0-1-8-9Sept. 14 7-0-1-2</p><p>Pick 3 Evening:Sept. 19 7-5-1Sept. 18 0-8-4Sept. 17 3-1-3Sept. 16 7-1-2Sept. 15 0-9-0Sept. 14 3-7-9</p><p>Pick 4 Evening:Sept. 19 7-9-2-5Sept. 18 9-2-4-5Sept. 17 1-9-8-0Sept. 16 1-7-5-0Sept. 15 4-4-9-6Sept. 14 8-7-0-4</p><p>Mega MillionsSept. 18 17-34-35-51-65Mega ball: 7 Megaplier: 3Sept. 15 7-20-35-49-56Mega ball: 9 Megaplier: 4Est. jackpot: $25 million</p><p>PowerballSept. 19 12-17-26-43-48Powerball: 24 Power Play: 2Sept. 16 5-7-24-31-39Powerball: 7 Power Play: 3Est. jackpot: $235 million</p><p>INDIANA LOTTERYDaily 3 Midday: 6-3-2Daily 3 Evening: 4-2-7Daily 4 Midday: 6-2-7-8Daily 4 Evening: 4-8-1-2Cash 5: 26-31-34-37-41Lotto: 3-16-17-26-34-48Est. Lotto jackpot: $5 million</p><p>WISCONSIN LOTTERYPick 3: 7-2-5Pick 4: 5-0-2-7SuperCash: 6-13-16-34-37-39MegaBucks: 4-7-15-35-36-48Badger 5: 2-3-4-7-21</p><p>LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? Check out our photo galleries of images made by award-winning Northwest Heraldphotographers on the Northwest Herald website at: http://www.nwherald.com/lists/. Photos can also be</p><p>purchased at http://photos.nwherald.com/photostore. CONTACT USDo you have a news tip or</p><p>story idea? Please call us at815-459-4122 or email us attips@nwherald.com.</p><p>CORRECTIONS&amp; CLARIFICATIONSAccuracy is important to</p><p>the Northwest Herald, andwe want to correct mistakespromptly. Please call errorsto our attention by phone,815-459-4122; email, tips@nwherald.com; or fax, 815-459-5640.</p><p>CRISIS LINEDont know where to turn</p><p>for help? Call the McHenryCounty Crisis Line at 800-892-8900. The phone lineis open 24 hours a day. Itsconfidential and free. You alsocan visit the crisis line on theWeb at www.mchenry-crisis.org.</p><p>Get news from your communitysent to your phone. Text thefollowing keyword to 74574 foryour community text alerts:</p><p>NWHALGONQUINNWHCARYNWHCRYSTALLAKENWHHUNTLEYNWHLITHNWHMCHENRYNWHWOODSTOCK</p><p>To sign up for more alerts in-cluding school news, prep sportsand severe weather alerts or tomanage your text alerts visithttp://shawurl.com/textalert.</p><p>Message and data rates apply.</p><p>LOTTERY</p><p>NEWS ALERTS</p><p> Relevant information Marketing Solutions</p><p> Community Advocates</p><p>NORTHWEST OUTTAKES</p><p>LOCAL BRIEFS</p><p>Work on Route 47 continuesBy KEVIN P. CRAVER</p><p>kcraver@shawmedia.com</p><p> ROUTE 47:Work has start-ed to repair parts of Route 47between Route 176 in Lake-wood and Route 14 in Wood-stock. Anticipate delays.</p><p> CHARLES MILLER ROAD: Anew traffic pattern is in placeafter workers switched thetravel route to the newly laidpavement.</p><p>Workers this year will fin-ish widening Charles MillerRoad to four lanes west toRoute 31, and they will im-prove its intersection withRoute 31 and Bull ValleyRoad.</p><p> ROUTE 14:Watch fordelays, especially at the inter-section of Routes 14 and 176,</p><p>as widening work on Route 14continues.</p><p>Work is ongoing to rebuildand widen Route 14 fromWestLake Shore Drive in Wood-stock to just south of CrystalLake Avenue. The $48 millionproject will take two years tocomplete.</p><p>Although the project is di-vided into two contracts, withLucas Road near McHenryCounty College separatingthem, work on both will takeplace simultaneously, mean-ing drivers will need to planfor two work zones.</p><p>The road will be widenedto two lanes in each direction,separated by a 22-foot land-scaped median.</p><p>A 10-foot bike path will beincluded from Lake Shore</p><p>Drive to just past MCC. Traf-fic signals will be improvedor installed at eight intersec-tions along the route.</p><p> ROUTE 14 IN HARVARD:Workers are resurfacingabout a mile of Route 14between Route 23 and BrinkStreet. Anticipate delays.</p><p> LAKEWOOD ROAD/LAKEAVENUE:Work is ongoing toresurface and add bike lanesalong Lakewood Road fromHaligus Road to AckmanRoad, and along Lake Avenuefrom Huntley Road west tothe village line. Work shouldbe done by late fall.</p><p> SOUTH MAIN STREET, CRYS-TAL LAKE: Crystal Lake driv-ers should anticipate delaysas construction continues towiden and improve a stretch</p><p>of South Main Street and Pyo-tt Road from south of Route14 to north of Rakow Road.</p><p>The project will widen theentire road to four lanes eliminating choke points fornorthbound drivers on PyottRoad and southbound driverson South Main Street and itwill improve the roads inter-section with Virginia Road.</p><p>The $5.7 million project,which is being paid for bya federal grant, the city andMcHenry County, will be fin-ished by November, weatherpermitting.</p><p>SOURCES: Illinois De-partment of Transportation,McHenry County Division ofTransportation, city of Crys-tal Lake, village of Lakewood</p><p>Sarah Nader snader@shawmedia.com</p><p>Crystal Lake Centrals Maddie Fox serves to Marian Central during a quad meet Sept. 9 at Crystal Lake Central High School.</p><p>McHenry child flown to hospitalafter being run over by golf cartMcHENRY A 4-year-old McHenry girl</p><p>was flown to a hospital Saturday after shewas struck and run over by a golf cart, fireofficials said. The McHenry Township FireProtection District was called about 2:40p.m. to a home at 7817 Valley Hill Roadbecause the child had been hit by a golf cart,according to a news release fromMcHenryTownship Fire Protection District BattalionChief David Harwood.Firefighters alerted Flight for Life as they</p><p>responded, and put the flight on standby,Harwood said in the release. When crewsarrived, they found a 4-year-old girl who wasalert and complaining of pain. Family at thescene said they believed the girl also mighthave been run over by the golf cart, officialssaid. McHenry officials stabilized the girl andtook her to a Flight for Life hangar. Flightfor Life crews flew her to Lutheran GeneralHospital in Park Ridge. She remained stable</p><p>throughout the flight, officials said. Katie Dahlstrom</p><p>St. Johns Lutheran Church to hostchicken dinner, raffle MondayHEBRONSt. Johns Lutheran Churchwill</p><p>host an all-you-can-eat chicken dinner from4 to8 p.m.Monday at Crandalls Restaurant, 10441Route 47. There alsowill be a basket rafflefeaturing prizes from local businesses.The cost is $15 for adults, $12 for children</p><p>younger than 10, free for children 3 andyounger. Proceedswill be used to constructawheelchair lift tomake the church buildinghandicapped accessible. Carry-out dinnerswillbe available. For information, call 815-648-2671.</p><p>AARP program to present driversafety classes Monday, TuesdayWOODSTOCKTheAARPDriver Safety</p><p>Programwill be presented from 10 a.m. to 2p.m.Monday and Tuesday in the training roomat theWoodstock Police Department, 656 Lake</p><p>Ave.,Woodstock. The classroomcourse is de-signed for drivers age 50 and older. Successfulcompletion of the coursemay entitle partici-pants to a discount on their auto insurance. Par-ticipantsmust attend both sessions. The cost is$15 for AARPmembers, $20 for nonmembers.Registration is required. For information, callTamara Reed at 815-338-6787.</p><p>Award-winning historian to givelecture on Chicago mobstersCRYSTAL LAKE Award-winning historian</p><p>Barry Bradford will present Capone andGiancana: Leading TheMob in Chicago from12:30 to 2 p.m. and from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Sept.29 inMcHenry County Colleges Luecht Con-ference Center, 8900 Route 14, Crystal Lake.During themultimedia presentation, Bradfordwill trace the rise of the Chicagomob from itsinception through the Giancana years. Admis-sion is free. For information, email conference-center@mchenry.edu or call 815-479-7570.</p><p> Northwest Herald</p><p>SUNDAYGet text alerts</p><p>Text the keywordNWHNEWS to 74574 to sign upfor breaking news text alerts.Message/ data rates apply.</p><p>September 20, 2015Northwest HeraldSection A Page 2PAGE 2</p><p>NWHerald.com Facebook.com/NWHerald @NWHerald NWHerald.com</p><p>OFFICE7717 S. 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