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NC Rebellions. Rebellions/Conflict. Bacon’s Rebellion Culpepper Rebellion Cary Rebellion Tuscarora War. Colonial Government and Rebellion. Few could vote Only men White, 21 years old Property owners (50 acres). 1. Bacon’s Rebellion. 1676 in the Virginia Colony - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


NC Rebellions

NC RebellionsRebellions/Conflict Bacons RebellionCulpepper Rebellion Cary RebellionTuscarora War

Colonial Government and RebellionFew could voteOnly menWhite, 21 years oldProperty owners (50 acres)1. Bacons Rebellion1676 in the Virginia ColonyNathaniel Bacon Planter from EnglandAngry with Governor Berkeley

Bacons Rebellion1676: Greed in Virginia for rich farmlands pushes settlers into conflict with nativesSettlers desire to move onto treaty-protected lands29 year-old Nathaniel Bacon petitions govt to approve war with natives

Bacons RebellionUnhappy about low tobacco prices, limits on voting rights, rule by an aristocratic minority, and lack of protection from the Native Americans

Bacons RebellionGovernor refuses, Bacon attacks anywayEventually, Bacon sees the Govt as a obstacleBacon wages war on the govt and burns down the capital (Jamestown)Bacon dies of dysentery, rebellion eventually fades out Largely unsuccessful, but Berkeley (governor) did step down

2. Culpepers Rebellion1677 rebellion against the Navigation ActsMonopolized colonial trade for England (only English merchants and ships to England)Tariffs/Export Taxes placed on colonial productsTobacco was usually shipped to Boston and other goods to the West Indies

3. Carys RebellionThe Vestry Act and Test ActDesigned to ensure Anglican ruleVestry Act new tax used to build Anglican ChurchesTest Act elected officials must swear on bible to uphold Anglican faithQuakers, Lutherans, and CatholicsAll offended and angeredQuakers protest by petitioning Lord ProprietorsThomas Cary (Governor) is fired, Edward Hyde replaced himAttempts to enforce acts

Carys RebellionCary supported Quakers and religious dissentersHoped to get his job backElections held (1708), Cary wins!1708-1711 Cary allows Quakers to hold office without swearingThomas Cary

English ResponseCary replaced with HydeCary sailed on Pamlico, fired on Hydes homeCaused major disruption in Carolina, represented a diminished role for Quakers in state politics 4. Tuscarora Native American territory to westUsed as slaves by colonistsPopulation decline from 120,000 to 16,000 in a centuryNew technology = guns, glass beads, clothing, alcohol, etc..

Buildup to War1711 New Bern settled in Tuscarora territoryJohn Lawson, Christoph von Graffenreid and an African slave leave on expedition into Tuscarora territoryCaptured, Lawson killed others were released laterThe Tuscarora WarTuscarora decide to try to push Europeans out of CarolinaGrievances:Kidnapping and enslaving their peopleAlcoholCheated during tradePoor treatment by EuropeansThe Tuscarora WarNative Americans attack Bath CountyPlan to destroy all plantationHundreds killed (even children)Women and children taken as slavesDead left for dogs and vulturesResultsNC calls for aid from South Carolina and Virginia1713 South Carolina responds with Catawba and Yamassee IndiansTuscarora defeated at Ft. Neoheroka1000 were killed/enslaved, forced out of NC to NY