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Mobile Number Portability By Kunal Oza Number portability definition Number portability enables a subscriber to switch between services, locations, or operators while retaining the original mobile number, without compromising on quality, reliability, services and operational convenience. Types of number portability Number Portability Operator Portability (Between Operators) Location Portability (Between Service Areas) Service Portability (Between Wire line & Mobile) Fixed Number Portability Mobile Number Portability Need of Number Portability Convenience of customer to personalize the same number across the Operators, Locations and Services. (No age for your number .) vSubscriber’s benefit: Better QOS, more features and services, better tariff plans for customers. No cost incurred to notify the new contact details to the others( friends, family, business…..) vOperator ’s benefit: Healthy competition and an opportunity to explore more services/features. Operator with best QOS will gain the subscribers. Introduction of innovative service. Mobile Communication BTS BSC MSC BTS BSC MNP Terminologies related to network NPDB Originating Network : Network of the calling party Donor Network party Recipient Network party NPDB : Previous subscription of Called : Present subscription of Called : Number Portability Data Base (maintains portability database and provides How It Works? Ope rat or A NP Gateway Clearing house Clearinghouse NP NP NP Gateway Ope rat or B Number Portability Clearinghouse ØClearinghouse is a centralized system that interconnects mobile operators ØDefines number porting business rules and procedures ØUtilize the system to implement number portability. ØProvides statics and history for ported numbers ber Portability Gateway ØIt is located at the Operator Premises ØInterface towards the Clearing house ØManages the porting process ØInterface towards operators OSS/BSS Real - Time Network Query ØReal time query response system for call routing to ported numbers ØSetup by Clearing house for multiple operators Call Routing - All call query Whenever a call is originated, the Originating n/w will query i ORIG NW Database LRN + Called Number Called Number Recipient Network NPDB will acknowledge the query by adding a prefix LRN (Location Based on the prefixed LRN the Originating n/w will route the call to the re Donor Originating Network Networ k LRN + B-MSISDN CQ (All Call Query Method) is called as direct routing, The Donor Network will not be part of the entire call flo LRN codes circulated by TRAI Microsoft Excel Worksheet Geographical distribution of Indian Telecom market Zone I – MNP Clearing House Jammu & Kashmir Syniverse Technologies Punjab Haryana Himachal Pradesh Uttar Pradesh W North Eastern States DELHI Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh E Bihar Gujarat Madhya Pradesh West Bengal` Maharashtra & Goa MUMBAI Andhra Pradesh Orissa KOLKATA Karnataka CHENNAI Tamil Nadu Kerala Zone II – MNP Clearing House Zone I Zone II ( MNP Interconnect Telecom Solutions ) MITS How to Switch - Rules: •The subscriber, who likes to avail this service, need to send a SMS from his mobile to 1900. •Once the customer sends SMS, he will be receiving a unique porting code from the current service provider. •Then he need to fill the application in a particular format and mention the new service provider, the customer would like to subscribe for. •The new service provider will collect the information about the user from the current operator. A time period of seven days will be taken for the complete transfer of mobile number to the network of the new mobile operator. •As a transformation charge for the new operator the subscriber has to pay the amount of Rs 19. Model Porting Process E.g. AirTel Customer Ported to Idea Network. !dea NP Request AirTel NP Request NP Accept NP Exec NP Ready NP Broadcast Initiation of Execution Activation and Update Routing Info NP Accept Validation of Request Deactivation of Service Update Routing Info Routingnfo National 3rd party clearing House. NP Exec NP Ready NP Broadcast NP Done Regulatory guidelines TRAI has issued the “Regulation” for MNP in India which includes Subscriber Eligibility Criteria Completed 90 days from date of activation Completed 90 days from the last porting Subscriber Eligibility Criteria Operator Criteria: Donor Operator Rights & responsibilities of Donor Operator, Recipient Operator & Clearing House Recipient Operator MNP Clearing House Impact on Network due to MNP §Additional 25% signaling load will increase from the day1 of MNP launch. §Changes in tariffs §Monitoring and interception related issues. §Software development §number table would be modified. T Thanks & h a n ks & Happy Happy lea le arning… rning…
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Mobile Number Portability By Kunal Oza Number portability definition Number portability enables a subscriber to switch between services, locations, or operators while…