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=-1{+-0+{-*},kKarma Chagmes Aspiration Prayer of the Pure Realm of Sukhavati


Karma Chagmes Aspiration Prayer of the Pure Realm of Sukhavati

1"=14+- M1-+#;1=h 1"=-Es0-:r-#-?-$=-14+-.8m-M1-+#-0+{-&{,-6m$-#m-*},-;1-W=-0&q=-0bo#=-=}kkAspiration Prayer of Sukhavati Pure Realm of Great Bliss

?f-?-1m-a{-5-Osm\Om Ami Dewa Shri

8+m-(m+-=-1{+-*v#=-+1-14~+kMake this aspiration a daily commitment and practice,

k;#-.-,-9$-80+-,=-Km=kI had composed it sincerely despite my fingers sore from writing,

k1$-.}-8#8-;-?{-/,-0=1kThinking that someone might benefit from this.

k+.{-#%}+-8+}+-1m-#+8-,-#9}:kIf any one would like to recite this, please circulate,

k8+m-;=-/,-9},-&{-0-1{+kThere is no greater benefit than this special prayer.

k8+m-0=-70-.8m-#+1=-$#-1{+kThere is no Dharma teaching more profound than this,

k$-9m-&}=-m=-(m,-13,-`o=-Hs#-_pkSang Gye.Chen Gyi.Nyin Tsen.Du Drug Tu.

I prostrate to the Dharmakaya Amitabha,whose eyes, throughout the six periods of day and night,



Karma Chagmes Aspiration Prayer of the Pure Realm of Sukhavati

k={1=-%,-\o,-;-0P{-0=-K#-_p-#7m#=kSem Chen.Kun La.Tse We.Tag Tu Zig.Constantly behold all beings with compassion,

k={1=-%,-\o,->m-9m+-;-#$-H,-.8mkSem Chen.Kun Gyi.Yi La.Gang Dren Pai.Whatever thoughts passing through the minds of all beings,

kM1-K}#-#$-8>o-K#-_p-*v#=-m-$#-_p-#$-e=-3n#Hears distinctly all the speech of all beings,

Nam Tog.Gang Gyu.Tag Tu.Thub Kyi Kyen. Sem Chen.Kun Gyi.Ngag Tu.Gang Me Tsig.

kK#-_p-1-8H{=-=}-=}:-$,-;-#=,kTag Tu.Ma Dre.So Sor.Nyin La Sen.Without any confusion, each and every one of them individually,

k\o,-1={,-8}+-+.#-1{+-;-@#-83;-;}kKun Khen.Wo Pag.Me La.Chag Tsal Lo.I prostrate to the omniscient Amitabha.

k&}=-($=-131=-1{+-A=-.-1-#)}#=-.kChoe Pang.Tsam Me.Je Pa.Ma Tog Pa.It is said that except those who have committed the five acts to reject Dharma,

k={+-;-++-%m$-*},-;1-0)0-3+-\o,kKhye La.Ded Ching.Mon Lam.Tab Tsed Kun.All of you who recite this aspiration prayer with great faith and devotion,

k0+{-0-%,-+{:-[{-08m-*},-;1-Es0kDe Wa.Chen Der.Kye Wai.Mon Lam Drub.Will fulfill the aspiration to be born in Sukhavati,

k0:-+}:-A},-,=-6m$-+{:-8H{,-.:-#=v$=kBar Dor.Jon Ne.Zhing Der.Dren Par Sung.Amitabha will appear in Bardo to lead them.

k8H{,-.-8}+-+.#-1{+-;-@#-83;-;}kDen Pa.Wo Pag.Me La.Chag Tsal Lo.I prostrate to the foremost guide, Amitabha.

k={+-mkDod Ne.Drub Pa.Tong Sum.Jig Ten Gyi.Primordially existing in the three thousand-fold worlds,

kQm$-06m-:m-:0-(m-S-A{-0-0WkLing Shi.Ri Rab.Nyi Da.Je Wa Gya.The four continents, Mount Meru and thousand million sun and moon

k[-Pt-1m-9m-;}$=-]}+-*1=-%+-\o,kLha Lu.Mi Yi.Long Choe.Tham Ched Kun.All the wealth and treasures of the devas, nagas and human kind,

kR}-9m=-R$=-){-8}+-+.#-1{+-;-80v;kLo Yie.Lang Te.Wo Pag.Me La Bu.Bringing all these to mind, I offer them to Amitabha,

k0+#-;-/,-@m:-*v#=-I{8m-%}0=-mkMyself and all other sentient beings,

k*}#-1-1{+-.8m-`o=-,=-+-W8m-0:kFrom time immemorial up till now,

Pha Me.Thob Drang.Dag Sog.Dro Kun Gyi. Thog Ma.Me Pai.Due Ne.Da Tai Bar.

kN}#-0%+-1-Am,-;{,-+$-1m-3$=-]}+kAll our non-virtuous deeds of killing, stealing and impure conduct,

k;v=-m=-0!}:iSang Gye.Jang Sem.Pag Me.Khor Gyie Kor.Surrounded by a retinue of Bodhisattvas,

0+{-[{+-$}-13:-+.#-_p-1{+-.-9miDe Kyid.Ngo Tsar.Pag Tu.Me Pa Yi.In this realm of inconceivable bliss,

0+{-0-%,-6{=-A-08m-6m$-"1=-+{:iDe Wa.Chen Shie.Ja Wai.Zhing Kham Der.Which is known as Sukhavati.

0+#-,m-8+m-,=-3|-8/}=->o:-1-*#iDag Ni.Di Ne.Tse Phoe.Gyur Ma Thag.At the moment of death after this lifetime,

[{-0-#6,->m=-0:-1-&}+-.-:viKye Wa.Shin Gyie.Bar Ma.Chod Pa Ru.May I never take a rebirth in any other realm,



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