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  • Instructors Confidential Manual

    Supplemental Handbook


    Sifu Guro Bud Thompson


  • The contents of this work including, but not limited to, the accuracy of events, people, and places depicted; opin-ions expressed; permission to use previously published materials included; and any advice given or actions advo-cated are solely the responsibility of the author, who assumes all liability for said work and indemnifies thepublisher against any claims stemming from publication of the work.

    All Rights ReservedCopyright 2010 by Bud Thompson

    No part of this book may be reproduced or transmittedin any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical,

    including photocopying, recording, or by any informationstorage and retrieval system without permission in

    writing from the author.

    ISBN: 978-1-4349-9041-9eISBN: 978-1-4349-4062-9

    Printed in the United States of America

    First Printing

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    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222U.S.A.

  • Dedicated To: This manual is to the devoted students who have spent countless hours, weeks, months and years training. They have earned the privilege and right to be called Sifu/Guro. It is my wish that the instructor will continue to grow in the knowledge of the art and become creative in his or her own right. The full instructor has been granted the right to change anything he or she has been taught in order to benefit his or her own needs and the needs of the students, as he or she sees fit to change. Change is necessary so that the practitioner can adapt to the ever-changing times and situations as he or she deems necessary. Sifu/Guro Bud Thompson

    Bud Thompsons Academy of Mixed Martial Arts

    Registered in the Library of Congress Register of Copyrights, United States of America Registration Number TXu 1 313 040 June 29, 2006 Kali Academy of Martial Arts Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute Whittier, CA USA For non-commercial and private use only Any public use or copying is strictly prohibited All rights reserved under copyright Revised 2nd Printing February 1st 2007

  • FORWARD By Dan Inosanto: I am honored to have been asked to write this forward for my long time student and friend Bud Thompson. I first met Bud, a former body builder, at his Hollywood Natural Foods store, in 1965. I along with my instructor Bruce Lee would frequent the Hollywood book stores for our research on martial arts, and we would stop in to see Buddy for the latest on nutritional supplements. When I opened the Kali/Chinese Gung Fu Academy in Torrance California in 1974 Bud was there to train and has been with me ever since, Actively training at the Kali Academy and following me to the IMB Academy(Inosanto-Martinez-Bustillo),now International Martial Art and Boxing Academy in Torrance. Bud opened up his school the Kali Academy of Mixed Martial Arts in 1989 and he is still going strong. As my oldest student (Bud is even older than me!), he has never ceased to grow in his love and dedication to the arts. As a student his loyalty and dedication is exemplary. Perhaps his greatest attribute, as a martial artist is open mind, continuing to honor the art and training of the past coupled with his enthusiasm for embracing what is new and innovative. Bud is a true example of one who continues to absorb what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is specifically his own for himself and his students. Bud knows that change is necessary so that his students can adapt to the ever changing times and situations. It has always been my wish that my instructors continue to grow in knowledge and wisdom and become creative in their own right. Bud Thompson is a great example of this. Buds students will benefit from his years of training and teaching not only by studying with him at his academy, but by reading his new manual, which will enhance their skill and knowledge and aid them on their own path. Dan Inosanto Founder & Head Instructor The Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts Marina Del Rey, California USA

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    Table of Contents Page 1 Table of Contents Page 2 Table of Contents (continued) Page 3 Table of Contents (continued) Page 4 Table of Contents (continued) Page 5 Table of Contents (continued) Page 6 Table of Contents (continued) Page 7 Introduction Page 8 Filipino Martial Arts Page 9 Phase I Curriculum Page 10 Advanced Phase I Curriculum Page 11 Phase II Curriculum Page 12 Advanced Phase II Curriculum Page 13 Phase III Curriculum/JKD Status Page 14 Eskrima #1 Numbering System Page 15 Portrait Johnny LaCoste/Dan Inosanto Page 16 LaCostes 1st Cinco Teros Pattern Page 17 LaCostes 2nd Cinco Teros Pattern Page 18 LaCostes 3rd Cinco Teros Pattern Page 19 LaCostes 4th Cinco Teros Pattern Page 20 LaCostes 5th Cinco Teros Pattern Page 21 LaCostes Numbering System #1 Ending Page 22 LaCostes Numbering System #2 Ending Page 23 LaCostes Numbering System Page 24 LaCoste Salutation Page 25 Villabrille Salutation Page 26 Villabrille Numbering System Page 27 Floro Villabrille Kali Structure Page 28 Raymond Tabosas Martial Arts Structure Page 29 Largo Mano Numbering System Page 30 Cabelas Numbering System Page 31 Lameco Numbering System Page 32 Inosantos Seventeen Count Numbering System Page 33 Inosantos Twenty Five Count Numbering System Page 34 Five Point Knife Stroking Drill A Page 35 Five Point Knife Stroking Drill B Page 36 Eight Point Knife Stroking Drill Page 37 Seven Balance Control Points Page 38 Pekiti Tirsia Numbering System Page 39 Pekiti Tirsia Sak Sak Drill Five Count Drill Page 40 Pekiti Tirsia Pekal Three Count Drill Page 41 Doce Pares Numbering System Cacoy Canette 1978 Page 42 Old Balintawok Numbering System Page 43 Contra Sumbrada Page 44 Hubad Terms / Abcedario Weapons Progression Page 45 Hubad Page 46 Seven Ways to Train Twelve Areas Page 47 Kali - Dumog - Kunsis / Positions in Kali

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    Table of Contents (cont)

    Page 48 Kali Eskrima Silat Knife Basics Page 49 Kali Eskrima Silat Sensitivity Drills Page 50 LaCoste Kali Systems of Progression Page 51 Long and Short Abcedario Page 52 Long and Short Ugats Page 53 Long and Short Stick Espada Y Daga Drills Page 54 Sinawalli Drills (Doble Baston) Page 55 Sinawalli Drills (continued) (Doble Baston) Page 56 Sinawalli Six Count Variables (Doble Baston) Page 57 Kali Eskrima Vertical Gunting Page 58 Map of Southeast Asia Page 59 Meaning of the Triangle Page 60 LaCoste-Inosanto Twelve Sub-Systems of Kali Page 61 Eskrima Terminology LaCoste Page 62 Kali Terminology Villabrille-Largusa System Page 63 English Visayan Tagalog Page 64 Basic Training Methods Page 65 Abcedario Training Page 66 Abcedario Contradas Format Page 67 Sibat Bangkaw Progression Page 68 Solo Baston - Solo Espada - Solo Sundang Versus Page 69 Doble Baston Doble or Doble Espada Versus Page 70 Baston Y Daga Espada Y Daga Versus Page 71 Daga Basics Page 72 Solo Daga Versus Pangamut Versus Doble Daga Page 73 Areas of Kalibadman Page 74 Contra Sumbrada Progression Page 75 Agaw on Second Feed Page 76 Pangamut Drills Higot - Hubad - Lubad Page 77 Long Range Basics Page 78 LaCoste Inosanto System Series #1 Page 79 LaCoste Inosanto System Series #2 Page 80 LaCoste System Sub-System Area #7 Page 81 Breakdown for Sinawalli Six Count Patterns-LaCoste Inosanto System Page 82 Basic Training Methods Page 83 Elements in Higot-Hubad- Lubad Counters for the Neck Grab Page 84 Series #1 LaCoste-Inosanto System Page 85 Stick & Dagger Basics-Espada Y Daga Olisi Baraw Page 86 The Moslems of the Southern Philippines (Moros) Page 87 Bathala Page 88 Philippines System of Writing Page 89 Patnubay Sa Pagsulat At Pagbasa Ng Abakada Page 90 Ancient Majapahit Empire Page 91 Sri-Visaya Empire

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    Table of Contents (cont) Page 92 Understanding Martial Arts Page 93 Jun Fan Gung Fu as Developed By Bruce Lee Has a Definite & Set Style Page 94 Jun Fan Gung Fu Is A Set Curriculum As Developed By Bruce Lee Page 95 Jun Fan Gung Fu Bruce Lees Base System /Set Curriculum of Material Page 96 The Facts of Jeet Kune Do Page 97 Basic Terminology Page 98 Cantonese to English Page 99 Cantonese to English (continued) Page 100 Cantonese to English (continued) Page 101 Cantonese to English (continued) Page 102 The Five Ways of Attack Page 103 The Five Ways of Attack (continued) Page 104 The Match Page 105 Jun Fan Gung Fu 1966-1967 Page 106 Jun Fan Method of Jeet Kune Do Sensitivity Drills Basics Page 107 Bruce Lee Philosophy Page 108 Regulations of Jun Fan Gung Fu Jeet Kune Do Chinese Kickboxing Page 109 Jun Fan Gung Fu Jeet Kune Do Titles of Respect Page 110 JKD Classification for Types of Speed Page 111 Jun Fan Method Cross Counters To Hand and Kick Combinations Page 112 Jun Fan Method Lead Hook Counters Page 113 Jun Fan Method Middle Juk Tek Counters Page 114 Jun Fan Method Lead Leg Middle Oou Tek Counters Page 115 Jun Fan Method Counters For Low Lead Oou Tek Page 116 Jun Fan Method Counters For Low Rear Oou Tek Page 117 Jun Fan Kickboxing Drills Page 118 Basic Trapping Progression Jun Fan Method 1966 Progression Page 119 Basic Trapping Progression Jun Fan Method 1966 Progression (continued) Page 120 Basic Trapping Progression Jun Fan Method 1966 Progression (continued) Page 121 Basic Trapping Progression Jun Fan Method 1966 Progression (continued ) Page 122 Basic Trapping Progression Jun Fan Method 1966 Progression (continued ) Page 123 Basic Trapping Progression Jun Fan Method 1966 Progression (continued ) Page 124 Jun Fan Trapping Progressive Page 125 Noy Da Series Jun Fan / JKD Focus Mitt Drill /PIA #1


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