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Parts of Alpha Second-ary School could meet thewrecking ball in a matterof weeks with the start ofa $27.2-million partial re-placement of the school.School officials and Burn-aby North MLA RichardLee were at Alpha Mon-day morning for the offi-cial ground breaking on theproject and to unveil designplans.The project, scheduledfor completion in fall 2018,involves the replacement oftwo classroom wings andseismic upgrades to the restof the school.The district had origi-nally hoped to see 60-year-old Alpha replaced entirelybut was told by the provincefunding wasnt available.Its not a new school, butgiven the limitations of thebudget, its the best possibleoutcome, principal PaulFester told theNOW.The project will increasethe schools student capaci-ty from 1,025 to 1,100.Besides a new classroomblock, the school will alsoget a new science superlab six classrooms thatwill open up onto a large labfor experiments and a newlearning commons to re-place the current library.Unlike a traditional li-brary, the learning com-mons will have fixed shelvesonly along the walls, whileall the shelves in the mid-dle of the space will be onwheels.You can actually re-cre-ate the space for whatev-er kind of learning oppor-tunities you need, Festersaid. Im not even goingto predict what were go-ing to do in it because wewant it to be very flexible, so especially as the new cur-riculums coming up wecan go ahead and use it inwhichever way our teacherscan imagine.The project will also bringmuch needed technologi-cal upgrades to the school,including a proper fibre-op-tic backbone and improvedWi-Fi.In the next two to fourWEDNESDAY JUNE 22, 2016 LOCAL NEWS LOCAL MATTERSCITY 5 NEWS 9 COMMUNITY 11Car meet controversy MP wants new housing strategy Baby crows reunitedTheres more at Burnabynow.comAlphagetting$27.2milmakeoverEDUCATIONONYOURMARKS:Theannualwife-carrying contest attheScandinavianMidsummerFestivalwasahit again thisyear. Runners carrytheir partnerontheir back throughanobstacle course,and the fastest tofinishwins thewifesweight inbeer. 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There will even be live music and a charity barbecue.SPALLRDHARVEY AVE 1937 Harvey Avenue at Spall Road1-250-862-4864ChoicesMarkets.com/KelownaNewsnowWINNINGWAYS:Above, crowdscheer as thiscouple runs thecourseat theannualwife-carrying contest attheScandinavianMidsummerFestival. At left,Burnabys ShalynandTimLinklaterwon this year andreceivedShalynsweight inbeer. Atright, these twoareusing theEstoniancarryingmethod.PHOTOSJENNIFERGAUTHIERPressingfornewrulesByJeremyDeutschjdeutsch@burnabynow.comIts a problem that boththe construction industryand work safety organiza-tions have been trying to geta handle on for years.Exposure to asbestosis not only dangerous forworkers in the constructionindustry, but also the gener-al public.In light of the dangers,Burnaby city council is hop-ing to put pressure on theprovincial government bypassing a resolution callingfor mandatory certificationand licensing of asbestosand hazardous material re-moval contractors.Along with the resolution,the city is sending a letter tothe provincial governmentand the Premier with the re-quest.Asbestos was a popu-lar building material for de-cades, but exposure to thefibre is linked to several dis-eases, including lung cancer.Coun. Sav Dhaliwal, whomade the motion at Mon-days council meeting, saidcertification for asbestos re-moval is a longstanding is-sue, adding there isnt ade-quate protection for workersin the industry.I think the situation hasbecome so serious, when welook at the stats, the numberof deaths and other illness-es, we need to have someaction on it, he said, not-ing asbestos exposure is theleading cause of work-relat-ed deaths in B.C.The city councillor alsopointed out there is current-ly no provincial certificationor licensing in B.C. to en-sure standards or allow forthe suspension of non-com-pliant contractors.Dhaliwal did suggestthere should be time andreasonable notice for the in-dustry to adjust to any regu-lations.An association that rep-resents the construction in-dustry said it welcomescertification for asbestos re-moval contractors, but ar-gued it may not be enoughto address the issue.Dave Baspaly, the presi-dent of the Council ofCITYNEWS TapwatergettingbetterBurnaby residents willbe happy to know the H20that comes out of their tapsevery day is pretty darngood.OnMonday, the citysannual drinking wa-ter quality monitoring re-port for 2015 was present-ed to council, which foundoverall the water quality inBurnaby continues to im-prove over previous years.In 2015, a total of 2,900routine drinking water sam-ples were obtained in Burn-aby for bacteriological anal-ysis; 1,617 samples weretaken by city staff and an-other 1,283 samples col-lected by MetroVancou-ver staff.According to the report,there was no E. coli detect-ed in any of the potable wa-ter sampled.At no time didthe percentage of samplesthat tested positive for co-liform exceed the 10 percent stipulated in provincialwater regulations.The report also not-ed 93 per cent of the sam-ples taken met chlorine re-sidual objectives, while thepH (physical/chemical), vi-nyl chloride and the disin-fection by-products mea-sured as trihalomethanes,bromochloromethanes andhaloacetic acids were foundto be below federal guide-lines.The city continues toprovide excellent drinkingwater to its citizens, saidCoun.Anne Kang, whoadded when she hosts out-of-town guests, she getshigh praise for the tap wa-ter.She also encouraged resi-dents to conserve water inlight of last summers dryweather, noting the city hasrain barrels available for usein gardens.Mayor Derek Corriganlamented over the popular-ity of bottled water, notingpeople will pay as much asthey do for a litre of gaso-line for water thats no bet-ter than what comes outthe tap. He argued stickingto tap water not only savesmoney, but also oil thatsused in producing plasticbottles.If you ever see thoseplastic bottles in our lakesand rivers you know whatdamage they can do, Cor-rigan said.The city will continue toreplace aging water mains,undertake routine flushingof water mains and moni-tor water as part of its waterimprovement program. By Jeremy DeutschBrakesputonlocalcarmeetByJeremyDeutschjdeutsch@burnabynow.comTheres no shortage ofhigh-end souped-up ridesrunning around the Low-er Mainland, and one of thebigger gatherings for car fa-natics has been at BurnabysMarket Crossing shoppingcentre.For years, onThursdayswhen the weather was nicein the summer, the marketsparking lot played host to anunsanctioned car meet.Atits height, hundreds of carswould show up, with own-ers showing off their wheels.But the meet, at least atMarket Crossing, appears tobe coming to an end.After receiving a num-ber of complaints from bothcustomers and businesses,the shopping centres man-agement recently decided toclamp down on the meet.JulieWright, the mallsproperty manager withWestbank Projects Corp.,said some of the customersfelt intimated by the crowdsor couldnt find parking.She also noted some ofthe people attending themeet were engaging in ag-gressive behavior, includingpublic drunkenness, racingand doing burnouts.Ive tried to reach outto these groups, but no onewants to take responsibili-ty for the group, and no onewants to talk to the man-ager of the mall to discussa better resolution for this,Wright told theNOW. Itwas becoming such a safetyissue we felt like we had togo beyond just having a se-curity presence.In March, aYouTube vid-eo surfaced showing a fightat one of the meets.So in the last few weeks,management has hired a se-curity team to set up at theentrances to explain to any-one coming to the car meetthat the event is not allowedand the mall is on privateproperty.Wright said the mes-sage appears to be gettingthrough, noting last weekhardly anyone showed upfor the meet. She said shesheard through social me-dia the car group has movedtheir event to another loca-tion.London Drugs was oneof the businesses that re-ceived and passed alongcomplaints to the mall man-agement.Tony Hunt, the gener-al manager of loss preven-tion for London Drugs, saidthe business received com-plaints about people havingtrouble finding parking toaggressive driving.He said the businessasked mall management toaddress the concerns.Continuedonpage5Continuedonpage5Asbestos workersneed more protectionBurnabyNOW WEDNESDAY June 22, 2016 34 WEDNESDAY June 22, 2016 BurnabyNOWsolodistrict.com/blockpartyJOIN US FORTHE INAUGURALwhat to expect:Come check out SOLO District,North Burnabys newest urbanneighbourhoood, located on thesouthwest corner of Lougheedand Willingdon.Appia and the SOLO District retailersinvite all neighbours (near and far)to the communitys rst celebration a summer block party!This inaugural event takes placeon Saturday, June 25, 2016from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The block partywill feature free entertainment,prizes, giveaways, food samples andmuch more for everyone in your familyplus free underground parking.Bring your family and friends and ndout why SOLO District is Burnabysmost livable urban community. Face painting and games for children! Reusable mugs from Starbucks A chance to win a tablet from G&F Financial Gift cards from Koko Nail & Lash Bar Photo booth fun by SOLO Dental Pizza samples and discount coupons from Uncle Fatihs Pizza Make-up consultations and free samples from Shoppers Drug Mart In-store beverage samples at the BC Liquor Store Samples from Vega, Freeyumm bars, Seasnax, and more in Whole Foods And much more!Saturday,JUNE 2511am-3pmin NORTH BURNABYat the SOUTHWEST CORNERof LOUGHEED & WILLINGDONFREE EVENTFOOD SAMPLES,ENTERTAINMENT,FACE PAINTING,GIVEAWAYS,GAMES& MORE!FREE PARKINGSOLO District offersallvisitorsFREE parkingduring the event.Parking will onlybe accessibleoffof WillingdonorRosserAvenueblock partyTMCitynowClearly we want to havea nice, safe, easy-to-vis-it parking lot that peoplecan come to and park whiletheyre doing their shop-ping,Hunt said.Not everyone is pleasedby the malls approach.TheNOW received an emailfrom a customer who saidshe was told she couldntenter the parking lot be-cause of the car she drove,which was a Honda Civic.Both London Drugs andthe property managementcompany acknowledged thecomplaint, suggesting it wasnever the intention to pre-vent people from shoppingat the centre.TheNOW also attemptedto reach out to the organiz-ers of the car meet but wasunsuccessful in getting a re-sponse.The Facebook pageVan City Meets had recentposts about the car meet,but it was unclear who wasrunning the page.For their part, Burna-by Mounties said they werecalled to the market in thelast couple weeks for theevent, but just to keep thepeace.RCMP Sgt. DerekThibodeau said hes notaware of any criminal trou-ble, noting the number ofcars has dropped off re-cently.Were not anticipat-ing there to be any issues orproblems, he said.As for whyMarket Cross-ing was chosen for the carmeet,Wright suggested thelocation is central, its well-lit for people to take pic-tures and there are 24-hourrestaurants.Construction Associations(COCA), a group that rep-resents several construc-tion associations in B.C.,suggested the problem isntwith the gold standard ofasbestos abatement compa-nies, but rather the fly-by-night businesses that under-cut the industry and dumpwaste where theyre notsupposed to, in places likecity parks.He said the companiesoperating in the under-ground economy are mak-ing deals with homeownersthat regulated companiescant match.Baspaly said regulationslike the ones proposed byBurnaby could have unin-tended consequences bydriving up the costs for cer-tified companies and push-ing people to seek operatorsin the underground econ-omy.He said enforcement andincentives need to be part ofthe answer, adding his or-ganization is urging all theparties with a stake in theissue to come together towork out a solution.Its a complicated issue,its a pervasive issue andpeople are still very much atrisk, Baspaly said.The head of COCA saidhes not exactly sure howmuch asbestos is in the cur-rent building and housingstock in the region, but an-ecdotally hes heard frommembers that its a big is-sue.CarmeetraisescontroversyContinued frompage3Asbestos isa complicatedissueContinued frompage3Clearlywewanttohaveanice,safe, easy-to-visitparking lotCOMMENTON THIS STORYBurnabynow.comBurnabyNOW WEDNESDAY June 22, 2016 5DATE:Saturday, June 25TIME:9:00 - 10:30 amPLACE:Caffe Artigiano4359 HastingsBurnabyI hope to see you there!Richard T. LeeMLA Burnaby North604.775.0778Email:Richard.Lee.MLA@leg.bc.cawww.richardleemla.bc.catwitter.com/richard_t_leeJOIN ME FORA FREE CUP OFCOFFEE ANDLETS TALK!REBATESUP TO $500Promotion valid only until July 15, 2016*some conditions applyKeep Cool& Save BIGThis SummerWith select coolingsystems from MILANI604-453-1234Earn up to1000 airmiles6 WEDNESDAY June 22, 2016 BurnabyNOWTrudeaugivethandtakethawayLast week Premier Chris-ty Clark, PrimeMinisterJustinTrudeau andVancou-ver Mayor Gregor Robert-son were cheek to jowl pos-ing for photos at the bigmultimillion-dollar transitfunding announcement inBurnaby.They put on theirbest faces and paraded to-gether for the media.This weekVancouverMayor Gregor Robertson isproud to announce that hiscity is the latest to launcha court challenge aimed atputting the brakes on theTrans Mountain pipeline.The government givethand then taketh away.If JustinTrudeau thoughtthat coming through withhis promise of major transitinfrastructure bucks wouldcool the anti-pipeline fer-vour on theWest Coast, hewas wrong.Vancouvers court chal-lenge is somewhat likeBurnabys. Its a no-holds-barred attack on both theNEB process and the de-cision to recommend ap-proval.In a statement, Robertsonsaid the board ignored keypieces of scientific evidenceabout what would happen ifthere was an oil spill.And,of course, the NEB did noteven address the larger pic-ture of greenhouse gas om-missions.The city also asked thecourt to prevent the federalgovernment frommaking adecision until the NEB goesback and looks at it all againunder a proper process one that allows cross-exam-inations and true communi-ty consultations.ButTrudeaus cagey an-swers to questions aboutthe pipeline approval areno comfort to anti-pipelineforces.Trudeau keeps pointingto how hard it is to pleaseeverybody and how theres alot of give and take in proj-ects.Were thinking hes nottrying to let the oil baronsdown softly. Hes more like-ly signalling to the oil com-panies that theyre going toget their way again.Its one of those politi-cal dilemmas that has got usstuck in an Earth-damagingvicious circle.Trudeau knows that con-tinuing dependency on fos-sil fuel essentially harmsthe planet and Canada. Butcutting it off now dampensa bit of the economic flowto Alberta and the federalgovernment.He, like the rest of us,wants it both ways.A clean-er, healthier planet and theability to keep the moneyflowing at the same time.Perhaps he will find thatsweet spot on the fenceand be able to balance hissupporters and his princi-ples. But we doubt it.Perhaps hes even hopingthat one of the court chal-lenges does stop the pipe-line.If he is, were with him onthat faint hope.201a-3430 Brighton Avenue,Burnaby,BC V5A 3H4MAIN SWITCHBOARD 604.444.3451DELIVERY INQUIRIES 604.398.3481CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING 604.444.3000EDITORIAL/NEWSTIP LINE 604.444.3020FAX LINE 604.444.3460EDITORIAL editorial@burnabynow.comADVERTISING display@burnabynow.comCLASSIFIED DTJames@van.netCANAD IANCOMMUNITYNEWSPAPERAWARD 2013ALVINBROUWERPublisherabrouwer@burnabynow.comPATTRACYEditorptracy@burnabynow.comLARAGRAHAMAssociate Publisherlgraham@burnabynow.comWomens Studies beginsTransiteasierthanhousingPrimeMinister JustinTrudeau flew into townlate last week and began tosolve one pressing issue fac-ingMetroVancouver andthen found himself smack inthe middle of another onewhere a solution may proveto be more elusive.Trudeau followed throughon a key election promiseand provided almost a half-billion dollars for transit im-provements, almost all ofthem in the metro region.But no sooner did he dothat with a lavish photo-opat a transit station than hefound himself facing ques-tions about another ma-jor issue: the out-of-controlhousing market in MetroVancouver.The transit funding is forwhat is called Phase 1 of amulti-billion-dollar plan forall kinds of transit and trans-portation projects. Phase 1will pay for more cars onvarious rapid transit routes,a third SeaBus, variousmaintenance projects andpre-construction planningfor two megaprojects: theBroadway subway line andthe Surrey light rail lines.Theres no reason to thinkTrudeau wont bring hisgovernments chequebooksome months from now tohelp fund the next phase oftransit improvements, whichwill include constructionmoney for those megaproj-ects.Of course, that is basedon the assumption thatMetroVancouvers mayorswill find a way to fund theirshare.The first phase wasrelatively cheap, and so find-ing a way of paying for it fare increases, some landsales and a minor propertytax increase wasnt a par-ticularly onerous task forthem.But the next phase ismuch more expensive.Themayors are already makingnoise about getting a shareof the provinces carbon tax,but the odds of that happen-ing appear remote, so theymay have to swallow hardand dig deep into the walletsof municipal taxpayers.As for the prime minis-ter, he attended a round-ta-ble discussion on the hous-ing problem the day afterhis splashy transit event.He seemed less sure aboutthings at this gathering, call-ing the housing situation acrisis but at the same timeexpressing concern that thewrong kind of action couldmake matters worse.His hesitation here is un-derstandable. Everyoneseems to be a housing ex-pert these days journal-ists, Realtors, developersand homebuyers but Iveseen no evidence that anyone thing is unquestionablythe root of the problem, andwhat the magic bullet solu-tion is.Ask three economistswhat the cause and solutionare, and chances are youwill get a variety of answers,some of them contradictory.Many point to foreignmoney flooding the market,but banning foreign invest-ment outright may trigger adifferent kind of economicproblem.OpinionGiven the limitations ofthe budget, its the bestpossible outcome.Paul Fester, story page 1OURVIEWMYVIEWKEITHBALDREYTWASSAIDTHISWEEK...ARCHIVE1985OURTEAMnowSimon Fraser University became one of the first fiveuniversities in Canada to establish aWomens Stud-ies program thanks to $500,000 in federal funding an-nounced in March.The program was designed to helpstudents understand the roles of women and demonstrateways to improve their situation, according to aNOW ar-ticle.The first group of students was scheduled to be ad-mitted in the 1985 spring semester.THEBURNABYNOW IS AMEMBEROF THENATIONALNEWSMEDIA COUNCIL,WHICH ISAN INDEPENDENTORGANIZATION ESTABLISHED TODEALWITHACCEPTABLE JOURNALISTIC PRACTICESANDETHICALBEHAVIOUR. IF YOUHAVECONCERNSABOUT EDITORIAL CONTENT, PLEASE CONTACT PAT TRACYAT EDITOR@NEWWESTRECORD.CA. IF YOUARENOTSATISFIEDWITH THE RESPONSEANDWISH TO FILE A FORMALCOMPLAINT, VISIT THEWEBSITE ATMEDIACOUNCIL.CAORCALL TOLL-FREE 1-844-877-1163 FORADDITIONAL INFORMATION.Continuedonpage7THE BURNABY NOWWELCOMES LETTERS TO THE EDITOR.We do, however, edit for taste, legality and length. Priority isgiven to letters written by residents of Burnaby and/or issues concerning Burnaby. Please include a phone number whereyou can be reached during the day. Send letters to: The Editor, #201A3430 Brighton Ave., Burnaby, B.C., V5A 3H4,email to: editorial@burnabynow.com (no attachments please) or fax to: 604-444-3460. Letters to the editor and opinioncolumns may be reproduced on the Burnaby NOW website, www.burnabynow.com.City hall pay ratesraise questionsDear Editor Itwaswith a sighof relief thatwe read that Burnaby city councillors andother city staff (some700of them) earned themodest sumof $70,000per annum (beforeconsidering variouswrite-offs and themysti-cal/mythical returning allowance).Wearegiven towonder if this has anything todowithMacleansmagazines honorific of Burnaby asbeing the countrys Best RunCity designa-tion, someyears back?All told, $153.83million, last year!If thatwerent enough,weare absolutelygiddywhenmadeaware that school districtsalaries (2015) addedup to about $170million,before expenses.Especially given that provincial examsare tobedoneawaywith, leavingparentswith littleto judge as towhether they are getting valueformoney. If I were abettingman, Iwould giveyougoododds they arent.LarryBennett, BurnabyHousing crisis has noeasy answersOthers say the housing supply itself hasto be greatly increased.The B.C. government is pressingTrudeau to change tax rules to make iteasier to build rental properties, and forthe federal government to once againbuild social housing. Provincial officialshave told their federal counterparts to re-lease federal lands that arent needed tobuild more housing, to eliminate GSTon all construction of new rental proper-ty and to reduce the capital gains tax onhousing used for rental property.This reflects B.C.s position that the saf-est kinds of action can take place on thesupply side of the equation, rather thantrying to monkey around with dramat-ic devices on the demand side that couldmake prices tumble downwards too much.A recent Bank of Canada study, for ex-ample, concluded that a 25 per cent re-duction in housing prices would translateinto 23 per cent of homeowners suddenlyhaving their mortgages underwater (i.e.negative equity) and seven per cent wouldthen have an unsupportable debt load.The B.C. government itself is likely togive the City ofVancouver the power totax vacant property owners, provide in-centives to municipalities to encouragehigh-density housing along transit lines(particularly rapid transit station) and willperhaps do some tinkering around foreignownership.So caution seems to be the watchwordfor both political leaders on this issue.And our new prime minister is aboutto discover that signing a big cheque topay for things like transit is a much easi-er endeavour than finding the right kindof action to take to deal with the explosivehousing market.Keith Baldrey is chief political reporter forGlobal B.C.SFU president revivesplan for local gondolaMikeBHopefully its just the air on topof BurnabyMountain but Petter has togive his heada shake to even sug-gest putting in a gondola to SFUwillprovide economicbenefits, Translinkmight be aneasy sell but other levels ofgovernmentwill see through thehazeand see it forwhat it is-a hugewaste ofmoney. Consider the last timeSFUwastrying to sell this thing they admittedthat itwouldnt help the large chunkofpeoplewhoget to SFU fromHastingsStreet and thebuseswouldhave tocontinue evenwith the gondola.If there is a problemwithbus service totheuniversity howabout addingmorebuses, not onlywould this require littleor no study, it couldbeactive in a fewdays and in the event ridership is slowsomedays of theweekor year thebuses couldbeusedonother routes.Its a nobrainer andhopefully Translinkwontwaste anymoreof their timeandmoney thinking about the gondola. Ifyoubelieve Translink they constantlytell everyone theydont have enoughmoney for evenbasic transit needstherefore the last thing they shouldwastemoneyon is a glorified ski lift.LouK Translink cant afford existingupgrades. This one is a dud. Put it 6under. AndrewPetter, stickwith educa-tion and stay out of transit.RyanMcLaughlin Thebusiness casefor theproject is very strong. It foundtheoverall benefits of theproject vastlyoutweigh the costs. And its onlymar-ginallymore costly than runningbusesifwe ignore all the other benefits.Respectable people dont considertaking transit to SFUas it stands. Theconditionof the trip in that bus up thehill is simply abysmal.Market Crossingtargets car meetSara Fromall the years of going tothesemeets, all I have seenwasrespectable people, talking andgathering, fromall ages, youngandold, kids and toddlers comingalongwith families, thiswas a safe place thatpeople canmeet up, grab food fromMcdonalds or TimHortons (whomsurelymadea lot ofmoneyonThurs-days) I havenever seen signs of aggres-sion, yes somepeoplewould rev theirengines, but kidswill be kids after all,cops have alsobeen there andweallinvited their presence,wearent thereto start a commotion,weare there tobe social, after all, it is a social outdoormall, webring you customers. Insteadof pushingus out,whynot useus toyour expense?, charge food trucks touse your lot,wewill bring themoney!.Weare car people, just another hobby,wewould rather be safe in theparkinglot, rather than racingon the streets.Wedontmeannoharm,we come inpeace xoxoINBOX TRENDINGOpinionnowTHE BURNABY NOW IS A CANADIAN-OWNED COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER PUBLISHED AND DISTRIBUTED IN THECITY OF BURNABY EVERY WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY BY THE BURNABY NOW, A DIVISION OF GLACIER MEDIA GROUP.THE BURNABY NOW RESPECTS YOUR PRIVACYWE COLLECT, USE AND DISCLOSE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION IN ACCORDANCE WITH OUR PRIVACYSTATEMENT WHICH IS AVAILABLE AT WWW.BURNABYNOW.COMContinued frompage6BurnabyNOW WEDNESDAY June 22, 2016 7THE 2015 CITY OF BURNABYANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORTon MondayJune 27, 2016at 7:00 PMIn accordance with Section 99 of the CommunityCharter, the Council of the City of Burnabywill receive the Citys 2015 Annual FinancialReport which includes the Citys FinancialStatements for the year ended December 31,2015 in the:Council ChamberCity Hall4949 Canada WayBurnaby, B.C.The Annual Financial Report is available forinspection by the public on the Citys websitewww.burnaby.ca and copies are also availablein the Finance Department, Burnaby City Hall,4949 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC, during regularbusiness hours.Should you have any comments or questionsyou wish to convey to Council concerning theAnnual Financial Report, please submit viafax at 604-294-7537, email clerks@burnaby.caor submit them in writing to theCity Clerk prior to 4:30 PM, Thursday,June 23, 2016.ZONING BYLAW AMENDMENTSPUBLIC HEARINGThe Council of the City of Burnaby hereby gives notice that it will hold a Public HearingTUESDAY, 2016 JUNE 28 AT 7:00 PMin the Council Chamber, Burnaby City Hall, 4949 Canada Way, Burnaby, B.C., V5G 1M2to receive representations in connection with the following proposed amendments toBurnaby Zoning Bylaw 1965.Rez. #16-15450 Clare AvenueFrom: CD Comprehensive Development District (based on RM3 Multiple Family Residential District)To: Amended CD Comprehensive Development District (based on RM3 Multiple Family ResidentialDistrict, P2 Administration and Assembly District, and in accordance with the development planentitled New Site Build prepared by Roehampton Communications Ltd.)The purpose of the proposed zoning bylaw amendment is to permit the installation of rooftop antennas andancillary equipment.Rez. #15-402360/2390 Douglas Road and 5343 Goring StreetFrom: M2 General Industrial DistrictTo: CD Comprehensive Development (based on RM5s Multiple Family Residential District),C1 Neighbourhood Commercial District and Brentwood Town Centre Development Plan asguidelines, and in accordance with the development plan entitled 5345 Goring Street and2360 / 2390 Douglas Road prepared by CDA Architects Inc.)The purpose of the proposed zoning bylaw amendment is to permit construction of 32 and 26-storeyresidential apartment buildings with ground oriented work/live townhouses with underground and abovegrade structured parking.All persons who believe that their interest in property is affected by a proposed bylaw shall be afforded areasonable opportunity to be heard or to present written submissions respecting matters contained in the bylaw.Written submissions may be presented at the Public Hearing or for those not attending the Public Hearing mustbe submitted to the Office of the City Clerk prior to 4:45 p.m. the day of the Public Hearing. Please note allsubmissions must contain name and address which will become a part of the public record.The Director Planning and Buildings reports and related information respecting the zoning bylaw amendmentsare available for public examination at the offices of the Planning Department, 3rd floor, in Burnaby City Hall.Copies of the proposed bylaws may be inspected at the Office of the City Clerk at 4949 Canada Way, Burnaby,B.C., V5G 1M2 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. weekdays from 2016 June 15 to 2016 June 28.D. BackCITY CLERKNO PRESENTATIONS WILL BE RECEIVED BY COUNCILAFTER THE CONCLUSION OF THE PUBLIC HEARING1) BURNABY ZONING BYLAW 1965,AMENDMENT BYLAW NO. 22, 2016 BYLAW NO. 136142) BURNABY ZONING BYLAW 1965,AMENDMENT BYLAW NO. 23, 2016 BYLAW NO. 136158 WEDNESDAY June 22, 2016 BurnabyNOWNewsnowweeks, once city permits arein place, crews are sched-uled to begin demolition ofthe single-storey classroomwing, according to secretarytreasurer Greg Frank.Space in other parts of theschool will be reconfigured,he said, to create extra class-rooms to house studentswhile the new classroomblock is built, starting in thefall. Students will then bemoved into the new wingwhile the old parts of theschool are seismically up-graded.Its like a game of Chi-nese checkers where every-thing moves around, Festersaid of the two-year project,but theres a plan thatllwork really nicely for peo-ple.Most of Alpha Second-ary is currently rated athigh or highest risk of wide-spread damage and struc-tural failure during an earth-quake.The province firstannounced seismic-upgradefunding for the school inMay 2012.Alpha hosts an openhouseMonday, June 27from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. inthe school library. Render-ings will be on display, andthe project manager andprincipal will be on hand toanswer questions.Comeon in:Anartists renderingprojectswhat themainentranceof AlphaSecondarywill look likeafter a$27.2-millionpartial replacementof the school starting this summer. PHOTOCONTRIBUTEDAlphaset forseismicupgradeContinued frompage1IF YOUWORKED INACONEZONE,WOULDNT YOU WANTDRIVERS TO SLOW DOWN?ConeZoneshelpprotect roadsideworkers, soslowdown and drive with care. Their lives depend on it.ConeZoneBC.comAs part of ensuring provision of potabledrinkingwater to its consumers, theCity undertakes routinemonitoring ofdrinkingwater from various locationswithin its distribution system. A copy ofthe report is available online atwww.burnaby.ca/drinkingwater. Hard copiesof the report are available at all publiclibraries or by contacting the CitysEngineeringDepartment at 604-294-7460 orengineering@burnaby.ca.2015 Annual DrinkingWater Quality Report*.+#-66/3! (2$6"$6'&31)2 0/3!$1% ,)4521Hearing Clinic Burnaby4564 Dawson St.Burnaby, BCTel: (604) 294-1080(One block South of Brentwood Town Center Skytrain Station)PLENTY OFFREE PARKING*Selected hearing aids.Cannot be combined with other offers.Limited time offer.$500Up toOFFFREEHearingAssessmentHEARING AIDSCELEBRATING OUR 17TH ANNIVERSARY!!Thank You for your support...We couldnt have done it without you!REASONS WHYWE MAKE THEDIFFERENCE Affordable HighQuality Hearing Aids Latest technology Full Time Clinic 21 Years Experience Earmolds Lab Onsite Experienced FactoryTrained repair technicians Repair while you wait(with appointment) Convenient LocationLatest SwissTechnologyHearing Aidsfrom $995 Each!What people are sayingabout Acoustica HearingI would like to express myappreciation for the service you havegiven me. I requested a repair on myhearing aid which was purchasedfrom another well known company.Not only did you repair it but didso in 20 minutes. I was in a hurryand could have come back anotherday. Your charge was $250 less thanthe minimum quoted to me by theoriginal supplier... You can be sure Iwill be telling my many senior friendsabout your company and service.Sincerely,N.A. HansenTerezaVerencaeditorial@burnabynow.comTheMP for BurnabySouth has renewed his callfor a made-for-B.C. afford-able housing strategy.Kennedy Stewart pre-sented a petition signed byhundreds of British Colum-bians in the House of Com-mons last week.The signa-tories are asking the federalgovernment to act on theprovinces housing crisis byimplementing an affordablehousing strategy.Stewart tabled a motionlast year outlining what itwould look like everythingfrom a boost of federal dol-lars into social housing, in-cluding non-for-profit co-operatives, to addressing theimpact of investor specu-lation and housing vacan-cies on the high price of realestate in urban markets.The strategy would also seehousing costs not compro-mise an individuals abilityto meet basic needs, such asfood, clothing, health careand education.Targets andobjectives would also be setto prevent, reduce and endhomelessness.I called it a crisis in theHouse, and it is, Stew-art said of the Lower Main-lands impenetrable housingmarket. Its the absoluteNo. 1 issue in our city.When I am in my of-fice, theres just a stream ofpeople coming in, talkingabout their personal prob-lems with housing, whetherits young people who cantafford to buy anything.Thenthey move to the rental mar-ket, and thats also very diffi-cult, very expensive.I was talking to onewoman last week, who now,because her pension hasntincreased, is actually sleep-ing on relatives couches.Shes lost her house alto-gether.All of her supportnetworks are in Burnaby,but she cant afford to rent,theMP explained.Kennedy added hes dis-appointed the Liberalshavent acted on one of theirelection promises, whichwas to remove the GST onnew capital investments inaffordable rental housing.TheTrudeau governmentis now required to provide aresponse to the petitionerswithin 45 days.CitynowCityMPrenewscalls foraffordablehousingstrategyBurnabyNOW WEDNESDAY June 22, 2016 9Always keeping our patients smilingDENTUREWEARERS!230 - 1140 Austin Avenue Coquitlam604.939.1313 - Email: austdent@telus.netBoris EroshevskiDenturistAUSTIN DENTURE CLINICCOME IN AND RECEIVEA COMPLIMENTARYCONSULTATION AND DENTURECARE PACKAGE FREE!S?A L ;$7, - JQ L - >Q *Q91II L 0GI CJ10 WEDNESDAY June 22, 2016 BurnabyNOWTravisLulayQB14JonathonJenningsQB10VS 7PMPM*While quantities last. Cannot be combined with other offers. Children must be accompanied by an adult.Kids tickets are non-transferable to anyone over 12 years of age. For more info, visit bclions.comSATJUN25Kids 12 and younger HOMEOPENEREXCLUSIVEOFFERJenniferMoreaujmoreau@burnabynow.comVolunteers with the Burn-aby-basedWildlife Res-cue Association of B.C.have been busy saving babycrows and reunifying themwith their parents. Humanswho think they are helpingare inadvertently kidnap-ping the fledglings.Yolanda Brooks, spokes-person for the organization,says baby crows leave thenest and spend seven to 10days on the ground beforethey learn to fly. During thisvulnerable period, their par-ents keep watch and con-tinue feeding the fledglings.They also dive bomb any-thing that may be a threat totheir babies.People see the crowsand think its in distress andbeing attacked by a larg-er crow, Brooks explained.When people try to helpthe baby on the ground, theadults then dive-bomb thehuman.We get a lot of calls ofpeople saying the crows areattacking the baby, and Imtrying to help the baby, sheadded.The Burnaby Lake carecentre has taken in 132crows since May and had20 in care at press time.Brooks said the associationhas been reuniting fledglingswith their parents by return-ing them to where they werefound and placing the crowsin the nearest nest.The volunteers often getdive bombed while placingthe crows.The crows will still callout to each other, and theparents will start feedingtheir young again.Birds have no sense ofsmell, so its easier to dothat if we can locate thenest, Brooks said.Brooks wants people toknow they should leavebaby crows alone, unlessthey are bleeding or havesome kind of visible wound.Young crows can be identi-fied by their blue eyes butmay be close to adult size.Brooks has a tip for peoplewho have to frequently crosshostile crow territory: carryan umbrella to protect your-self from diving parents.Helping hands Its baby crow season. If you spot a fledgling crow on the ground, dont remove it unless its clearly injured. Its probably justlearning to fly, and you could be taking it away from its parents. PHOTOPAUL STEEVES, CONTRIBUTEDVolunteersreunitebabycrowswithparentsWildlife Rescue urges people tostay away from baby birdsBurnaby has lost a long-time volunteer who madeenormous contributions tolocal festivals.Shauna Pratt passedaway on June 7, just a fewmonths after she was diag-nosed with stomach can-cer. Pratt, who was in her60s, volunteered with HatsOff Day, Burnabys biggeststreet festival.She was just someonewho was so full of energy, sofull of life and really caredabout her community. Itwas a huge loss for Burnabyin general, said Jeff Schef-fel, a Hats Off Day volun-teer who worked alongsidePratt for four years.Pratt coordinated the bar-ricade volunteers for HatsOff Day and for three de-cades was a minister withthe Church of Scientology.She also worked in ICBCspublic relations and market-ing department.According to Scheffel,Pratt would bring both sci-entologists and volunteersfrom outside of her church.She was really super wellorganized, always energet-ic and enthusiastic, willingto help out whenever shecould, Scheffel said. Shewas hugely instrumental inputting on many of (Burna-by) events.Pratt also helped with theEdmonds City Fair and theEdmonds Festival of Lights.There will be a celebra-tion of Pratts life on Sun-day, July 10, at 11:30 a.m.at Horizons Restaurant inBurnaby.BRIDGE FORHEALTHThe Bob Prittie Me-trotown library branch ishosting a free workshopPeoplesee thecrowsandthinkits indistressBurnabybids farewell to longtimecityvolunteerGiver:ShaunaPrattpassedawayonJune7.Shewasalongtimevolunteerwith theannualHatsOffDayevent,and shealsohelpedwiththeEdmondsCity Fair.PHOTOFILEJennifer MoreauHERE &NOWjmoreau@burnabynow.comContinuedonpage12CommunitynowBurnabyNOW WEDNESDAY June 22, 2016 114760 Imperial Street (Nelson & Imperial) 604-451-8888METROTOWN BOTTLE CENTREOPEN HOURS Mon-Sat 9:00pm-6:00pm / Sun & Holiday 10:00am-5:00pmTHANKYOU FOR RECYCLINGWe recycle Tv/Computer/ElectronicsWe recycle Light/LampsWe recycle all kind of glass contain.We recycle printed Paper/CardboardWe recycle Plastic Shopping bags/Grocery BagsWe recycle Milk Jugs/Tin Cans/Polycoat Containers12 WEDNESDAY June 22, 2016 BurnabyNOWwith nutritionist SharonPendlington onMon-day, July 4, from 6:30 to 8p.m. Pendlington will dis-cuss how your diet can im-pact your health. She willalso address issues with themedical system and food in-dustry. Pendlington runsPersonal Nutrition, her ownnutrition consulting busi-ness.The workshop is free,but you must register tosave a seat. Call 604-436-5400 to sign up.RUNUPFORDOWNSYNDROMEKudos to the Down Syn-drome Research Founda-tion, which broke its ownfundraising record withthe annual Run Up forDown Syndrome event.The fundraiser was heldSunday, June 5.A re-cord number 860 partici-pants ran or walked aroundthe SFU campus, and theevent pulled in more than$110,000.The foundationis based in Burnaby andruns educational, research-based programs for peoplewith Down syndrome.Do you have an item forHere & Now? Send ideas toJennifer, jmoreau@burnabynow.com,or find her onTwit-ter @JenniferMoreau.FundraisingrunasuccessContinued frompage11LibrarypopsupatmarketThe Burnaby Public Li-brary is making sure ev-erybody in the city gets achance to enjoy all theyhave to offer.The library is continu-ing its series of Pop-Up Li-brary events with a visit tothe Burnaby Artisan Farm-ersMarket on Saturday,June 25.The library will be onhand at the market, locat-ed in the Burnaby City Hallnorth parking lot at 4949CanadaWay, from 9 a.m. to2 p.m.At the Pop-Up Library,visitors can browse, borrowand even return library ma-terial.Books will be available forall ages, and youll be ableto learn about library ser-vices and register for a li-brary card if you dont al-ready have one.The Pop-Up Library se-ries is part of the librarysinitiative to provide 60 out-reach visits in the city aspart of its 60th anniversarycelebrations.You can find out moreat www.bpl.bc.ca or callKelsey, the community out-reach librarian, at 604-436-5426.You can find out moreabout the farmers marketat www.artisanmarkets.ca.CommunitynowLONG WEEKEND!STOCK UPFOR THEWERE CELEBRATING!BEING A PART OFBCOn Sale Until July 2ndCheck In-Store For Over 400* ProductsOn Sale & Gift With Purchase!While supplies last. *Inventory by store will vary. 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Toppings and combo up extra charges apply.Limit 1 coupon per guest per visit. Original ad only - no photocopies.BurnabyNOW WEDNESDAY June 22, 2016 1314 WEDNESDAY June 22, 2016 BurnabyNOWTheyre travelling theworld with a musical mes-sage of love.TheWatoto ChildrensChoir is touring Canada,and the choir is making astop in Burnaby on Satur-day, June 25 for a concert atNelson Avenue Communi-ty Church.The choirs singers areAfrican children who havebeen orphaned and whonow take their message oflove around the world.After losing my parentsI felt alone, with no one tolove me, said six-year-oldJackie Nakku in a press re-lease from the choir. NowI know that God is my fa-ther. He loves and cares forme.As I travel on the choir,I am going to show peoplethat God loves them too.Since 1994,Watoto Chil-drens Choirs have travelledall over the world sharingthe stories of Africas or-phaned and vulnerable citi-zens.For information about thechoir and its mission, seewww.watoto.com.Nelson Avenue Commu-nity Church is at 5825 Nel-son Ave.The concert is at 6p.m.Admission is free, withan offering in support of thechoir to be taken during theperformance. For informa-tion, call 604-435-4123.EntertainmentnowMessageofhope:TheWatotoChildrensChoir is ontour andmakinga stop inBurnabyJune25.TheyreperformingatNelsonAvenueCommunityChurch.PHOTOCONTRIBUTEDGalleryset forWrappedinColourMetaphorical images andmagical realism take to thewalls of the Deer Lake Gal-lery when a new exhibitionopens next month.Wrapped in Colour, fea-turing the work of Pepe Hi-dalgo andMariaVoronova,is set to run from July 9 toAug. 6.An opening reception isset for Saturday, July 9 from2 to 4 p.m.A press release notes thatthe artists cultural back-grounds shine through inthe exhibition.Hidalgo is a Spanish-bornartist who applies a poeticand often metaphorical lan-guage in order to reflect onhis closely related subjectsof historic meaning andmemory, the release notes.His work depicts a suspen-sion in time; a cord alwaysvisible as a connection be-tween the present and thepast.Voronova is Russian-born, and her work reflectsthe magical realism of Cha-gall.Her work strives tonourish the soul of the spec-tator by creating compo-sitions, according to thedecorative discipline, withdreamlike images in whichfiction and reality meet, therelease says. Reflection ofthe beauty of the real is in-terpreted byVoronova intodreamlike, colourful works.Deer Lake Gallery is at6584 Deer Lake Ave.For more information, seewww.burnabyartscouncil.org.WatotoChildrensChoirbringstourtoBurnabyNew show openson July 9Whether youre wearing ip-ops in Flin Flon or sandals in San Fran, stayconnected this summer with the travel plan that goes everywhere you do.Wherever adventurecalls, socan you.Learn more at windmobile.ca. Offer valid from June 16, 2016 to July 4, 2016. This offer is subject to change or cancellation without notice. To be eligible for the $50 bonus, you must activate a new Pay Before or Pay After line ona plan with a monthly charge of $40 or higher. A $5 monthly credit will be applied to your account for up to 10 months to a maximum of $50. For Pay Before customers, the top-up will start to be applied to their account on the17th of the month, prior to their third top-up date. 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SetGenesis King Bedwith two nightstandsRegular $3694.00ANNIVERSARY SALE $2498PLUS DO NOT PAY ANY TAXESMatching pieces available at discount pricesBurnabyNOW WEDNESDAY June 22, 2016 1516 WEDNESDAY June 22, 2016 BurnabyNOWCorneliaNaylorcnaylor@burnabynow.comA Burnaby-based non-profit that fixes up old com-puters and redistributesthem to schools, non-prof-its and libraries hit a majormilestone last month.The B.C.Technology forLearning Society has beenaround since 1993, andlast month the organizationhanded out its 150,000threfurbished computer.It is quite a big impactwhen we look at waste andaccess definitely, execu-tive director Mary-EmWad-dington said of her organi-zations work over the last23 years.B.C.Tech takes in com-puters and related equip-ment donated by govern-ments and businesses, fixesthem up and redistributesthem for free or at a re-duced cost to schools, li-braries, registered not-for-profit learning organizationsand aboriginal communi-ties.The process doubles thelife of the computers inquestion, according toWad-dington.More than half of thelifetime carbon emissions ofinformation and communi-cations equipment can begenerated during manufac-turing, reads her organiza-tions website. By reusingequipment, we reduce theamount which needs to bemanufactured.We also re-duce what ends up in land-fills or being recycling.For other non-profits,meanwhile, like BurnabyNeighbourhood House, theprogram is a godsend forother reasons as well.When you think aboutthe pressures on non-prof-its, technology is an ex-tremely big expense, Burn-aby Neighbourhood Houseprogram director KimberlyBarwich told theNOW.Burnaby NeighbourhoodHouse uses computers fromB.C.Tech to run tax clin-ics for between 2,000 and2,500 low-income familiesand individuals every year.It also offers free comput-er training for people whomight not have their ownmachines to work on.If you cant navigatetechnology now, you arevery lost, Barwich said.There are a number ofpeople who are still lagging,and so we support themwith clinics that they cancome to free. If yourelooking for a job or youretrying to make it in this par-ticular kind of environment,you really need to knowhow to use your technology,and its really hard to reachfor some people.Besides refurbishing 680tonnes worth of computerover the last couple decades,B.C.Tech has also provided300 youth with paid workexperience fixing comput-ers.The non-profit also pro-vides 20 Burnaby highschool students a year withone-week work experienceplacements.Keepingup:From left, LilyTse, Clara LeongandDanielParkhone theirtechnologyskills at aBurnabyNeighbourhoodHousecomputer cafe.The local non-profit offersfree computertraining tonewcomersandlow-incomeindividuals. B.C.Technologyfor Learningsuppliesrefurbishedcomputers fortheprograms.PHOTOCORNELIANAYLORTheyremakingoldtechnologynewagainTechnology isanextremelybigexpenseCommunitynowTHE JESSIE RICHARDSON THEATRE AWARD SOCIETY PRESENTSVANCOUVERS PROFESSIONAL THEATRE AWARDS AND PARTYC O M E C E L E B R A T EMON, JUNE 27, 2016COMMODORE BALLROOMTICKETMASTER.CA1.855.985.5000PRODUCED ANDDIRECTED BYFOR FURTHER INFORMATION VISIT WWW.JESSIES.CAA specialanniversaryoffer for you!604-419-8888 gffg.comTake advantage of this outstandingrate* available for a limited time.Also eligible for your tax freesavings account (TFSA) or registeredaccounts (RRSP, RESP, RIF).*Rate subject to change, new funds only, minimums apply. Terms and conditions apply, limited time offer.ANNIVERSARYSPECIAL1.80%*12 monthnon-redeemableterm depositDEADLINE JUNE 30Looking to shine a spot-light or a Burnaby business,entrepreneur or non-prof-it?Well nows your chance the Burnaby Board ofTradeis accepting nominations forits 17th annual business ex-cellence awards.Individuals are encour-aged to nominate an out-standing business, pro-fessional or non-profitorganization for one of sev-eral awards up for grabs atthe Nov. 3 awards banquet.Categories include com-munity spirit, business in-novation, entrepreneurialspirit, healthy workplace,not-for-profit of the year,businessperson of the year,business of the year (up to50 employees) and businessof the year.Nominees must have abusiness location and li-cence in Burnaby, but theydont have to be Burna-by Board ofTrade mem-bers. Self-nominations areaccepted.The nominationdeadline is Monday, July 4.For more information, visitbbot.ca/submitting-nomination-burnaby-business-excellence-awards.GENERALFUSION INTHENEWSBurnaby-based clean en-ergy company General Fu-sion was in the spotlight re-cently.The local company isstriving to create a fusiongenerator that would pro-duce clean energy withoutany byproducts, and lastweek its efforts were rec-ognized on the BBCNewsdocumentary A Slice of theSun:The Quest for Energy,part of the BBCs ongoingHorizons series.In the episode, GeneralFusions chief scientist,Dr.Michel Laberge explainsthe companys goal of creat-ing a commercially viablefusion energy power plant,noted a press release.To see the interview, go totinyurl.com/GFonBBC.BANKERSRAISEMONEYFORKIDSKudos to G&F Financialfor its hard work fundraisingfor B.C. Childrens HospitalFoundation.The Burnaby-based fi-nancial institute raised$21,849 for theVancou-ver hospital as part of a two-month campaign that cul-minated with the MiracleWeekend telethon earlierthis month.In total, more than $20million was raised for thechildrens hospital foun-dation.The money will beused to purchase life-sav-ing equipment, conduct re-search into the treatmentand prevention of childhooddiseases and support educa-tional programs across theprovince, noted a press re-lease.G&F employees raisedtheir share of the $20 mil-lion by putting on sever-al fundraising initiatives,including a slo-pitch tour-nament, bingo, 50/50 draws,a top chef cooking contestand gift basket raffles.Wayto go!ANOTHERWIN FORTRACTIONONDEMANDTraction on Demandhas won another trophy forits mantle, this time at the2016Technology ImpactAwards.The Burnaby softwareservice provider wonTeamof theYear at the 23rd annu-al awards, which took placeJune 7.The awards recognizeB.C. tech companies thathelp put the industry on themap in terms of innovationand success, according to apress release.Tractions award was ac-cepted on behalf of theCORE team, which standsfor community, operations,recruitment and engage-ment.The CORE team is thesweet spot were people, pro-cess and technology meet toprovide five diamond ser-vice to its internal and ex-ternal clients.This uniqueand diverse team does morethan just keep the lights on;its constantly looking forways to innovate and makethe lives ofTractionites notonly stress-free but fun too,saidManuVarma, vice-president of human resourc-es, in the release.Do you have an item fromBurnabys business scene?Send ideas to Cayley, cdobie@burnabynow.com,or find heronTwitter,@cayleydobie.BusinessnowShineaspotlightontopBurnabybusinessesCayley DobieMOVERS & SHAKERScdobie@burnabynow.comBurnabyNOW WEDNESDAY June 22, 2016 17PATIO COVERSADVANTAGE ALUMINUMEnter OnlineTo Win APatioCover143 - 14488 Knox Way, Richmond, B.C.Tel: 604-276-2323 Toll Free: 1-877-440-2323www.advantagealuminum.caA PERMANENT SOLUTION TO OUREVER CHANGING CLIMATEChronic Ailments Relief Below:Within 3-5 days most men canlead a normal life again. 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Youll also get totest your street riding skillsa bit as this trip takes youdown a couple streets.WHATSHOULD I BRING?Your bike, of course!Youll also need a helmet,and you should bringwater and a snack. Theweekend is supposed to bemostly sunnywithwarmtemperatures, but its alwaysa good idea to pack a lightjacket in case thewind picksup.DO INEEDTOREGISTER?Nope. Just showup at theGilmore SkyTrain station at11 a.m. on Sunday.ONEMORETHING:This is a fair-weather bikeride. If its raining or if theresa chance of rain, assume theride is cancelled. Cayley DobieSAVE THE DATE JUNE 26HUB BIKE RIDEOn a roll:Join mem-bers of HUBBurnaby onSunday for atwo-hour ridefromGilmoreSkyTrain sta-tion to HumePark in NewWestminster.2016CELEBRATE WITHthe trewsmadeline merlo & purple soulJuly 1 Swangard Stadiumburnaby.ca/canadadayEAGLE CREEK DENTAL CENTRESOMETHING TO SMILE ABOUT4442 Hastings Street,Burnaby, BC604-298-5333www.eaglecreekdental.caLeft: Dr. Michael Magnusson andDr. Sherwin Nabi of Eagle Creek Dental CreekComfortable. Serene. Relaxing.Not the words one might expectwhen thinking about a visit tothe dentist, but the team at EagleCreek Dental Centre strives tomake every patient feel exactlythat during an appointment.Eagle Creek Dental combinesa state-of-the art facility withthe most current and advancedtechniques and technologyin a modern patient centeredenvironment. The teams goalis to provide their patients withtop-notch dental care in a visitthat is easy, efficient and morecomfortable than theyve everexperienced before.Eagle Creek Dental offers a widespectrum of dentistry services,including implant dentistry,family dental care, root canals,restorative, Invisalign andcosmetic dentistry. Please askabout our patient referral program.It is our way of thanking you foryour trust and loyalty. We lookforward to meeting you!Monday-Thursday: 7:00am-7:00pmFriday: 7:00am-5:00pmSaturday: 8:00am-4:00pmFREE PARKING FOR PATIENTSNEW PATIENTSWELCOME!Sportsnow Sport to report?ContactDan Olson at 604.444.3022 or dolson@BurnabyNow.comLakersstrongpushgetsaxedinAdanacsrallyDanOlsondolson@burnabynow.comHopefully, this one wont comeback to bite them.The Burnaby Lakers pouredout a strong performance and gaveway to a hard-charging Coquitlamrally on Saturday, ending in an 8-7loss.The Adanacs Ryan Johnsoncapped a four-goal run against theLakers, burying a short shot pastTye Belanger with just 13 secondsleft in regulation to give the hometeam the win.Last year, the club missed theplayoffs after finishing tied forfourth place, but having a worsegoals-for and against differential.And this years playoff race lookslike it will be equally as tight.Burnaby, which sits fifth in theWestern Lacrosse Association witha 3-3 record, had earlier built up athree-goal advantage with a pair ofmarkers to start the third.But a stand-out effort from for-mer Lakers netminder Dan Lewiscued up Coquitlams rally, whichstarted with 9:33 to play and sawa powerplay tally followed by ashorthanded goal before a last-minute blitz.The Adanacs tied the game with39 seconds on the clock with Lew-is on the bench for an extra attack-er, then repeated the feat for John-sons winner.It was a game that Burnaby hadbattled back from an early deficitto stake out its lead.Trailing 2-0and 4-3, the visitors counted twomarkers to end the middle frame by Robert Church and Jason Jones then kicked off the third withtwo more from Jones, with hissecond, and Steven Neufeld.Then the tide turned.Lewis finished the night with 39saves, while Belanger turned aside33 Adanac shots.Also scoring for Burnaby wereTyler Digby, with two, and JoshByrne.The Lakers, who hosted sec-ond-placeVictoria yesterday (pasttheNOWs deadline), visits firstplace Maple Ridge on Sunday.Power fromthepoint:BurnabyWinterClubalumnusDanteFabbro, shownaboveplayingat the IIHFWorldunder-18 championships inApril, enters thisweeksNHLEntryDraft embracing theexperience, after havingestablishedhimself asoneof the top-eight eligibledefencemen. PHOTOMINASPANAGIOTAKIS/HHOF/IIHF IMAGESFabbroreadyforNHLdraftspotlightHockey draft experts forecast BurnabyWinter Club product to go in the first roundDanOlsondolson@burnabynow.comThe suspense likely ends ear-ly Friday evening, when the but-terflies and nerves will be tradedfor an anticipated call, hugs andtears of joy from family members,a walk to the stage where a jerseyand handshakes await, followedby photos and interviews galore.For BurnabyWinter Clubproduct Dante Fabbro, thisweeks 2016 NHL Entry Draftin Buffalo is where a young kidsdream is realized. But thanks tolessons learned and past experi-ences gained, the just-turned-18year old will enter the next phaseof his career with plenty of per-spective to balance it all out.Its been a little bit of a whirl-wind, actually, having seen mybuddies go through the same pro-cess, Fabbro told theNOW lastweek. Im taking the time tosoak everything in. Its been a funcouple of weeks but as the draftnears its something Im thinkingabout more and more.The NHL combine earlier thismonth pulled together all thetop talent available in this yearsdraft and gave them a glimpseinto what the future may hold.Grilled by hockey people fromnearly every NHL team, the teenswere put through a mill of gruel-ing physical tests devised to revealweaknesses as much as strengths.When you have your demean-or and skills dissected by scouts,general managers and online fansalike its hard not to wilt a lit-tle under the microscope. Butjust as he regularly stared downand stopped an oncoming oppo-nent on the ice, Fabbro wheeledit around and wasnt taken by anycurve balls.The interview portion of thecombine was definitely somethingwhere you just had to be yourself(or) they would see right throughit if you were not. Just keep a coolhead and be yourself, he said.The training portion you hadguys whos season just ended andother guys had a little bit longer its pretty much standard in thesummer where you want to set (amark) and through the summeryou want to beat those things.Born in NewWestminster,the 6-foot-tall blueliner has seenhis stock rise over the past 12months, including as one of Can-adas top defencemen at theWorld Junior under-18 champi-onships in April.A disappointing fourth-placefinish also saw players separatethemselves and show their skillsagainst elite competition. By tal-lying eight assists in seven games,on the same ice surface as fellowfirst-round prospects like JessePuljujarvi,Alexander Nylander,Clayton Keller and Penticton andCanadian teammateTyson Jost,Fabbro raised the bar. His BCHLstats for 2015-16 in Penticton, 14goals and 53 assists in 45 games,earned him the top defencemanaward.A right-shot defender, he wasrecently ranked 18th amongNorth American skaters by theNHLs Central Scouting Bureaulast month. Others forecast himgoing in the mid-teens.TheLionsshareThe NOW recognizesthe districts highschool athletic awardwinners - first up,Burnaby MountainAthlete of theYear, male senior Jasper Chen (cross country, basket-ball, volleyball, ultimate)Jasper won the schools Heart ofthe Lion award for the cross countryteam and qualified for provincials.With the ultimate team, he was aleader on and off the field, receivingtheir MVP award. Jasper also wonthe Athletic andAcademic Award(AAA) for maintaining honour rollstatus while participating in at leasttwo sports.To cap his senior year,Jasper won the Silver Lions Medal-lion, which recognizes athletes whoaccumulate points throughout a highschool career for sports participation.Athlete of theYear, female senior Emily Makihara (track, netball andbasketball)Emily received the Heart of theLion award for both track and net-ball. She earned the AAA prize and acoveted Gold Medallion award.JuniorAthletes of theYear AlexRomero (male - cross country, ulti-mate) andTaran Jhuti (female - trackand field, basketball, volleyball)Alex collected the MVP award inboth sports.A AAA recipient, he waspart of Mountains 14th place finishat the cross country provincials.As a Grade 10,Taran played up inboth senior volleyball and senior bas-ketball, earning the volleyball MVPaward. She placed second in both200-metre dash and discus at thedistrict level.Taran also collected anAAA and a Silver Medallion.Juvenile Ryan Roberts (male -cross country, volleyball) and GboyaMale (female, basketball, volleyball).Bantam Kosta Adzic (male -cross country, basketball, track andvolleyball) and SophiaVivero (female- basketball, track and volleyball)AcademicAthlete of theYear Cynthia HuangSportsmanship Noa KozulinSCHOOLSPORTSContinuedonpage20BurnabyNOW WEDNESDAY June 22, 2016 1920WEDNESDAY June 22, 2016 BurnabyNOWSportsnowSinclair to lead inRioCanada unveiled its na-tional womens soccer teamfor the 2016 Rio Olympicsand Burnabys ChristineSinclair will lead the charge.The team captain is ea-ger to return Canada to thepodium as it did in 2012,where it finished third.Im excited.This willbe my third Olympics andit is an honour every singletime, said Sinclair. Theyoung players coming intothis Olympic squad havebrought an energy and pas-sion to our team and theyhave risen the bar.Sinclair stands as Cana-das all-time leading scor-er with 162 internationalgoals, and the nations mostcapped international playerwith 243 games.OAKEYS FINISHSECONDThe Burnaby Oakeyspicked up the regional sil-ver medal last week in asqueezed two-days of play.The under-12 softballteam battled Coquitlamhard and held a 12-7 leadheading into the final threeouts but fell 13-12.It was the teams thirdgame of the day, after rainscrubbed most of Saturdaysaction although they didopen the tournament with a24-11 victory.Burnaby catcher RioKada was named the tour-ney MVP, delivering onboth sides of the plate.SPORTSSHORTSPreparingforthatNHLdreamWhere ever he goes in the draft, Fabbroknows where hell be in September. He isslated to join the student body and hockeyplayers at Boston University as a freshman.Asked whether his older sisters Gina andSophia needle him about joining the ranksof the higher learned both attendAustinPeay College inTennessee on soccer schol-arships Fabbro laughed.Theyre pretty supportive and havebeen like that my entire life.We have ourfights and stuff like that but its a friend-ship-love relationship and obviously I cantsay enough good things about my sistersand my family and how I grew up. I havehad a pretty blessed life so far and hopefullythings will continue on that way from here.The combine didnt overwhelm the soft-spoken teen.Twenty-eight of the leagues 30teams sat down and interviewed him.Theglare, he realizes, will only get brighter.Its pretty crazy, honestly.Youre kind oflost for words almost.You grow up watchingthe NHL, all the superstars and its so manykids dream it might sound clich but itsevery kids dream to go and play hockey ifyoure lucky to do so, said Fabbro. Its go-ing to be a fun experience for me and defi-nitely my family wholl be there. I want toshare it with them and give back to them asmuch as possible.Continued frompage19Choose from:PROSPECTS CAMPSPresented bySKILLS CAMPPresented byFANTASY MATCH CAMPSPresented byCamps start in July, register today.Toll free:1.855.932.1932Local:604.669.9283 ext 2297Caps coaches ensure boys and girls of all skill levels are challenged,focused, and having fun. Plus - receive an official camp t-shirt, poster,and meet a Whitecaps FC player (at select camps).whitecapsfc.com/campsSUNDAY, JULY 10The Incredible Quest is an adventure race where teams of fourwill compete to be the first to cross the finish line. Find the clues,race to the checkpoints and win the challenges!Early Bird Prices end June 26! Register at:IQNorthBurnaby2016.eventbrite.comDrop by the North House at 4463 Hastings StreetEmail: events@burnabynh.ca Call: 604-294-5444www.burnabynh.caProceeds go to the North Burnaby Neighbourhood House.Thank you to our Platinum & Gold Sponsors!@burnaby_nh@NorthBurnabyNHBurnabyNOW WEDNESDAY June 22, 2016 2122 WEDNESDAY June 22, 2016 BurnabyNOWBurnabyNOW WEDNESDAY June 22, 2016 2324 WEDNESDAY June 22, 2016 BurnabyNOWSALE!SALE!SALE!30%Off 30%Offeverything everythingSALE!SALE!SALE!30%Ofeverything everythingSALE!SALE!SALE!30%Off 30%Off 30%everything everythingOUR LARGEST 1-DAY SALE EVENT OF THE YEAR! OPEN 6am-9pmSALE DETAILS: Its simple! 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