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Volume 45 Nr:mber 9 IN MEMORIAM 705 ARCHIE B. BRUSSE 1888-1959 RCHIE B. BRUSSE of Denver, Colorado, died on May 31, 1959. Dr. A Brusse was well known throughout American orthodontic circles. His inti- mates called him Arch > and he was very active in the American Association of Orthodontists. He was one of six sons of John and Jessie Elliott Brusse. The Brusses were a pioneer family who came to Colorado by covered wagon in 1865, Dr. Brusses father having originally migrated from England to America. ARCHIE B. BRUSSE Dr. Brusse was educated in Denver and graduated from Denver University Dental School in 1912. He practiced general dentistry for several years. Then he decided on orthodontics as a specialty and took his first training under Dr. Albert H. Ketcham, pioneer orthodontist of Denver. 706 In 191X he married >Iiss Dana JIartin. Many members of the special0 organizations and their wives know her for her hospit,alitp and charming per- sonality. Dr. Brusse was one of the founders of the Rocky Mountain Society of Orthodontists in 1921 and was president of that organization in 1941. He was one of the founders of the Denver Summer Seminar, or the Denver Summer Meeting for t.he# Advanced Study of Orthodontics. In 1946 he was president, of the American Association of Orthodontists when t,he meeting was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and when anthropology was featured on the pro- gram. Dr. Brusse was always interested in athletics. In 1909 he was nominated All Rocky Mountain Conference shortstop. He made the All Rocky Mountain Conference football team twice-once as end and once as quarterback. In 1908 he was captain and quarterback of Denver Universitys conference champion- ship team that played the famous Carlisle Indians in a post-season game at the time when Jim Thorpe was the star and Pop Warner was the coach of the Indians. Arch Brnsse was one of Denvers top amateur golfers and was golf champion of the Denver Country Club in 1930. He was an ardent fly fisherman and spent many hours casting the trout streams of the wide Rocky Mountain area. He was a member of Delta Sigma Delta dental fraternity and Beta Theta Phi college fraternity. He was also a member of the Denver Club, the Denver Press Club, the Denver Country Club, and the Wigwam Fishing Club. Surviving, in addition to his wife, are a son, Martin, of Denver; a daughter, Mrs. Cornelia Johnson, of Seattle; and one grandchild. Another of the very active stalwarts of the early days of orthodontics has left the scene of action. Dr. Brusse was regarded as one of t,he best in t,he field of the creation of mechanical ways and means in orthodontics. Because of his constant application to this highly specialized phase of orthodontics his death means a great, loss to the specialty. He will be remembered as an out- standing athlete who, in his early manhood, switched his interests into the field of dentistry and did a tremendous job in both dentistry and athletics. R. KENT TONGUE, JR. 1919-1959 I T IS with deep regret that we report the death of a loyal member of the Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontists, R. Kent Tongue, Jr., of Towson, Maryland. He died on June 11, 1959, at the age of 40. Dr. Tongue attended the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, and the Dental School, University of Maryland, receiving his D.D.S. degree in 1943. Following graduation, he completed his graduate training in orthodontics at the Faculty of Dental Surgery, University of Montreal, Canada, in 1947.


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