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  • Docker LoggingWebinar

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  • Housekeeping / Questions

  • Intro

    Logsene: Centralized Log Management

    Search and Big Data Consulting Support for Solr and Elasticsearch

    SPM: Performance monitoring,Anomaly Detection and Alerting

  • SPM - Performance Monitoring

  • Logsene - Log Management

  • Agenda

    Centralized Log Management Docker - What is different?

    Challenges How to

    Log Drivers Logging Containers Sematext Solutions

  • Centralized Log Management error: No space left on device /dev/...


    warn: Transaction order_product failed!

  • a few steps to go ...

    Log Shippers Centralized Log Management / LogseneServer,Container, Application

    Use JSON, Luke

  • Structured Data

  • Docker Logging Challenges

    Access Logs Log Forwarding to central data stores Log Parsing Deployment of Logging Tools

    Containers on local Host Separate Hosts SaaS

  • What are Docker Logs? Traditionally separate files for

    each Application and Log-Type error.log access.log

    Docker Logs are stdout / stderr of processes running in a container

    Most official images log to console

  • Mixed Log Formats in one Container

  • Docker Logging Options

    - Docker Log Drivers- json-file, syslog, fluentd,

    journald, gelf- Docker API based Logging

    Containers - Logspout - Sematext Docker Container

    - Custom images with installed log shipper (syslog)

  • Docker Log Drivers

    Cons:- No Log Parser - only Log Forwarding- docker logs command works only

    with Log-Driver JSON-files- Containers terminate when the TCP

    Server (e.g. syslog or fluentd) is not reachable

    - No TLS encryption for syslog

    Pros:- Simple way to forward logs to remote

    destinations - Setup per container or global setting

    for Docker

  • Example: Log Drivers# Start a syslog server :)

    logagent -u 1514 -y -t af648d4f-xxxx-xxxx-8ec0-fcb33f884f57

    # Start a Web Server with TCP syslog -> container terminates

    docker run -d --name my_web_app -p 80:80 --log-driver=syslog --log-opt syslog-address=tcp://localhost:1514 httpd

    # Start a Web Server with UDP syslog -> container starts

    docker run -d --name my_web_app -p 80:80 --log-driver=syslog --log-opt syslog-address=udp://localhost:1514 httpd

    # run docker logs -> fails

    docker logs my_web_app

    > logsene search http

  • Logging Containers: LogspoutPros:

    - Logging does not affect app container

    - ANSI Escape Sequence removal- TLS support- Real-time View with HTTP API- Config for Filters and Syslog-Tags- Log-Driver Files / journald Logs

    are available on the Host

    Cons:- Logging Container must be online- Only forwarding, no Log Parser,

    rsyslog could be used for parsing- Limited to log collection

  • Logspout HTTP View

  • Logging Containers: SPM for DockerPros:

    - ANSI Escape Sequence handling- TLS by default - Near Real-time View in UI- Filters by regex for Image,

    Container Names- Structured Logs with included

    Log-Parser and Pattern Library- Collects Logs, Metrics and

    Events- Hosted ELK Stack in Logsene

    Cons:- Logging container must be online

  • Demodocker run -d --name sematext-agent

    -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock

    -v $PWD/patterns.yml:/etc/logagent/patterns.yml


    -e LOGSENE_TOKEN=53a6c7e7-xxxx-4725-962e-ea47cebxxx

    -e SPM_TOKEN=fe31fc3a-xxxx-47c6-b83c-be376bfxxx


    docker run --name webapp -p 80:80 httpd

    siege localhost:80/unknow_page.html

    logsene search error

  • LogsLogseneToken

    Metrics + Events

    Docker logs on CoreOS

    Web UISematext Container




    Log forwarding service

    stores status in etcd

    Logging Gateway(TCP 9000)

    Docker DaemonAPI / unix-socket




    Configuration in etcd- Logsene Token- SPM Token

    Logging gateway port, Logging status per host

    Journald Logs


  • Containerized Monitoring & LoggingSPM Performance Monitoring and Logsene

    Metrics, Events and Logs

  • SPM Logsene


  • Mixed Log Formats in one Container

  • Parsed Logs from a mixed stream

  • Making Logs Analytics-ready

    Log Parser Inside

    Reduced Stack for Logging!

    Structured Data for Analytics

  • Summary

    Stefan ThiesTwitter:


  • Docker LoggingWebinar

    20% OFF 201509WNR20S

  • Thank you for your attention