Do Your Social Media Objectives Align With Your Marketing Spend?

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86% of marketers say social is important to their business. Having a social strategy in place will address prior challenges and offer actionable solutions. Ciceron is a full service digital marketing agency, we specialize in all aspects of digital including social media, email marketing and brand advocacy.


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2. Ciceron is one the oldest, privately-held digital agencies in the country, having beenin business since 1995. Our longevity is a testament to our ability to deliver resultsfor our clients through tumultuous change. Ciceron has remained consistent inproducing measurable, sustainable, and extraordinary value for our clients.A social strategy is vital in a world where consumers are now continuouslyconnected to their personal and business networks. Leveraging and integratingelements of the social web across your brand experience and marketing efforts willcreate cohesion and bring scale to your efforts.We Build Brand AdvocacyCiceron recognizes the extraordinary power of advocacy-based brand strategy intodays socially connected, digital world. People who love your brand will introduceyou to your new customers. Recommendations come from your advocates anetwork of highly satised, passionate and connected customers who love yourproducts and service.Ciceron brought us to awhole new level in digitalstrategy. ey are up for ALLchallenges and wereinstrumental in developingand implementing successfulsearch, social and third partymarketing strategies. eyare truly experts in SocialMedia Marketing and frommeasuring Social ROI todeveloping reputationmanagement; they will bringrevenue, engagement andsuccess to your company.Elizabeth HankeyDigital Marketing ManagerMLT VacationsSole property of Ciceron, Inc.Corporate Overview 3. Advocacy: We connect you with yourbrand advocates, create programs andexperiences to energize those advocatesand convert advocate actions into insights,understanding, and most importantly,business results.Digital EcosystemContent may not be altered or reproduced withoutproper attribution to Ciceron.BrandContentConversationConsumerInsightsBusinessObjectivesExperiencesAdvocacyStrategywebsiteemail architecturebranded communitiesmobileSEO / SEMmediacommunity managementinuencer relationshipscampaign integrationrecognition programreviews and storiesstaff trainingcompetitive positioningindustry positioningtarget audiencesaudience touchpointsinternal capabilitieskey performance indicatorsanalyticsoptimizationinsightsanalyticsoptimizationinsightsCiceron Digital EcosystemSTRATEGY THAT INFORMS. EXPERIENCES THAT DELIVER. ADVOCACY THAT SCALES.Strategy: We identify the opportunitiesthat arise at the intersection of yourbusiness goals, your audience needsand your ability to meet those needs.Experiences: We ensure your existingdigital marketing programs are fullyoptimized, uncover opportunities to addvalue to your current experience, and setyou on a course to achieve advocacy. 4. EFFORT10% You90% Ciceron30% You70% Ciceron25% You75% Ciceron40% You60% CiceronIdentify business and customer needsAnalyze market and competitive landscapeDetermine internal capabilities and readiness to executeAssessAlign opportunities to objectives and strategiesDevelop immediate action planProvide future state channel roadmapPrioritizeRealizing the opportunities by executing immediate action planTeam training sessions as neededLaunchConvert key learnings into meaningful and actionable insightsApply insights to enhance performanceOptimizeThe Ciceron Approach 5. Source: The State of Social Marketing Studye top area ofsocial investment is inSocial Growth at 66%Social Growth doesnot equal customerengagement10%14%41%47%51%78%OtherOperational EfciencyThought LeadershipCustomer ExperienceRevenue GenerationCustomer EngagmentTop Objectives in Social MarketingSocial Objectives Do Not Align With Spend 6. Source: The State of Social Marketing Study; 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report86% of marketerssay social is importantto their business.Having a socialstrategy in placewill address priorchallenges and oeractionable solutionsTop Challenges in Social Marketing: Measuring ROI-Tying social results to actual business results-Analyzing unstructured data-Integrating data sources-Integrating social proles with current database Social Growth Integration with Sales Monitoring Social Integration with Ofine Lack of Resources Lack of BudgetTurn Challenges into Solutions 7. Due to the nature of this work, weare unable to share specic clientexamples. However, below is a list ofclients Ciceron has worked with todevelop a Social Strategy: Activ8 CHS Inc. Coldwell Banker Delta Vacations Feeding America General Mills Herkimer Hollywood Fashion Secrets Kona Minnesota Twins Moto-I Radisson Blu Aqua Sinclair Broadcast Group Tennant CompanySocial Strategy Clients 8. Ciceron Strategy Services Include: Digital Strategy Social Media Strategy Advocacy Strategy Content Marketing Strategy Campaign Strategy Channel Strategies- Email Marketing- Mobile- Search (SEO/PPC)- Paid Media- Design & Website UsabilityContact Us Todayinfo@ciceron.com612.204.1919Get Your Social Strategy Started Today