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<ul><li><p>Do You Struggle With Sagging Skin Problems? </p><p>Aging can have a major effect on the skin. While some people face problems with sagging </p><p>skin and breasts, others face the hideous wrinkles. Well, to take care of such problems, there </p><p>are some good solutions available: </p><p> You can go for facials, which can clean the pores and give you a youthful appearance. </p><p>You can choose from the Anti-Aging Epicurean facials, Teen Acne Facials or </p><p>Aromatherapy Facials. </p><p> These facials use chemical peels, which can improve the skins texture, and remove </p><p>the fine lines and pigmentations, and make the skin, feel rejuvenated. </p><p> For sagging breasts, you can go for Silicone Gel Breast Implants, which involves </p><p>inserting silicone gel implants. </p><p> While inserting the silicone gel implants, incisions are made either on the armpit or on </p><p>the belly buttons. The process involves silicone filling, profiling, and shaping of the </p><p>breasts. </p><p> And, for giving a youthful look to your face, you could go for Botox injections. These </p><p>can be effective in reducing the wrinkles, and smoothening of the brow line in the </p><p>patient. </p><p> The Botox treatment can last for about 3 months, and people use them for treating </p><p>migraine headaches, and for controlling excess sweating on underarms, as well. </p><p> All these procedures are quite safe, and leave minimal scarring. </p><p>Give yourself a new lease of life. Get back your youth and stay young for longer time. </p><p>Dr. Charles Wallace A New Reflection Cosmetic Surgery 17110 Dallas Pkwy, Suite 100 Dallas, Texas, US - 75248 PH: 972-380-7090 </p><p></p></li></ul>