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    joshuaTypewritten TextApplication Deadline: July 17, 2017

    joshuaTypewritten Text

    joshuaTypewritten TextOTEFE Foundation, Inc. expects to notify the chosen applicants by on or about August 2, 2017.

    joshuaTypewritten TextGPA

    joshuaTypewritten TextSAT Math

    joshuaTypewritten TextSAT Reading

    joshuaTypewritten TextSAT Writing

    joshuaTypewritten TextACT Math

    joshuaTypewritten TextACT English

    joshuaTypewritten TextACT Reading

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    joshuaTypewritten Text

    joshuaTypewritten Text

  • Do you have any children? If yes, how many?

    joshuaTypewritten TextCommunity Service / Volunteer Work

    joshuaTypewritten TextOther Organizational Activities

    joshuaTypewritten TextName of a college, university or graduate / professional school you havebeen admitted to or currently attending

    joshuaTypewritten TextDate of Admission

    joshuaTypewritten TextGPA

    joshuaTypewritten TextAwards and Recognition

    joshuaTypewritten TextDo you expect to carry on any self-supporting employment while in college?

    joshuaTypewritten TextYes

    joshuaTypewritten TextNo

    joshuaTypewritten TextIf yes, how much do you expect to earn?

    joshuaTypewritten TextIf you have been out of school for more than one term in past 4 years, indicate what you have been doing.

    joshuaTypewritten TextEducation History: (List in chronological order all colleges you have attended or are now attending.)

    joshuaTypewritten TextName of School City & State Dates of Attendance Degrees Received

    joshuaTypewritten TextAwards and Recognition

    joshuaTypewritten TextExtracurricular Activities

    joshuaTypewritten Text

  • Please check your appropriate category:

    Korean American Student

    Oversea Korean Student from the Republic of Korea

    Oversea Korean Student from outside of the Republic of Korea

    Please list all the other scholarships and financial aid you have obtainedwith the amounts awarded or offered to you.

    I authorize OTEFE Foundation to share my application with other organizationthat might have scholarship opportunities.

    I certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information containedin this application is true and correct. I understand it is my responsibility toensure that all supporting documents are clearly marked with my name and arepostmarked by the deadline set by OTEFE Foundation.

    joshuaTypewritten TextSignature: _______________________________________

    joshuaTypewritten TextPrint Name: ______________________________________

    joshuaTypewritten TextDate: ______________________________________

    joshuaTypewritten TextHave you previously received any scholarship reward from OTEFE?

    joshuaTypewritten TextYes

    joshuaTypewritten TextNo

    joshuaTypewritten Text/ Other U.S. Student

    joshuaTypewritten Text

    joshuaTypewritten TextIf yes, please include a 1 page document describing how the scholarship made a difference in your life and if you made any type of contribution to the Korean community during the past year after receipt of such scholarship award from OTEFE.

    joshuaTypewritten TextSkills and Hobbies

  • joshuaTypewritten TextDocuments to Submit

    joshuaTypewritten TextPlease mail the above documents to our address below:OTEFE Foundation, Inc.3450 Wilshire Blvd. STE 108-10BLos Angeles, CA 90010

    joshuaTypewritten Text1. OTEFE SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION 2. Essay Attach up to 2 pages (letter size 8 1/2" by 11") for the essay.The topic will be: What does being Korean or Korean-American mean to youand how has that meaning shaped what your purpose(s) in life are?How has your financial hardship affected your life and personal development, what impact would this scholarship have on your life and how will you give back to your respective Korean community in the future? 3. Unofficial transcript(If your application is selected, we may ask that a sealed official transcript be mailed to us prior to the disbursement of the scholarship award). 4. 2 Years of tax return of your parent/guardian and yourself, if applicable. 5. FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or SAR (Student Aid Report).If you do not qualify for FAFSA or SAR, attach a memo explaining your current situation. 6. Acceptance letter to the said university, college, graduate/professional school, or proof of attendance. 7. Letters of recommendationUp to 2 Letters of recommendationpreferably from a teacher/professor/community organization leader/ etc.

    joshuaTypewritten Text

    joshuaTypewritten Text

    otefe.orgApplication Resubmission | OTEFE Foundation, Inc.

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    have_received_from_otefe: 1Print_Name: Date: gender: Malecarry_on: Yeskorean_american: Korean American Studentautho: certify: SAT_Math: SAT_Reading: SAT_Writing: ACT_Math: ACT_English: ACT_Reading: ACT_Science: GPA: awards1: Print This Application: DOA: awards2: GPA2:


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