Do we need a managament Theory for Community Building?

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<ul><li> 1. Lars KurthXen Community<br />Do we need a Management Theory for Community Building?<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Phrases that came up in earlier sessions!<br />The Unwritten Rules thatdetermine the Growth of Community <br />Lets sprinkle a little Community Magic!<br />This made me think: Community Developmentshould neither be Magic nor follow Unwritten Rules!<br /> 3. Renaissance of Community<br />More and more companies spend money on Community<br />There never have been so many Community Managers<br />Jono Bacon @ OSCON 2011<br />coined the idea that Community Management is at the beginningof its own Renaissance<br />So: Community is getting more important!<br /> 4. So what about Prior Art?<br />A few good books<br />Lots of good presentations atopen source conferences and workshops<br />Much on Sociology and Community<br />BUT:<br />Too much focus on the mechanics, tools, etc. of Open Source<br />Much on techniques that help solvepoint problems<br /><br />Etc.<br /> 5. What is missing?<br />What is missing is the big simple picture<br />A simple management theory/metaphor of community development<br />Needs to unify existing knowledge<br />And cover <br />People to people interactions <br />Marketing theories and the impact of social media <br />The mechanics of Open Source (tools, licensing, mechanics, etc.)<br />When does it make sense for corporations to invest in Community?<br /> 6. Funnels: Example of an Idea that can help!<br />Sales and marketing uses the idea of a Funnel as a systematic model to selling a product or service<br />The basic structure could be adapted tovisualizing the growth of an Open Source Community <br />Also works for Freemium business models and social media communities<br /> 7. Awareness<br />Users<br />Contributors<br />Maintainers, Committers,Project Leads<br />Measure, how well you are doing<br />Occasional<br />Active<br />Support Brand<br />Trial Software<br />Follow News<br />Silent Users<br />Engaged<br />Users<br />Active<br />Users<br />Rewards<br />Partnerships &amp; Support<br />Governance<br />Recognition<br />Business Opportunities<br />Community Activity<br />Volunteer Programs<br />Documentation<br />Partnerships<br />User Experience<br />Values<br />Eco-system (Tooling, Projects, Services)<br />Website Presence<br />Event Presence<br />Perceived Momentum<br />Social &amp; Media Buzz<br />Activities Supporting or SlowingCommunity Development<br />Brand<br /> 8. Other Disciplines that may Help!<br />Change Management<br />Other Marketing Theories<br />Funnels could be connected to Strategy Maps &amp; Balanced Score Cards <br />Probably there are lots more <br /> 9. So do we need a Management Theoryfor Community?<br />I think so!<br />My job would become easier!<br />If you are interested in developing these ideas get in touch:<br /><br /></p>