do it yourself link building strategies to increase your seo

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Article Marketing to Sell Ebooks, Increase SEO & Market Affiliates

FREE Do It Yourself Link

Building Strategies to

Increase Your SEO

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The Answer!

1. Know Your KeywordsDo a little research



2. Group Your Keywords into market sectors &Categorize your keywords into Subjects (So, if you sold gardening supplies, for example)SeedsPlantsGarden furnitureWater featuresBarbeques


3. Focus Your Link Building on Each Market Sector (or niche)Gas barbequesCharcoal barbequesPortable barbequesBarbeque accessories


4. Determine Who Will Do the Work

Management & Metrics

Work flows to whoever is willing to take it.

5. Can You Make Rapid Changes to Your Website? Do new blog posts

need approval? Can you allocate

time regularly?

Management & Metrics

6. Be Sure You Have a Tool to Measure Results

You can track where your traffic is originating

Management & Metrics

We Recommend$29 per month if you sign up on line.$20 per month if I set it up for you.

Email me at or call 619.660.6730

Management & Metrics

Management & Metrics

Management & Metrics

7. Find Relevant Blogs.

Make comments, dont mention yourself at first

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8. Monitor News Sites

Stay informed, comment, be supportive and helpful, make friends

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9. Build a Press ListJournalists, on-line wire services (

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10. Join Forums

Register, use your signature, be helpful, earn trust

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Online forums are an online destination used to meet, share ideas and

ask questions to people who have a shared interests, their very nature

provides for access to communities of people interested in something

very specific.

11. Look for Specialized Social Sites

Prospect Hunting a list

12. Look for Specialist Groups on Big Social Sites

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13. Look for Local Sites & Small News Sites

Make ContactSearch for a forum

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14. Join Local Trade and Networking Associations

Get active in the real world. Your website should be listed on their directory. Contribute to their content and have a link to your website.

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15. Require Vendors and Suppliers to Link to Your Website

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Quid Pro Quo = A Favor for a Favor

16. Submit Articles on Your Topic(Dont forget the importance of Keywords)

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17. Find DirectoriesSubmit your site once it is established.

Always get a review.

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18. Search Your Target Keywords Frequently

Read all you can and follow the websites they Mention.

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The Internet Lives on Content

Write it!

Creating Content

19. Look for Great Content

See what other people are posting for examples.

Practice, practice, practice

Creating Content

20. Repurpose Other Peoples Content

Or, rewrite it yourself.

Caution: Never use article spinners

Creating Content

Plagiarism remains tolerated by 21st century artists.

21. Send Industry News to Industry websites.

Use Keywords, especially in the headlines

Provide a regular supply, so you develop a following.

Creating Content

22. Invite Comments

Get ideas, reality checks, controversies started.

Creating Content

23. Interview Experts24. Review Other Websites25. Conduct Surveys26. Present Case Studies27. Create Lists (10 best, etc.)

Creating Content

29. Create Videos (post on YouTube)30. Create Slide Show (post on Publish infographics make complex subject understandable (see sample)

Always have a link back to your website

Creating Content

32. Create RSS Feeds33. Publish & Distribute a Newsletter (post it everywhere)34. Submit to site-of-the-day sites

Creating Content

35. Spend Some Money on Google Pay-Per-Click

36. Pay for

Creating Content

You Cant Do All of This and Do it Well.

Get Real

A glass full is better than several

glasses nearly empty.

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