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Conceived , preapred for children at the age band of 12-16 years to do some self analysis , self understanding , assess what do they intend to do in their life and how to go about it . An effort combining spiritual awakening and also maangement principles developed over years , simple and undestandable by children .


  • 1.TODAY FOR MY BETTER TOMORROWSSS/Anand_Self leadership program

2. 5/18/2012Sri Suprabatha Sabha, Chennai -33Self awareness improvement Workshop for Leaders of tomorrowTitle : Today for MY better tomorrowVenue : SSS , Baroda street , Chennai -33Time : 6.30 pm 9 pm 3 days ( 14 /15/16th May 2012)Recommended age group : > 12 yearsAll should participate with open mindEnglish , Tamil both language acceptable for discussionInterested parents are also invited for witnessing the workshop40 page note book , pen , pencil and eraser should be carriedChart paper (big sheet ) + sketch pens ( all colors ) to be broughtLCD projector is requiredLaptop would be brought by Mr.AnandIf some extra time is taken , children /parents to be patientChildren should be fed sufficiently by 6 pmThere will be two 5 min brake in between for children to relaxHome work shall be givenHare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare !Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare ! SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 3. 5/18/2012Agenda for 3 days workshopDay 1Day 2Day 3Self awareness Self LeadershipGoal settingValuesFaith Time managementCharacter Self Motivation Theory of KarmaBehaviorBalance of life How to shape futureAttitudes Success and FailuresSWOT analysisPerception6 Enemies Goal setting exercisePersonality Need for change Peace and HappinessCommunication OwnershipPurpose of Life Responsibility Self contentmentHare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare ! Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare ! SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 4. 5/18/2012VANDE MAHA PURUSHATE CHARANARAVINDAM!1.Values2.Character & Behavior3.Attitude and Perception4.Personality5.Communication6.Goal(s )for our life7.Self leadership8.Goal setting9.Time management10. Faith and self motivation11. Theory of KARMA12. Success and Failures13. 6 Enemies of our life14. Change !15.Accept Life as it comes 16.Future17. Duty18.Which is True happiness for our life ?SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 5. 5/18/2012 What is VALUE s in life ?Strong belief , principle of lifeIt really drives our every activityIf we do not have values our life is waste !List some great men and the values they stood for ? Discussions for 10 minutes ! SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 6. 5/18/2012VALUE BASED LIFE SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 7. 5/18/2012Value Based Life SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 8. 5/18/2012 Value SystemCan we make a Values Chart for ourselves ?Ramayana gives us the Collective Values for a SocietyValues have no caste , creed , nation , language , religion , race no barriers at all SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 9. SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 5/18/20121.2.TruthfulnessGod LovingFor Discussions with Children3.Kindness4.Unconditional love5.Balanced mind6.Treat all same ( equanimity)7.Courage and Fortitude of Mind8.Health both body and mind9.Never quit friendship10. Never mind others mistakes11. Treat a small help great 12. Gratitude13. Forgiving nature14. Empathy15. Self Confidence16. Humility17. Responsibility and ownership18. ProactiveAdd on if you think rightWHO IS THE MAN WITH BEST CHARACTER IN THIS WORLDVALUE BASED CONSISTENT BEHAVIOR FORMS A CHARACTERA CHARACTER SHAPES A LIFE 10. 5/18/2012 Some thoughts .- treat others the same way as u expect to be treated- be aware that we are constantly watched"SOW THINKING REAP ACTION, SOW ACTION REAP HABIT, SOWHABIT REAP CHARACTER,SOW CHARACTER REAP DESTINY"SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 11. 5/18/2012SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 12. 5/18/2012SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 13. 5/18/2012 How to Do youmotivateknow U haveown self ?a magicaltree in U ?PositiveKey toattitude ! Superhappiness ! power !SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 14. 5/18/2012SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 15. 5/18/2012ATTITUDE SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 16. 5/18/2012Discussions on1. Perception2. Perception barriers SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 17. 5/18/2012PERCEPTIONMiracles happen in someones life occasionally If you chant MAHAMANTRA i.e RAMAs divine nameLife itself is a Miracle ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pl experience SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 18. 5/18/2012Discussion on attitudes /PERCEPTION of1. Sugriva2. Duriyodhana3. Devas4. Asuras5. Prahladha6. Bhisma7. Vibhisana SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 19. 5/18/2012SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 20. 5/18/2012BHISMAS STRORYKnowledgeValorAttitudePerceptionHis endSSS/Anand_Self leadership program 21. 5/18/2012 DemographyHow a person reacts to aSocial Racesituation in lifeEnvironmentis calledpersonalityPERSONALITYCharacter ValuesBehaviorValuesFamily/Culture Wealth Religion Status ATTITUDEPerceptionJob /Friends Training Education Thoughts Actions Words CommunicationSSS/Anand_Self leadership program 22. 5/18/2012COMMUNICATION THE PROCESS Coding SenderBarriersReceiverVisual medium maximum reachListening processAsking questions Ex: Saying Yesby Nodding ! SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 23. 5/18/2012COMMUNICATION BARRIERS PriorVoiceexperiencemodulations UglyAttitude gesturesCulture Perceptions/languageSSS/Anand_Self leadership program 24. 5/18/2012COMMUNICATION LIFE LINE ! Verbal /Oral Language /Sounds /AV Voice modulation / Softness Choice of Words Non verbal Audio Video aids Written Body language Gestures Video Listening is communication SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 25. FAITHFULNESS !!!!Sincerity PatienceSSS/Anand_Self leadership program 26. FAITHFULNESS !!!! Prayer can Make Impossible PossibleChanting Lords Holy name with Sincerity & Patience Mahamantra is Gods Cell Phone No. Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare !Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 27. Purpose of Human Life To ask this questions1.What is Self Awareness ?2.3.Who Am I ?Why did I get this human body ? Purpose of4. From where do I come from ? Life ?5.Where do I go to ?6.Why people suffer or be happy ?7.Why I was not born as an animal or else?8.In which way I am different ?9.Can I enjoy permanent happiness ?10. Can I see God ? & Find answers also SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 28. ONE ness !!!! ONELiving(GOD)World NonLIVING Wisdom5 basic elements Artificial Natural 1. Sky /space2. Air3. Water4. Fire5. EarthIntelligence 1.Sound/Ears EmotionalFeelingsHuman2. 3. Sense /Skin Vision /eyes5 sensesMindbeings 4.Taste / tongue 5.Smell /Nose SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 29. 5/18/2012SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 30. 5/18/2012SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 31. 5/18/2012SELF DEVELOPMENT / LEADERSHIPEnvironmentEconoProfe myssion alG G EnvironmentOPersonality Values / Social OA AMenta Awareness /lwill to achievegoalsL LS SPhysicSpiritu alal SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 32. 5/18/20126 Enemies I fight every day !AngerDesire A tree with 2 seeds and 6big fruits ?Pride Miserlines sI , MyDiscriminationPossessivenessSSS/Anand_Self leadership program 33. ACCEPT LIFE AS IT IS 5/18/2012Story of well frogs !!!!! And snakesConstantInevitablefor all in this/unavoidableworld anduniverseAccept it / Painfuldont resist as If we do notit is natural accept it , will beforced to ----------SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 34. 5/18/2012ThoughtsWordsActionExcellence in Thoughts , Words and Action SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 35. 5/18/20126 Enemies I fight every day !Anger Desire A tree with 2 seeds and 6big fruits ?Pride Miserlines sI , MyDiscretionPossessivenessSSS/Anand_Self leadership program 36. SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 5/18/2012 Theory of Karma Speak NO Evil See NO Evil Hear NO EvilTHREE WISE MONKEYSPurpose of mouth is say only good things , eyes are see only good ,hear only good 37. 5/18/2012 Remember GIGO alwaysGarbage INGarbageGoodINGood SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 38. 5/18/2012 TIME MANAGEMENT 50 to60% of your life spent in sleepingLife is short .20% life goes in childhoodCan I waste Time ? Noooooo! 10% is only available forI think I can fix my priority growthI can carry a list things to do ? 20% illness , old age , familyI make lot of plans but never follow it?? No ??!! What is an early bird ? SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 39. 5/18/2012Time management Hey I want to manage my timeeffectively from this sofa in front of TVSSS/Anand_Self leadership program 40. 5/18/2012TIME MANAGEMENT - ARTDECISION MAKING Decide quickly Take plunge Hey ! I have decided All decisions have + and Good or bad decision depends onto jump !result Hindsight , all are intelligent Success has lot of fathers ! But failure is an orphan ! Experience is a comb given when I am bald !SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 41. 5/18/2012Time management Give yourcomments ? SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 42. 5/18/2012Time management U want to do or dont want to do ? 24 hours is too short ! Can I get more hours / day ?!!!! Napoleon SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 43. 5/18/2012 Time lost cannot be regainedAll of us walk towards death only Never say tomorrow do it rightnowDont worry about past .. As u do notlive there anymore .Giving excuses is an habit . SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 44. 5/18/2012Time managementTime iscircular for European Time is linear for AsiansSSS/Anand_Self leadership program 45. 5/18/2012 Time managementSome thoughts for time managementCasual approach to timeTVChatsExtended play hoursBeing aware of waste of timeTime sense is a habitBe careful of time wastersExcellent time is morningPhysical exerciseEating timeObserve the worldWalking or cycling Balance of Time to Talk to parents ( 10timemins)Temple timePrayer time PlanPrioritize Schedule Follow up Write down your timeExercise:OwntimechartschedulePrepareFollowMonitorutilization SSS/Anand_Self leadership program 46. 5/18/2012Nothing is sweeter than success !NOTHING FAILS LIKE SUCCESS !Longest and shortest journey startswith the FIRST little stepSSS/Anand_Self leadership program 47. 5/18/20121. Success and Failure two sides of the same coin2. No failure . No success3. A success cal always be succeeded by a failure4. Success without failure has no tas