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  • Optimising Performance

    Proven support strategies that will underpin every decision you will ever make.Put yourself to the test and know how to improve yourself.An experience that forms lasting memories and creates a mental model that continuously develops your resilience.

    What to expect and take away

    Decisive vs Impulsive Leadership.How will you cope under pressure?

    RPCM, in partnership with the Police Firearms Tactical Training Centre, provide a unique experience that will raise your awareness of the key requirements and skills that will underpin good defendable decision taking and build resilience when you need it most

    Delivered at a specialist facility near Stockton-on-Tees you will be immersed in situational and experiential training where you will learn new skills that develop your existing expertise.

    Master new processes to enable you to make better choices and confident decisions in pressurised situations.

    The Benefits

    Develop and measure your own high performance behaviours for leadership. Experience high-pressure tactical training tools and scenarios. Map your decisions and behaviours to strategic methods.

    Increase understanding of your own styles and traits. High quality feedback comparison using a global best in class benchmarking assessment tool.

    Track improvements and impact. Follow-up sessions to consolidate and embed module 1 content. Targeted improvements assessed and tracked (optional).

    Understand latest research on mental processes under various types of stress. Groundbreaking new thinking on the interaction between different parts of the brain and the subsequent impact on instant and considered decisions.

    Decision Making Under Pressure

    Module 1


    Self Awareness Recognise your performance drivers Emotional self awareness

    Focus on excellence Emotional self control Positive outlook Adaptability

    Empathy Organisational awareness Hear what is not being said Personality types

    Influence Coach and mentor Conflict management Inspirational leadership Teamwork Negotiation

    Personal Effectiveness


    Awareness of Others

  • Optimising Performance

    Emotional and social intelligence differentiates outstanding performers from average employees.

    Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom


    Leading yourself and others to make the right decision.

    Learn about research on the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership and decision making.

    Utilising globally renowned emotional intelligence assessment tools (optional).

    Learn tactical methods that you can deploy in your workplace.

    Tough learning in a safe and challenging environment.

    Networking opportunities.

    The Power of Emotional Intelligence


    The Programme View

    RPCM and the Tactical Training Centre offer the Performance Under Pressure Programme, which is broken down into three modules:-

    Module 1: Decision Making Under Pressure

    The neurology of decision makingUnderstand your own behaviours and traitsThe relationship between pressure and behaviourIncrease resilience and confidence.

    Module 2: Personal Effectiveness under PressureKnow more about yourself and behaviourControl the way you think, feel and actStrengthen your ability to connect with othersDevelop behavioural flexibility in all situations.

    Module 3: Personal and Social Competence Under PressureBuild long-term partnerships Motivation and LeadershipHear what is not being saidLinguistics for desired negotiated outcomes.

    The RPCM Team

    The RPCM Team will provide you with an unforgettable active experience, with time and opportunity to reflect on the expertise whilst learning new complimentary skills and practices.

    You will gain a greater understanding of your own performance from feedback and coaching given by our specialists. On completion of the programme you will have more options in what you do and how you do it, allowing more flexibility in solving problems and achieving goals.

    Continuous development is supported with ongoing coaching sessions, enabling you to focus our support on the areas you feel will bring most value and ensure situational support firmly embeds all you have learnt.

    Having previously held senior executive roles RPCMs executive coaches know first hand the importance of performance under pressure. Licensed and certified in proven coaching, training and psychological tools and techniques we will engage you in agreeing and achieving your performance and improvement goals.