Diy wedding jewelry handmade beaded necklaces out of pearls and ribbons - 副本

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1. DIY wedding jewelry-handmade beaded necklaces out of pearls and ribbons Trending and entirely customized handmade beaded necklaces may allow you to make cost-effective but impressive DIY wedding jewelry and accessories for friends or bridesmaids. These ones consist of regal pearls and fancy organza ribbon. All supplies are available in most craft shops with a variety of colors and sizes. Supplies to make the handmade beaded necklace: 10mm Imitation Pearl Beads Organza Ribbon Nylon Wire Needle How to make the DIY wedding jewelry necklace? Step 1: preparations Step 2: add the pearls Learn how to make DIY wedding jewelry in easy yet distinctive ways. Here is a twisted pearl necklace, with lightweight acrylic pearls and romantic organza ribbon. Youll love the handmade beaded necklaces combinations that you can make! 1. Take a fairly long strip of ribbon and fold it in half; 2. Tie an overhand knot, about 15cm from the folded position; 3. Hold the knot with fingers, next, flip one ribbon end along the diagonal. After that, turn down the other end so that youll get an overlapping cross pattern; 4. Take the nylon wire and needle and sew through them twice to secure in place. 1. String the 1st pearl and slide down to the base; 2. Take either of the ribbon ends and sew it to cover the bead; 3. Add on the 2nd pearl and cover with the other ribbon end; 4. Keep threading pearls onto the wire and cover them alternating with the two ribbon ends; 2. 5. When you have reached the desired length, take the needle and thread back through the beaded part one more time. 6. Once you have finished the above process, anchor the wire and trim off the excess tail; 7. Tie another overhand knot at the other side for symmet. And there is your necklace! Step 3: how to wear your necklace Simply tie a bow with the leftover ribbon ends! Congratulations! You have made your first piece of DIY wedding jewelry. Not too bad, isnt it? Actually, all those finished handmade beaded necklaces carry a hefty retail price, but are often easy to make at home. You can get all the supplies now and make your chic accessories to wear to special occasions. For more fabulous jewelry making ideas please click: