DIY vintage jewelry - handmade earrings with pearl lantern and crystal tassel

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<ul><li><p>DIY vintage jewelry- handmade earrings with pearl </p><p>lantern and crystal tassel </p><p>If a long lost friend comes over to pay a visit to you, </p><p>dont you consider preparing some unique gift for her, I </p><p>mean, besides the delicious meal you cook or feast you </p><p>treat, something you devote yourself to do and present </p><p>to meet her favors, for example, handmade earrings. </p><p>Here the diy vintage jewelry project will introduce the </p><p>correct way to prepare them. </p><p>Materials and tools: </p><p> 10mm pink glass pearls</p><p> 6mm Czech glass beads bicone 302_6mm101 </p><p> Iron earring hooks J079J-S </p><p> Tibetan style bead caps </p><p> Silvery iron chain</p><p> Head pins </p><p> Eye pins </p><p> Round nose plier </p><p> Flat nose plier </p><p> Wire cutter </p><p>Instructions: </p><p> Step 1: prepare pearl lantern and crystal focals</p><p>1st, thread a Tibetan finding, a pink pearl and </p><p>another Tibetan finding onto eye pin; </p><p>2nd, make a simple loop; and the pearl lantern is </p><p>done; </p><p>3rd, thread a Czech glass onto a head pin and wrap a </p><p>loop above; the crystal focal is finished. </p><p>4th, repeat to make sufficient crystal focals. </p><p>This diy vintage jewelry tutorial will introduce you a pair of handmade earrings which are made up of </p><p>mellow pink glass pearls and multi-faceted crystals. </p></li><li><p> Step 2: make crystal tassel </p><p>So the finalized earrings are like this: </p><p>Diy vintage jewelry, as you can see, is an easy job, as after </p><p>referring to traditional jewelry pieces, you will soon get the </p><p>idea of how to design a similar but completely different one; </p><p>and only if having the general knowledge of past-time trend, </p><p>you will diy handmade earrings in more amazing patterns. </p><p>Search for a variety of beads and charms please click: </p><p> </p><p>Attach crystal focals to a piece of 7cm iron </p><p>chain, and the tassel is done. </p><p>Step 3: attach whole dangle to </p><p>earring hook </p><p>1st, open an eye of pearl lantern with plier, </p><p>hook the crystal tassel on and close the eye; </p><p>2nd, attach the whole dangle to earring hook. </p></li></ul>