diy seo how to do yourself step by step guide 2017

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  • DIY SEO: How to do Yourself Step by Step Guide 2017

  • Nekraj from


    You can learn all about SEO,keyword

    research,link building and Google

    Analytics at

    So Lets Start

  • Four Mojor Technique for DIY SEO:

    1. Write SEO friendly blog post2. Find how your competitor ranks for that

    keyword.3. Get Social Signal4. Start link building

  • .


  • Types of backlinks you can build

    1. Contextual links from guest posts.

    2. Site wide links or footer links.

    3. Forum links.

    4. Profile links.

    5. Website directory links.

    6. Comment links.

  • Site Wide Footer Link

  • 25 Days FREE SEO Course


    1. Step by Step

    Video Guide

    2. Best SEO

    Training OVer


    3. Case Studies

    and Tutorial

    4. Advanced SEO

    and Link

    Building Hacks

    5. And A lot more


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