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  1. 1. DIY - Moroccan inspired garden path - Project Pics I love to garden, every year I try out new ideas and at least one new spring gardening project. Here is an easy project using pavers, fun to do and you will be done in under an hour. It took more time to figure out how and where to place the stones and decide on which colors to use than it took to paint - one stone - 30 seconds:). Here is a shot of this year's project: A Moroccan inspired path! The paver project: The white stones are heavy duty pavers left over from the foundation of the shed. We all know white turns sort of a dirty gray after a while and since it is in the veggie garden I was not inclined to spend money on pretty stone work. Pavers are readily available and this is definitely a great and inexpensive way to spruce up some old yucky looking pavers. The process: Can you believe it takes less than an hour for this project? You got an hour to play with paint, right?:) Since my pavers were in good shape I just brushed them off, laid the paper/stencil across and started spraying - my paper was heavy enough to not blow away or move, I didn't even have to tape it down. You want the surface to be dry and clean. Tip: If you do not already own one of those spray can nozzle attachments to keep your hand from cramping up - get one, it's well worth it! My cost: Pavers - zero, Stencil using scrapbook paper - zero, Paint - $3.98 (outdoor spray paint from Home Depot) for every paint color I used. Read my tip below about using just one color. The inspiration: The path was inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest using spray paint over round lace doilies on round stepping stones, I had neither so I came up with my own version:) I got brave and embraced my colorful side. TIP: If you want to use all one color - one can of spray paint is enough for up to 7 stones,
  2. 2. not bad for four bucks! TIP: If you have a few old pavers you might want to paint them white or a glow in the dark neon first and then apply your favorite stencil. Both bright white and glow in the dark paint will help you see your path at night - bonus! I think the colors are fun and the modern arabesque design reminds me of Morroccan tiles. Another successful project completed - ten thousand more to go:) Besides, you can always go neutral tone on tone with say beige and antique white, if you are a scaredy cat about color in general or simply prefer neutrals. One of my garden friends used big 16 inch white pavers placed at an angle amidst black mulch for a pathway alongside her white painted house - looks great, just saying. Did I mention that every great project requires a good supervisor? Meet Jimbo our resident garden kitty:) He was the first one to walk on the new path!:) Personally, I think the garden is a perfect place to use your favorite colors and create something
  3. 3. uniquely yours. One last TIP: I didn't like one of the colors I tried - so I laid the stencil back over it and resprayed in another color - not a problem aligning was easy, but the cool thing was that it gave it a shadow effect from the first color which just happened to work well. I plan to play around with the shadow color on another upcoming project, because I like the depth and added dimension it creates. Here is what I mean: See the bluish shadows on the berry pink paver in the center? I hope you enjoyed the pics and came away with a few good ideas for your own spring garden projects. I do love how this project turned out:) Stay tuned for more project pics and inspiration to come! Thanks for looking _ I will be hanging out in the garden sipping some fine wine and contemplating my next project today, your'e welcome to drop by and visit for a spell!:) April 1, 2013 Rose Hill - Rambling All Rights Reserved Images Rose Hill