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Mary L. ParkerDIY Ideas At Home

DIY Ideas At Home

Make Best Out Of waste


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For my students and friends, who all selflessly helped me in writing this book. Special thanks to those who asked, insisted and assisted me in turning the seminars in this practical form. All Rights Reserved 2012-2015 @ Mary L. Parker.TABLE OF CONTENTSAcknowledgmentsIntroductionMake Flower Bouquet From NewspaperMake A Clock From NewspaperWeaving Baskets With NewspaperMake Tea Table From Tree StumpMake Snowman From Old SocksUse Old Wine Or Beer Empty BottlesBook Clock Table NumberComic Book CoastersMake Purse From Old BooksMake Decorative Flowers From Orange CoverDecorate Old Plastic BottlesMake Flower Vask With Old SocksMake Candle From Orange CoverMake Earring Holder From KeyboardMake Newspaper BowlGlass Candle HolderMake Pet House From Waste TyreWaste Tyre Used As A PlanterWall Art With Unused KeysMake Cute Plastic Wallet From BottleMake Handprint Photo FrameWall Mirror Using Old Bottle CapsMake Lamp From Plastic BottlesMake Vask From Plastic BottleMake Single Seat Sofa From Plastic BottlesMake Tote Bag From Old T-ShirtsMake Garden Light From Plastic BottleMake Handbag From Old JeansMake Caterpillar From Old SockMake A Seater From TyreMake Jewelry Tree From Tree TrunkMake Newspaper BagsDecorate Wall Using NewspaperMake Ear Rings Holder From CDDecorate Old Tea KettleMake Bangle From CdMake A Flower Vask From Tree BranchesUse Fused BulbMake Candle Stand From CanMake Christmas Tree From SpoonMake Pineapple Lamp From Plastic SpoonsMake Pot From Bottles And Cd'sDo Painting From Plastic BottleMake Button BowlMake Confetti BowlMake Candles From Bottle Caps An CrayonsMake Gift Item From CdsMake Mobile Holder From Lotion BottleMake Sticks Flower Vask From CanMake Mirror From Plastic SpoonsMake Earrings From Bottle CapsMake Earrings From ButtonsMake Candles From Egg ShellMake Buttons CalendarMake Key Rings From ButtonsMake Rings From ButtonsMake Fringe GarlandsMake Paper Chain BackdropsMake Handmade Banner From Ice Cream SticksMake Gift Box From Tape RollMake Lamps Using Plastic BottleMake Decorative Lamps From Old Cd'sMake Decorative Lamps From Old BanglesMake Coaster From Old Cd'sMake Lantern From Paper CupsMake Spiral Window HangingMake Keychain From Computer KeyboardMake Pen Stand From Keyboard KeysMake Keyboard ClutchDecorate Your Scrapbook Or Personal Diary With Keyboard KeysMake Easter Egg With Chocolate Inside From ThreadsNoteDisclaimerMore From AuthorINTRODUCTION

Here in this book I am going to share with all some creative ideas on how to use old and waste material in your house. You will be amazed to know that you can make useful and creative items from those materials at your home only. I myself tried these ideas and get praised by family and friends. So, I thought to share it with you all. I have made different sections in the book, so that it becomes simple for you. So, before throwing any item from your house, first go through this book, might be you get some idea to re-use that item. With old and waste items in house, you can make flowers, wreath, show pieces, decorative items and many others ornaments for decorating your house. You can even make very creative and unique items for home like frames, cards, toys, wall hangings from those items. So, dont threw them, they could be used for decorating your home. Here, in this book I am sharing with you interesting things you can do with old items in your house. Have a look at them.

Make Flower Bouquet From NewspaperWhat all you need is Newspapers, Scissors, glue gun (or simple glue), Floral cloth wire and a Ribbon.First take a newspaper and cut it into a circle of around 10 inches in circumference. Now cut a spiral into the circle, allowing at least an inch border around each cut.

Start it rolling from the outside edge, and continue until you reach the center.

Once you finished rolling, place the rolled paper flower on your work surface and allow it to unroll a bit. To create curled petals you can even press down on the edges.

Put some glue at the base of the flower and press it.

For stem for the flower, slightly angle the end of a floral cloth wire and place it with a dot of hot glue. You can cover the exposed wire with a small piece of newspaper.

Make around 20-30 flowers the same way, then Bunch them together and then use one of the cloth wires to wrap around the stems. Trim the ends from the wires using scissors.

Wrap the flowers with a ribbon and secure it with glue.

Your bouquet is ready.

Make A Clock From Newspaper

What all you need is newspapers, glue, thread, and scissor, working battery of clock, 2 hands (minute hand and hour hand of clock)

First take a newspaper and make strips from it.

Now start rolling the newspaper strip in a circle and keep adding glue to it, so that it will stick to the previous layer and form a circle like this:

It will look like this once it is done

In the similar manner, make 12 circled strips of same size and place them in a circular form like this

Now make numbers from paper strips in the roman numbers like I, II, III, IV, etc up to XII. And stick them onto each circle strip you made. Also join each circled strip tightly with each other using a thread.

Make one big stripped circled from the newspaper like this:

Now place a clock battery and hands in this big circle.

Place this big circle in the mid of 12 circles like this and your clock are ready:

Weaving Baskets With NewspaperWhat all you need is - paper, stapler, scissorFirst take a paper and cut strips of equal size and fold them in around 1 inch width. Make similar strips in even numbers like 8, 16, 20, etc.

Now on a table lay our 8 strips horizontally and 8 strips vertically like this:

Now build up the sides. Take a strip and go around the sides as shown below in the image:

Keep about half of the 1 inch of the strip to fold at the end.

Keep building the strips as shown in figure below:

Use glue to fold the remaining part of the strip, so that they dont come out. And your basket is ready.

Make Tea Table From Tree StumpWhat you need is a tree stump, round wooden top, flowers for decoration, a vask, tea potTake a broken tree stump and make its top surface balanced in a level

Take a round wooden top

Place this wooden top on the tree stump and your table is ready.

You can put any decorative items on it, or tea or coffee mug to use it.

Make Snowman From Old SocksWhat all you need is cotton for Stuffing, old Socks, Fabric Glue, ankle sock, and craft foam, Card, Buttons or Sequins, Ribbon, Felt

First take an ankle sock and cut it into two halves as shown in figure:

Now we will do Stuffing of the Sock, for that takes ankle sock. But before that cut a circle out of card and put it into the toe of the sock. Now Stuff the sock up to the heel.

Now tie the sock where you have stuffed up to. Then cut off the excess, and try to cut as close to the knot as possible.

Take a ribbon and tie it around the sock such that it looks like a scarf is tied in the neck of snowman. And Put the baby sock onto the top of the body of the snowman making it look like a hat.For final touch you can use buttons to make eyes and nose and your snowman is ready.

Use Old Wine Or Beer Empty BottlesWhat all you need is empty bottles, rust oleum spray paint of different types like bronze, copper, metallic

Take empty bottles and wash them properly

Now take the spray paint cans, and spray on the bottles the color you want like this

Let the paint dry before using some fine steel wool to rub gently over the finished paint. Rubbing is necessary in order to make the finish look aged and antique.

Your painted recycled bottles will be ready

Book Clock Table Number

What all you need is a book, pencil, eraser, bowl, colors, clock hands, photos, penFirst take a book on which you want to create a clock. You can also take a vintage book if you have, that will look better.Now on the front cover trace a circle for where your numbers will be placed. Do this with a pencil so that you can erase the marks afterwards. To make a perfect circle you can use a bowl.With a pencil mark where you want to display the numbers on the book cover. And place the numbers from 1 to 12 with the help of glue on the book cover.

Now Measure the center part of the clock face and mark it with a pencil. Put a small dot at the center on your mark and press down the bigger of the two clock hands. After, super glue as necessary to adhere the shorter hand. Press down firmly until its dry.

To make your book look unique, you can do one thing - Glue some of the first 10 pages together so that when you set the book upright, the pages will not spread out so much and then you can paste some beautiful old memories photos in the inside pages of book. Also you can give it as a gift to someone, so on the front page you can write To - Your Friends Name and at the back end page you can write, From- Your name. And your present is ready.Comic Book CoastersWhat you need is - four 4 x 4 tiles, Mod Podge, Clear spray acrylic sealer, Comic books, scissors, craft glue, a paintbrush and feltFirst take comic book and cut the images of your favorite characters from it, but just take care that images you cut should be of size 3.5"x3.5" so that it can be easily fitted to 4"x4" coasters.

Cover the backside of your images in craft glue, and place them on each tile.

Now with a spray acrylic, give each tile a quick spray coat and let it dry for 15 minutes. It will keep images nice and smooth and sealed for mod podging.

Using your paintbrush, paint on a thin layer of the tiles. Try to coat the tile as evenly as possible. Let it dry and Repeat the process 2-3 times, letting each layer dry thoroughly in between layers.

Here are your comic coasters ready

This is the end of FREE sample.

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