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DO it yourself organic hair care solution by organic verdana


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2. Goodness Of EggsEggs being one of the best resultants of the haircare category provide the necessary content itrequires.When the proteins of eggs are mixed with therichness of lemon and olive oil, the resultsobtained are excellent for all hair hair care 3. INGREDIENTS REQUIRED:1) A couple of eggs(2 Being The MaximumLimit)2) A cup of milk for long hairand half a cup for theshoulder length.3) Squeezed lemon juice.(1 lemon)4) Olive oil. (2 table spoons)organic hair care 4. PROCEDURE:Based on the density and the lengthof your hair, an egg or a couple canbe chosen.Beat the white(s) and yolk(s) in aseparate container. (Whitesfor greasy and the yolk for brittlehair)The egg must be beaten well, afterwhich the milk and olive oil is hair care 5. PROCEDURE:Add the freshly squeezed lemonjuice to finalize the process andkeep whisking it.The final mixture must be appliedthoroughly from the roots to theends.Leave it to soak for a period of 15minutes.Either lukewarm or cold water canbe used to wash the hair care 6. NOTE:DO NOT use hot water to wash away the mask.Wash the remains thoroughly as the stench caused due toimproper would be unbearable.For organic hair care 7. Visit :- more such tips and information on natural,organic cosmetics.