Diy bracelet sailor’s rope bracelet tutorial

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  • DIY bracelet- sailors rope bracelet tutorial

    In our rope bracelet tutorial, we present very detailed

    decomposition for every step. Even without wordy

    description, you can figure out and master the basic

    skill about this DIY bracelet. It will take a little bit

    longer time than average bracelet.

    Materials and tools:






    Step 1: gain the basic braiding way

    1st, tape one end of rope to cylinder with leaving 7 cm


    2nd, wrap rope around cylinder and form an X shape;

    3rd, thread rope from left side through under right

    upper arm of the X;

    4th, pull rope to leftmost side;

    5th, create another X;

    6th, thread rope through under the left upper arm of

    the X;

    7th, pull rope to right side.

    This rope bracelet tutorial is to teach you a fast-to-learn way about DIY bracelet merely with rope and


  • So the rope bracelet tutorial is done here! If you want the DIY bracelet more unique and

    distinguished, you might as well try to combine rope with bead trim together, making a brief and

    neat weaving pattern.

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    Step 2: continue to finish the

    double layered braiding

    1st, roll the cylinder forward and repeat above

    step to complete the first layer of braiding;

    2nd, continue to make another pass to create a

    second layer of braiding.

    Step 3: finalize the DIY bracelet

    Tie a granny knot at the ends of rope.