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  • 1. DIVINE COUNCILPastor Lillie Ferrell TeacherPreacher.com

2. The Divine Council A symbolic ruling body consisting of God as thesupreme monarch and various supernaturalattendants. Working through innumerable hosts of angelicservants, God creates and rules the physicaluniverse, as well as the world of men. The Council of YHVH is responsible formaintaining order in creation especially earthand Israel. 3. YHWH the Judge makes judicial decisions about the activities of its occupants. initiates punitive actions against those forces (divine or human) which cause chaos and disorder(i.e. sin), restores tsedaqah (righteousness) and shalom (wholeness, peace). 4. Angelic Host Serve YHWH in each of his corresponding offices. The Kings royal throne-room praise their King and act as his official counselors, courtiers, and messengers. The Judges court Act as witnesses, investigating detectives, bailiffs, and perhaps fellow judges. The Warrior vast army wage war on evil beings 5. Monotheism - Majesty of Yahweh Yahweh is a unique God, but He is not alone The Divine council did not threaten the position of YHVH(Deut 10:17), The conception of a host of angels or heavenly beingssurrounding Yahweh is always present in Israel. . . . People could not conceive Yahweh in another fashion. . . Far from clashing with monotheism this conceptionshows the Majesty of Yahweh. 6. Monotheism - Majesty of YahwehGod has taken his place in the divine council; Inthe midst of the gods he holds judgment . . I say,You are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you.(Ps 82:1, 6) 7. Who are the Divine Council Members? Many names occur in the book of Psalms, in Job the beings do not have regularly prescribed titles at all;the titles change. In other words, as the beings serve different functionsthey are titled accordingly. a messenger could also be a soldier in YHVHs army or aminister in the temple 8. Who are the Divine Council Members?Sons of (the Gods/divine true) GodMighty onesbeings Gen 6:2 10; Deut Psalms 78:25, 103:20 Pss 8:6 (Eng 5), 82:1, 32:8;11; Job 1:6, 2:1,86:8,97:7; 138:138:7; cf. Dan 3:25; Pss 29:1, 89:6Warriors orGuardiansSons of theTroops (of theMost High Job 19:12, 25:3; Deut 33:2b-3; Zech 14:5; Joel people)Ps 82:6 4:11; (Ps 68:17; 103:19-Deut 33:3 1320 Messenger Host/army Holy onesof Angel Jos 5:14-15; 1 KgsDeut 33:2-3 19; HosGen 19:1; 28:12; 32:2-7;22:19; Isa 24:21; Jer 12:1; Zech 14:5; Pss2 Sam 24:16; Zech 1-5;19:13; Zeph 1:5 ; Pss 16:3, 89:5, 7, 8; ProvPss 8:5, 91:11, 103:20,103:21, 148:2; Neh 9:6;9:10?, 30:3?; Job 5:1, 148:2Dan 4:3215:15; 9. Divine Council members relationship to YHVHHeavenlyFamilialrealm Regal[God is[God is[God is King]Father] Creator] Zion/Temple/AMilitary Court rk/[God is [God isThrone [GodWarrior]Judge]is Lord] 10. Monotheism - Majesty of Yahweh Your wonders, O LORD, are praised by theheavens, Your faithfulness, too, in the assemblyof holy beings. For who in the skies can equalthe LORD, can compare with the LORD amongthe divine beings, A God greatly dreaded in thecouncil of holy beings, Held in awe by allaround Him? (Ps 89:5-8, NJV) 11. Monotheism - Majesty of Yahweh The LORD has established his throne in theheavens, and his kingdom rules over all. Bless the LORD, O you his angels, you mightyones who do his bidding, obedient to hisspoken word. Bless the LORD, all his hosts, his ministers thatdo his will. (Ps 103:19-21) 6 12. Teacher PreacherLillie Ferrell is a pastor, speaker, andLILLIE FERRELLauthor whose primary focus is leadershipClear Lake Methodist Church training, mentoring and spiritual formation16335 El Camino Realfor the Body of Christ. She is often calledHouston TX 77062the Teacher/Preacher and you will quickly281-488-5110discover her passion for Godly knowledgeFollow Me On: and teaching. Learn more of her teachingsat http://teacherpreacher.com/You Are Invited to a Glorious Gospel Worship XPerience!Saturdays, 6pm, in the Wesley Center at Clear Lake Methodist Church


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