diversity & inclusion today what you don’t know you don’t know

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Diversity & Inclusion Today What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know. For: Prince William SHRM By: Mauricio Velásquez, MBA President, CEO The Diversity Training Group. Meet Mauricio Velásquez. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Diversity Awareness Workshop Human Relations: The Inclusive Workplace

Diversity & Inclusion TodayWhat You Dont KnowYou Dont Know

For:Prince William SHRM

By:Mauricio Velsquez, MBAPresident, CEOThe Diversity Training Group

PWSHRMPWSHRMMeet Mauricio VelsquezMauricio Velsquez is the President and CEO of The Diversity Training Group (DTG) in Herndon, VA. Mauricio serves as a diversity strategy consultant, diversity trainer, sexual harassment prevention trainer, executive coach, mentoring trainer, and expert witness (listed with TASA).DTGs clients include small and large federal agencies including US Navy, USDOJ, NIST, NIH, EPA, ATFE, FCC, and USCIS. Past federal clients include DOI (BLM, BOR, BIA), USIA, USDA, US Coast Guard, and even the White House (previous administration). Mauricio has trained in every state but North Dakota and with a recent trip to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Japan, Guam, Italy, Spain work and life has taken Mauricio to over 75 countries.

PWSHRMIf you dont like the titleThis is a workshop on:Supervision, Management, LeadershipRespect, Trust, EngagementOpportunity, Higher PerformanceCurrent Events 911 to ElectionParentingLifePWSHRMMauricios MissionProvoke ThoughtFacilitate Discussion & LearningSurprise YouEntertain YouAdd ValueProvide Subject Matter Expertise

PWSHRMOpening RemarkWhat You Dont Know You Dont Know(DKDK)What You Dont Know(DK)What You Know

(K)PWSHRMIntent vs. ImpactIntent(what you meant)


Impact(what you actually said)PWSHRMContext - Lets talk trendsWhat have you seen in the workplace? What changes have you witnessed in your career?What have you seen in the client marketplace?Can you comment on what your competition has been doing with respect to their diversity efforts?Have you compared who you hired, who is staying and who has left your organization 5 years ago, 3 years ago and today?Have you looked at who your clients/customers are 5 years ago, 3 years ago and today and compared?Have you done the same analysis going forward? PWSHRMDimensions of DiversityIndividualGroupOrganizationalAffiliationMilitaryExperienceReligionIncomeWorkExperienceGeographicLocationLanguageEducationWorkStyleFamilyStatusCommunicationStyleAgeGenderEthnicHeritageRaceMental/PhysicalAbilitiesSexualOrientationOperational Role and LevelPWSHRMDimensions of DiversityMilitaryExperienceReligionIncomeWorkExperienceGeographicLocationLanguageEducationWorkStyleFamilyStatusCommunicationStyleAgeGenderEthnicHeritageRaceMental/PhysicalAbilitiesSexualOrientationOperational Role and LevelPWSHRMDimensions of DiversityIndividualOrganizational AffiliationGroupIndividualPWSHRM

12INCLUSIVE PWSHRMThe Lunch DateAdam DavidsonScreen Writer/DirectorThis was his thesis to get his degree in film from AFI American Film Institute, New York CityWon many awardsFilmed in 1990PWSHRMA Diversity Issue ExistsWhen an issue (policy or business practiceformal, informal, internal, or external) has a different impact on a particular group (i.e., impact on men vs. women, black vs. white, American vs. foreigner, urban vs. rural background)When it happens more frequently to a particular group (i.e., different groups have dramatically different numbersturnover, terminations, promotions, few or no role models)When it is more difficult for one group to overcome (upward mobility for a particular group within an organization, i.e.,glass ceilings)

PWSHRMWhat do you think?Is your biggest diversity issue or challenge or obstacle?What is the root cause(s) behind this issue?How can you address it? What are potential solutions and prioritize them?

Lets look at some best practices. You dont have to recreate the wheel just take someone elses tire and put a white wall on it!- MVPWSHRMPWSHRMNationwide Best PracticesSources:American Express Benchmark StudyBusiness Week Special SessionsThe Conference Board Best Practices PublicationsFortunes Best Practices Lists/ArticlesTowers-Perrin North-American Diversity Best Practices StudyUS Department of Labor and other US Government StudiesPWSHRMWhat is working Critical Success FactorsSTRATEGICVisible, supportive and fully-committed senior leadershipDiversity strategy/plan developed & aligned with organizations strategic plan Internal and external communications improvedEmployee involvement and assessmentRecruitment and retention activities improvedMeasurement, metrics and follow through emphasizedConstant benchmarking and continuous improvement of diversity strategy and plan

PWSHRMBest Practices ChecklistThese practices have been compiled from observing and participating in the successful implementation of hundreds of inclusivity initiatives.

Do you have a workplace inclusivity strategic plan? Do you have formal policies and procedures in place for promoting your inclusive work environment? Have you made the business case for all of your diversity initiatives? Have you done your research; internal and external customer data (See article in this issue)?Do you have a workplace inclusivity/diversity advisory or steering committee (ad-hoc employee group)? Do you conduct structured group interviews for open management positions? Do you have a formal, fully-inclusive mentoring program? PWSHRMBest Practices ChecklistAre you attempting to diversify your recruiting pool while maintaining high standards? Are you conducting diversity training for managers, supervisors, and employees? Have you completed sexual harassment prevention training for all of your employees? Do you offer more advanced courses in gender communications, problem-solving, and conflict management for diverse employees?Have you developed an in-house diversity resource center complete with books, videos, newsletter, and other educational materials (like multicultural calendars) and made all of this available to your employees? Are you acknowledging and celebrating the diversity within your employment ranks before attempting to value and manage your diversity (events, activities, etc.)?What are you and your organization doing? What is working? Share your successes and what you have learned from your failures. Seek credit for your organization or submit anonymously. I guarantee confidentiality if you desire it. PWSHRM

21Relationship between Diversity, Inclusion, Respect & Engagement (Higher Performance)PWSHRMWhat can I do?Knowledge Action = Nothing

Dont act nothing happens!

There is no such thing as innocent bystanders.PWSHRMA Short Course. In Human Relations

You think this is a common sense people that exclude often do not have common sense!PWSHRMNavy Definition of DiversityAll of the individual attributes and characteristics of our Sailors and Civilians that enhance the mission readiness of the Navy.

MV we have to be careful that our differences do enhance and NOT UNDERMINE our missionPWSHRMFor more informationCONTACT:The Diversity Training Group692 Pine StreetHerndon, VA 20170Tel.703.478.9191Fax 703.709.0591Mauriciov@diversitydtg.com Mauricio Velsquez, MBA - PresidentPWSHRMDTG is a Team of Experts in...Stress Management / Bullying / Anger Management / Toxic EmployeesOrganizational RedesignCross-Cultural Communication Cultural IntelligenceConflict Resolution & MediationSexual Harassment E-LearningDiversity Education E-Learning consulting & training. PWSHRMOur ApproachFORM a partnership with our clientDIAGNOSE with a thorough, organization-wide needs analysis (interviews, focus groups, survey)DESIGN a customized program based on a D & I strategy/planDEVELOP high impact training materialsIMPLEMENT or execute the strategy which typically includes trainingEVALUATE and follow up PWSHRM