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    Governors Office of

    Diversity & Inclusion/Affirmative Action

    Diversity & Inclusion News, Resources, Job Opportunities

    October 28, 2014



    For submissions, questions or

    concerns please contact:

    Frank Garcia, Jr.

    255 Capitol Street NE, Ste. 126

    Salem, OR 97301



    E-Newsletter available at:


    Jenny Lee Berry, Deputy Director

    Raised: Beaverton, OR

    Kelli Anne Rodrigues, Executive Assistant Raised: Honolulu, HI

    Frank Garcia, Jr., Director

    Raised: Dayton, OR


    WHEREAS: Native American Awareness Week began in 1976 and recognition was expanded by Congress in August 1990, designating the month of November as National American Indian Heritage Month; and

    WHEREAS: Oregon is home from time immemorial to the people of Oregons

    nine federally recognized tribes: Burns Paiute Tribe; Confederated

    Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians; Coquille Indian

    Tribe; Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians; Confederated

    Tribes of Grand Ronde Community; Klamath Tribes; Confederated

    Tribes of Siletz; Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian

    Reservation; and Confederated Tribes of Warms Springs; and

    WHEREAS: the American Indians of Oregon have made tremendous

    contributions to the culture, history and environment of the State of

    Oregon; and

    WHEREAS: As Oregons American Indians have shaped our state, so has the

    history and culture of our great nation been shaped by American

    Indians and indigenous peoples; and

    WHEREAS: The contributions of American Indians have enhanced the freedom,

    prosperity and greatness of America today; and

    WHEREAS: American Indians varied customs and traditions are respected and

    celebrated as part of a rich legacy throughout the United States;



    I, John A. Kitzhaber, M.D., Governor of the State of Oregon, hereby

    proclaim November 2014 as


    in Oregon and encourage all citizens to join in this observance.



    WHEREAS: Americas liberties, freedoms, prosperity and security are preserved through a strong national defense, central to which is the selflessness and service of every serviceman and servicewoman; and

    WHEREAS: Oregon is home to more than 300,000 men and women who have served

    or are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces; and WHEREAS: When President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the G.I. Bill into law in

    1944, he observed that more than anything else, Americas servicemen and women wanted the assurance of satisfactory employment upon their return to civilian life; and

    WHEREAS: Our newer veterans deserve the same economic opportunities as their

    predecessors; and WHEREAS: Veterans possess many transferrable skills; have experience working with

    advanced technology; are proven leaders; have demonstrated teamwork; work well under pressure; and triumph over adversity; and

    WHEREAS: Employers in Oregon, from the biggest of companies to the smallest of

    enterprises, need talented, hardworking motivated employees; and WHEREAS: Oregons veterans provide to employers the benefits of skills, education,

    leadership, maturity and dedication, leadership, maturity and dedication learned during their military service


    THEREFORE: I, John Kitzhaber, Governor of the State of Oregon, hereby proclaim

    November 2014 to be


    In Oregon and encourage all Oregonians to join in this observance.


  • News Release

    October 17, 2014

    Media Contact: Rachel Wray, 503-559-1277

    Melissa Navas, 503-378-6496

    Governor Kitzhabers Statement on the Passing of Hal Salwasser

    (Salem, OR) Governor Kitzhaber today released the following statement on the passing of Hal


    "Hal was a leader in Oregon during one of the most dynamic periods of change in how forests in our state

    are managed. He brought an unshakable commitment to stewardship and science to his career at Oregon

    State University's College of Forestry and beyond. He was also a dedicated public servant, volunteering his

    expertise, passion, and time to numerous efforts that supported forest health, sustainability, and his

    community. I'll miss Hal's counsel and knowledge, and I am grateful for all he gave to our state and our



    News Release

    October 15, 2014

    Media Contact: Rachel Wray, 503-559-1277

    Melissa Navas, 503-378-6496

    Governor Kitzhabers Statement on Preparedness for Any Suspected Cases of Ebola

    (Salem, OR) Governor Kitzhaber today released the statement below on state preparedness for any

    suspected cases of Ebola that are discovered in Oregon.

    "At my direction, state and local public health care systems began to prepare several weeks ago for any

    suspected cases of Ebola in Oregon. Today, those partners are working together to have a coordinated and

    appropriate response. I have been briefed by the Oregon Public Health Director and her team and will

    continue to monitor the situation. Im now asking state and federal agencies, private health care providers,

    and hospitals to accelerate preparations to ensure public safety in the event of any new suspected cases."



  • News Release

    October 28, 2014

    Media Contact: Chris Pair, 503-559-5938

    Oregon Employers to Get Unemployment Insurance Tax Cut in 2015

    (Salem, OR) In another indication of economic recovery in Oregon, Unemployment Insurance tax rates

    for most employers will decrease in 2015. More Oregonians are returning to work and not drawing

    benefits from the states Unemployment Insurance (UI) Trust Fund. Demand for the state's benefits is

    lower allowing Oregons UI Trust Fund to recover from the large amount of benefits paid during the recent

    economic downturn.

    "It's a boon for our state that more Oregonians are finding jobs and earning wages that provide for their

    families," Governor Kitzhaber said. "Oregon employers will pay less for unemployment insurance, a trend

    that illustrates our state's continued path to a stronger statewide economy."

    Oregon is one the few states whose UI Trust Fund did not go bankrupt during the recent economic

    downturn. While employers in many states now face tax surcharges or decreased credits against their

    federal unemployment taxes, most Oregon employers will see lower unemployment insurance tax rates.

    Falling from Tax Schedule 6 to 5, employers in Oregon will now be charged an average of 2.53 percent on

    the first $35,700 paid to each employee. In 2014 employers paid 2.76 percent. With every step down in

    schedules, Oregon employers are saving money that can then be reinvested in their businesses

    and Oregons UI Trust Fund continues to recover from the large amount of benefits paid during the Great




  • The Governors Office Internship Program

    Join our team and help build a better Oregon!

    The Governors Office offers a variety of opportunities for community members to volunteer in a dynamic environment

    at the State Capitol in Salem, Oregon. This is an opportunity to gain a unique glimpse of state government, and to gain

    an understanding of the value of public service.

    We encourage constituents of all ages and skill level to apply and join a dynamic team of individuals committed to

    making Oregon the best it can be.

    Internship Requirements

    18 or older Commitment to consistent weekly hours based on individual schedules (minimum 8 hrs. /week) Six month minimum time commitment Excellent writing, communication, and proofreading skills Strong individual initiative/work ethic Interest in public service Ability to responsibly handle and participate in confidential work Strong commitment to effective government and nonpartisanship Reliable transportation Available Internship Opportunities

    Office of Constituent Services

    The Governors Office of Constituent Services serves as the first point of contact between the public and the Governors Office. As an intern, you will receive exposure to the day-to-day operations of the office and will be working directly with Oregon constituents. The office responds on behalf of the Governor to telephone requests, opinion calls and comments, assessing concerns, and acting as a resource agent for those seeking assistance from State and other agencies. As an intern this office, you will gain insight rare into the issues which are important to Oregonians.

    Candidate Criteria:

    Candidates for Office of Constituent Services must meet minimum internship requirements along with:

    Customer service approach to work and be able to handle high stress situations.

    Excellent writing and co