distinguish between chinese urban planning and american urban planning

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  • 1. Yang Yang October, 4 2013

2. Urban planning system Start time Something related to site planning 3. United State: Federal government has indirect role on land use planning and does not have a central planning law State government has power to plan and regulate Citizens are encouraged to take part in meetings China: The Chinese central government and the legislative body play a critical role on planning and regulating Citizens are not able to participate to discuss 4. United State Has been planned for more than one hundred since creation of New Yorks Central Park China Begin to plan in recent year Be independent department in 1980s and a sub-filed of Architecture 5. Nine Types of Residential Houses Courtyard houses of North China Jiang Nan Residential houses Kaiping Diaolou Earth Towers of Hakkas 6. Gave Dwelling of Northwest China Tibetan Vernacular Dwelling The Ganlan Wood Monglian Yurts Ayiwang Uyghur Houses 7. Multi-floor residential buildings are popular and desired 8. Four Types of Housing Single-family detached Single-family semidetached Townhouse Apartment 9. Single-family detached is the most desired housing 10. Because of topographic reason, over 50% of total people live and work in the urban centers, for convenience and efficiency. 11. The vertical city The vertical city image of Hong Kong is portrayed by thousands of two hundred meters tall towers of residential apartment, or offices of similar heights The UN Statistics Year Book of 2000 indicated the vertical city of Hong Kong is one of the most energy efficient built form 12. The sky city Activities do not happen on the ground rather than above the ground. For example, a large variety of double layered web-like network of pedestrians crosswalk. 13. Similar to Hong Kong, high rise and high density housing accommodate people. More than half of population is not local residents rather than commuting workers, visitors, hospital users and commuting students. 14. How these commuting workers arrive in Manhattan Because of extensive transportation and mass transit network 15. Although Chinese urban planning is different with American urban planning, the aim of both is to make great communities happen.