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Distinction Through Excellent Customer Service 1 Sponsored by: Slide 2 Learning Objectives By the end of this program, you should be able to: understand the importance of serving your customers needs. recognize the significance of a positive attitude to achieving excellent customer service. understand the value of consistency in fulfilling your customers service expectations. recognize the critical nature of teamwork for attaining excellent customer service. motivate employees to improve their customer service. 2 Slide 3 Introduction Heres a promise for the program: Youll begin thinking about service from the customers perspective. Youll discover at least one simple way to personally improve the level of service you offer customers. 3 Slide 4 Customer Service and You Customers constantly judge your stores interest in and concern for them by: every person they speak with. every visit they make. every phone call. every communication received. 4 Slide 5 Making Your Customer Feel Like a Guest To treat customers like guests: 1.Welcome them. 2.Use their names. 3.Take care of their needs. 4.Thank them. 5.Invite them back. 5 Slide 6 What is Give em the Pickle? Bob Farrell more than 30 years in the hospitality and service industry. opened over 150 restaurants without a single failure. Farrell will discuss the four principles of customer service: Service Attitude Consistency Teamwork 6 Slide 7 Video 7 Slide 8 Youve seen the video. Now what? Use these ideas in your everyday work by: asking each other questions and discussing ideas. reinforcing the concepts with activities or role plays. pointing out each others pickle behavior! 8 Slide 9 Giving Customers What They Want Giving away pickles means: giving customers what they want. offering your special touch to exceed customers expectations. 9 Slide 10 The Key Principles Service How would you define customer service? How would you define outstanding customer service? Attitude How would you define attitude? What does that mean with regard to serving our customers? 10 Slide 11 The Key Principles (cont.) Consistency Meeting expectations every time. Teamwork How do we fit in the Customer Service Wheel? How do we keep the wheel rolling together? 11 Slide 12 Video 12 Slide 13 Assessing Your Service Efforts Service Assessment looking at your service/facility as a whole. Self-assessment: Front-line asking each employee to think about his or her personal strengths and weaknesses. 13 Slide 14 Action Planning Using the information from the self-assessments, work with your employee to create an individual action plan. set goals and follow-up dates. address specific strengths/weaknesses. reinforce the customer service goals of the facility. 14 Slide 15 Wrapping Things Up 15