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    Disruptive Technologies Data Science & AI-Machine Learning Alvin C. Francis

    Program Director,

    Predictive Analytics & Manager IBM Machine Learning Hub Canada

  • IBM Analytics


    About me

    1. Program Director, Analytics Business Unit

    - Statistical Analysis

    -Predictive Analytics

    -Algorithms & Machine Learning components • Consumed by Statistical & Predictive solutions and in Watson Machine Learning

    2. Manager IBM Machine Learning Hub Canada -Place to collaborate with clients on Machine Learning

    2 Machine Learning & Data Science

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    are vulnerable to disruption within

    three years 72%

    Digital businesses are disrupting industries and professions

    Machine Learning & Data Science

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    Disruption is driven and enabled by IT

    Machine Learning & Data Science

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    Every Industry is Affected


    Banking Financial Services Retail

    Health Care Manufacturing Telecommunications

    Machine Learning & Data Science

    $10s of Billions $$$$$

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    Telecom Industry “61% of CSPs point to Google as posing the biggest competitive threat to their business”

    Heavy Reading: Webscale Internet Companies: New Drivers of the Network Equipment Market

    “The global telecoms industry landscape is changing faster than ever. Erosion of legacy revenue streams driven by over-the-top (OTT) competitors continues, forcing operators to consider new ways of remaining relevant to consumer and enterprise customers.”

    EY:Digital transformation for 2020 and beyond - A global telecommunications study

    Machine Learning & Data Science

    http://www.heavyreading.com/details.asp?sku_id=3461&skuitem_itemid=1695 http://www.ey.com/gl/en/industries/telecommunications/ey-digital-transformation-for-2020-and-beyond

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    AI & Data Science are key agents of disruption in Telecoms



    31% are leveraging existing investments & infrastructure

    IDC has predicted that within Telco organizations:

    69% are making new technology investments for AI systems

    Machine Learning & Data Science

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    Data Science is

    the practice of various scientific fields,

    their algorithms, approaches and processes,

    through the use of programming languages and software frameworks,

    that aims to extract knowledge, insights and recommendations from data,

    and deliver them to business users and consumers in consumable applications.

    Machine Learning & Data Science

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    Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning

    Machine Learning is an application of AI where we give machines access to historical data and let them learn for themselves.

    Artificial Intelligence: Machines being able to carry out tasks in a way that we would consider “smart”- Copying Intelligent Human Behavior

    Machine Learning & Data Science

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    Hyper or Radical Personalization

    Machine Learning & Data Science

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    Price and Product Optimization

    Machine Learning & Data Science

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    Predictions and Classifications

    Machine Learning & Data Science

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    Discover Patterns, Anomalies, and Trends

    Machine Learning & Data Science

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    and to beat humans … Jeopardy in 2011

    Machine Learning & Data Science

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    Telecom Predictive Maintenance



    thermal stress

    physical damage

    material buildup





    master data

    Fix problems with telecom hardware (such as cell towers, power lines, Power Generators etc.) before they happen, by detecting signals that usually lead to failure

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    Clearly Articulate Use Case

    Gather all the Data


    Machine Learning

    Prepare Data

    Digital Application


    Steps to put Data Science to work..

    Machine Learning & Data Science

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    Data Predictions & Insight

    “Computers that learn without being explicitly programmed” “Using algorithms to understand patterns in data”


    Machine Learning… What is it?

    Machine Learning & Data Science

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    Machine Learning 101

    Find Patterns

    Train Algorithm Recognizes Patterns

    Data Contains Patterns

    Historical Data

    Identify Patterns not recognizable by

    humans 1 Build Model

    Use Model

    Build Models from those patterns2


    New Data

    Make Predictions With the deployed models3

    Machine Learning & Data Science

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    Supervised Learning

    x x

    x x x x

    x x


    X 1

    X 2


    All data is labeled and the algorithms learn to predict the output from the input data.

    Machine Learning & Data Science

    Fraud detection (fraud, not fraud)

    Text sentiment analysis (happy, not happy )

    Network Security - ( attack, not attack)

    Image Identification - What type of animal is this ?

    Customer segmentation for targeted marketing

    All data is unlabeled and the algorithms learn to inherent structure from the input data


    X 1

    X 2

    Unsupervised Learning

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    IBM Data Science Experience

    IBM Embraces Open Source for Data Science

  • IBM Analytics


    USA⎮San Jose


    CANADA Markham ⎮


    CHINA Beijing⎮

    5 Locations - One mission ! Collaborate with clients, Share best practices.

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    3 collaboration Tracks  New to Machine Learning?

     Learn about ML hottest Industry trends

     Take an ML 101 course with hands on exercises

     Practice on uses cases that are applicable to your industry

     Bring your own data or use publicly available

    Have an ML challenge that you would like to collaborate on ?

    Work with IBM Data scientists for 2 days

     Bring your own sample data to the ML Hub

    −Analyze &prepare data − Feature Engineering −Create, Evaluate & optimize


    Want to Learn about IBM latest innovations in ML?

    Data Science Experience

    Continuous Feedback & Retraining

    Driving efficiency & accuracy via Automation

    Machine Learning & Data Science

  • What role will/should Data Science & AI play in new networking technologies such as 5G, IOT, NFV, SDN ?

    How will Network manufacturers, CSPs and Application developers use Data Science and AI to differentiate their offerings?

    “Machine Learning is to the 21st Century, what the Industrial Revolution was to the 18th Century” Rob Thomas, GM IBM Analytics

    ETSI: Experiential Networked Intelligence Specification Group Goal: Improve operators' experience regarding network deployment and operation, by using AI techniques.

  • © 2017 IBM Corporation

    THANK YOU alvin.francis1@ibm.com

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