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    Who are more flexible:
    boys or girls?
    -More girls do gymnastics.
    -Girls split best.
    -Boys dont split often.
    Girls are more flexible because they do gymnastics, their body is smaller and that means that for them it is easier to be more flexible.
    Flexibility refers to the ability to bend and move easily without injury or damage. I will measure the flexibility of boys and girls in Mr. Caslins class (Equal number of boys and girls) and test my hypothesis.
    These are the three different measures of flexibility I used and how I measured them:
    Split: inches from groin to floor. (The larger the result, the less flexible)
    Torso and back: inches from toes to farther point (if kid doesnt reach toes, measure is a negative number). (The larger the result, the more flexible)
    Forward swing: feet from leg on the furthest points on a wall to floor. (The larger the result, the more flexible)
    Boy IDSPLIT (inches)Torso & Back (inches)Forward swing (feet)11713.621213.13152.5341342.11515-5.53.4682.53.67903.118112.53.11916.532.2101123.6119.513.9
    Girl IDSPLIT (inches)Torso & Back (inches)Forward swing (feet)1823.112120.53.53703.114903.9592.1462.55.54.779-34.18914.119803.9107-63.211085.3
    Girls: did better at split and forward swing.
    Boys: did better at torso and back.
    The girls outperformed boys in 2 of the three tests. The boys outperformed girls in 1 of the three tests.
    5th Grade Girls are more flexible using their legs, and boys are more flexible using their backs.
    Overall, girls are more flexible than boys.
    My hypothesis was confirmed but only on 2 of the 3 measures.
    Increase the number of boys and girls to include other grades and elementary schools.
    Use a wider choice of flexibility tests.
    I want to thank my teachers at Kinsey Elementary, Mr. Caslin, Mr. Miller, my classmates and my gymnastics coach at Flagstaff Gymnastics Center, Bernie Rede and Flagstaff Main Library.