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  • Discussing The Most Contentious Issue : WordPress Plugins

    In this content we will discuss an important factor that affects the very crucial aspect of WordPress which is the speed of your website, and will also talk at length about the common misconceptions prevalent about the speed of a website. Managed WordPress hosting Those who can invest in services for fast hosting such as WP Engines is one of the simplest ways to succeed. Speed of a WordPress website can be categorized into three areas such as: Managed WordPress hosting Those who can invest in services for fast hosting such as WP Engines is one of the simplest ways to succeed.

  • Make sure that the code written to design your theme is smooth Though Google has become a resort to all our needs but simply searching for free WordPress theme is not what you need to do to find a well-coded WordPress theme. Install plugins that are scalable We are going to find out the impact of plugins on the speed of a website . There is no gainsay that every plugin certainly makes your website a bit complexi than it was prior to adding the plugin, this is the reason why you need to install plugins that are pulished from a reputable source. Plugins are a great way to extend the functionality of websites and thus are a handy tool for website owners that can extend special control on the performance of the website. They have a great impact on the performance as plugins can be easily swap out and can be exchanged between one another. Another quite important factor is that they can be easily installed and enabled. Apart from this they can be easily uninstall and disable. Moreover you can find out the plugin which is working as a retractor of speed of your website, then you can remove it and also replace with another one that can help you to boost the speed of your website. In short, our main aim to get the fastest set of plugins that do not impede but accelerate the speed of your website. Why are we worried about the number of plugins? One of the most discussed question is how many plugins do we need to install in our website? One of the most talked about misconception in the field of WordPress development which shared at Meetups and written in several blogs posts a web developer needs to install minimal number of plugins as possible becausehaving too many plugins will slow your site down. This is of course not at all wrong, but as it is not all that which needs to be related to the development, a little bit of of technicalities are

  • attached to it that can be easily checked. There is not doubt that as the number of plugins increase in your website they will certainly make the coding section of your website heavy and thus your browser will take more time to load the website and eventually this impeeds the speed of your website. And to add on weightage to it, a website that has a simple codebase takes less time to load on the browser as compared to the one which has a complex code consider all other things similar. As we are well aware of the fact that after adding plugins we are in short incorporating code without writing the code directly ourself, though a lot of people do advice that to the newbies in the WordPress web development world to run minimum number of plugins if possible. What is the appropriate number of plugins for a website? It is really hard to resist the numerous plugins that help us to make a simple WordPress based websites. So what is the alarm that will ring and tell us that this it the limit and now is the time to stop. Some of the great examples are PippinsPlugins.com that has incorporated 81 plugins, and also we have EasyDigitalDownloads.com that has 83. Moreover, there is user at WPMUDEV that uses around 637 plugins on their website. This was by far the highest number of plugins that I came across. That was overwhelming and quite unlike to what we just discussed. I wonder whether these websites even open in browsers. Well the number of plugins do not really matter till you are using quality plugins on your website. You need to make sure that you incorporate the plugins that are needed and they need to be from a well known company.

  • Developers design plugins in order to make the task quite simple for WordPress developers even if any wants to convert website to WordPress is welcomed by the developers also, however some do require complex actions and they might be expensive considering the backend processing, and this is the reason they will lower the speed of the website. In short, one can install 60 plugins at a time and still get a fast loading website, wherein there can be another that adds a complex and heavy plugin and impede the speed of the website. Before just incorporating a plugin make sure to analyse the following things about them:

    Makes sure that the plugin do not loads too many styles, scripts, or any other assets

    Check that it should not add extra database queries on each page Make sure that it serves complex operation Check whether it performs remote requests, such as external APIs

    The long and short of the complete discussion Plugins undoubtedly add additional features to your WP website which is irrespective of the theme that one has installed, but the functionality or features of your WP site will always remain the same. In order to according to this, plugins can easily load the CSS as well as JavaScript libraries on all the web pages, which can prove to be expensive for resources. We cannot deny the fact that loading these assets is quite necessary, which means that loading ample lot of them will increase the performance of the website which can be sufficed just by downloading 20-30 plugins that can perform their specified task.