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  1. 1. 1 Discovering Maskoween Once upon a time, there was a child named Fabian. His family was from Desamparados, but they had to move to Heredia. At the beginning, he felt sad because he had to leave behind his friends. His father told him not to be sad for he will make new friends in the new town. When the school year began, Fabian was a shy boy. Sometimes he did not play with anyone during recess, and during classes; he remained quiet. He felt that the town and school were not for him because he did not have any friends there. He wished he could go back to Desamparados where he would be with his friends again. Emilia, his English teacher tried to help Fabian to feel more comfortable at school, but all her efforts seem to be not enough for he continued to be sad. As October began to approach, his English teacher had an idea. She had found out that Fabian liked to celebrate Halloween a lot, so
  2. 2. 2 she thought that might be an opportunity for making Fabian happy again. On a school day, she gave the class an announcement: Students, we will work on a project about Masquerade day in Costa Rica. She continued, You will have to create your own masquerades using a character that you choose. All the classes will participate in the masquerades contest that school is having in October. You have 2 months to prepare everything you need. As the teacher was speaking, she saw Fabians eyes. They turned wide open and sparkle. He was so happy about the project that he could not hide his emotions. At the end of the class, he went to talk to his teacher, and he told her, Teacher, I want to make a beautiful project, but I do not know how to make a masquerade. His teacher told him not to worry. Everything he needed to do was to run a research about the masquerade tradition and create his masquerade based on the character he liked most from the research. Also, he would
  3. 3. 3 need his parents to help him getting the necessary supplies to prepare the project and present it to the class. That day, Fabian ran to his house as fast as he could. When he arrived home, he told his parents how happy he was. He asked them to tell him what masquerades were, and how to create one. His father sat with him, and using the family-pictures album he explained to him how Heredia was in the past when his grandpa lived there. Fabian learned that in Heredia, people decided to celebrate Halloween in a different manner. They did not want to have the usual costumes and go asking for treats or tricks. They made their own costumes and go out to the streets to dance with them together. Fabian was so excited. He believed that there was only one way to celebrate Halloween. He did not know he could participate in creating a masquerade, and he did not think he could go out to streets in the middle of the day to dance and have fun. So he began his journey by sitting and asking himself, Which character am I going to create? He spent 1 week watching T.V. and reading news papers until one Saturday morning he had an idea. He thought he likes to create doa Merry, and he decided he will make her a masquerade.
  4. 4. 4 The next Saturday, he went to the mercado where he got the materials he needed for the project. He bought newspapers, glue, painting cans and clay. He asked his father to work with him. It was a long process, but at the end, the masquerade was ready! Fabian and his father worked hard, and the final product was amazing. As weeks passed by, Fabian cleaned the mask; he watched it every day and wore it inside the house. He was waiting for show and tell his mask to his class and the school. When the day arrived, his parents walked with him to school. He got dressed as doa Merry, and put the mask on. When the music was played, all the students began dancing with their masks at the cimarronas rhythm. Teachers and other classmates figured as the contest judges. Fabian ran and danced so much that at the end he was exhausted. Then all students explained one by one their masks to the jury. Fabian talked about his mask; he said he liked doa Merry very much. He
  5. 5. 5 believed she was funny and he used to make fun of her jokes with his friends when he lived in Desamparados. The English teacher and his classmates liked Fabians masquerade so much that he got many applauses. Fabian was the winner that day. He could not believe it. He was very happy for his mask and for him. At the end of the show, Fabians classmates came along. He made new friends that day, so he was even happier. Before leaving the show, the principal of the school surprised him. He called Fabin in front of the school and told him he would participate in the towns local parade. He and his mask were VIP guesses. Fabin went to the parade; his parents went with him. His friends from Desamparados went to see him, and the classmates from his school went too. He could see all of them while he danced. He was happy now. He was not sad anymore. He had gained new friends, and he had enjoyed the mask-o-ween very much.
  6. 6. 6 A few weeks later, Fabian was walking with some of his new friends in school, when they passed by the library. He did not pay attention to it, but his friends cried happily, Fabi, Fabi, look at the library. There is your mask! Look at your mask! He ran to the library, and there he saw it! His mask was at the schools library. They were showing it very proudly. It had a label that said: This is the mask of a brave student. He believed in masquerade day, and from now on, the school will celebrate mask-o-ween in his honor. The End This is the mask of a brave student. He believed in masquerade day, and from now on, the school will celebrate mask-o-ween in his honor
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