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  • 1. Discovering LONDON Ana Arteaga Sols

2. 3. The weather is humid and cool. 4. The pound sterling is its currency. 5. And this is its flag 6. Main means of transport are: 7. Some of the most famous monuments and places Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament Westminster Abbey 8. Buckingham Palace The Tower Bridge Trafalgar Square London Eye 9. In its pubs and restaurants we can enjoy A typical english breakfast, the typical english fast food:fish and chips 10. and the typical english Tea time. 11. Main sports are: Rugby Football Cricket 12. Running Tennis and Boat race on river Thames 13. Some famous people born in London are:David Beckham Keyra Knightley Robert Pattinson Alfred Hitchcock and Charlie Chaplin 14. and some of the most important and famouscelebrations in London are: St. Patricks Day Notting Hill Carnival St. Georges Day