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Discovering Challenges. Instruction: . There are fifteen hotdogs picture each picture contain question, pick a number and answer the question, select the “correct" answer among a set of three or four options; by clicking the answer of your choice. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Discovering Challenges

4) A tenses of Verb is to show an action that expected to be done or to happen in the future.

a. Future tenseb. Past tensec. Present tense d. past participle

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10) It is a degree of comparison of adjective that use to compare two person, places or things.


5) What is the Past tense of Learn?

a. will learnb. learnedc. learningd. will learned

12.) The superlative of hungry is______?


14.) A degree of adjective use to compare three or more person, places, or things.


8) The past participle of tear?

a. toreb. tornc. tears d. tired

9) It is define as words that describe or limit a noun or pronoun.

a. Adjectiveb. Adverbc. Verb d. Conjunction

13.) It is the degree of adjective use to describe only one person, place, or things/one group of person?


7) The present tense of shrank?

a. shrankb. shrunkc. shrinkd. shrieked

1)What is Verb?

a. is an action wordb. modifies noun or pronounc. is the name of person, things and placed. the limit time and place

3) A tenses of Verb is used to completed action or a condition that took place at some time in the past.

a. Future tenseb. Past tense c. Present tense d. Base

2) It is a form of a Verb that the subject is doing action.

a. Passiveb. Activec. Present tensed. Past tense