direction of travel.  schools are accountable for their own improvement  school improvement...

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  • Direction of travel

  • Schools are accountable for their own improvement

    School improvement funding devolved under the control of heads

    Schools procure SI services from other schools or the market

    DCSF steps back from central delivery role; and:Supports school-to-school partnership arrangementsCreates an accessible market of support servicesEstablishes appropriate quality assurance mechanismsProvides free resources using licensed DCSF IPR*A changing world, where

  • The new model is built on three levels:School Report Card & inspection (Accountability)School Improvement Partners (Challenge)New model of Improvement Support for Schools (Support)

    *Every school improving.

  • The market of SI servicesA rich legacy of free DCSF materials and resources which schools can continue to access online.

    A diverse market of improvement products and services offered by the public, private and 3rd sector, and supplemented by end-user feedback and ratings.

    A select range of proven but chargeable DCSF intervention programmes, available to all schools via a network of quality assured programme providers.

    A single point of access for schools, to information about available services in their area.

  • LAs role on a regional basisAgree challenging but achievable targets across the authority, with the CLSAs/GOs.

    Monitor performance across all schools to identify those which:are priorities for interventionmay require structural change in order to improveare capable of offering support to other schools

    Ensure that the availability of support in the Authority is sufficient across all five ECM outcomes.

    Identify and facilitate effective school-to-school support arrangements.

    Provide a management environment where SIPs form part of an integrated school improvement service.

    Potentially offer chargeable services as part of the wider market of support.

  • LAs role for individual schoolsAgree challenging but achievable targets for each school.

    Oversee and support the work of SIPs to ensure that every school is receiving the appropriate level of challenge and support.

    Encourage the better performing schools to offer support to others.

    Identify and facilitate structural change where that is required to drive improvement.

    Deliver chargeable services to schools that choose to buy from the Authority. Schools must have freedom to choose.

  • So to reiterate. Our new approach provides:The underpinnings and infrastructure

    New locally based system, integrated with wider childrens services through the Childrens Trust

    The new school improvement model: Sharper accountability based on wider outcomesSIP role that supports, challenges, finds solutionsLateral support and drawing down of products and services

    A learning system: the good to great, families of schools, and teaching schools models for sharing practice

    Intervention where needed

  • The World Class Primaries programme is providing a range of support packages to assist all schools improvement

  • The SoS can also require an LA to obtain Advisory Services?

    Where it appears to him that:(a) LA in England maintains a disproportionate number of low-performing schools, and(b) the authority (i) has not been effective or are unlikely to be effective in securing an improvement in the standards of performance of pupils at those schools, or(ii) is unlikely to be effective in securing an improvement in the standards of performance of pupils at other schools which may in the future be low-performing schools.

  • ..the SoS remains ready to intervene where local authorities arent being ambitious enough for their schoolsPowers to Intervene:

  • In January 2010 New intervention provisions came into force (ASCL Act 2009)

    When the LA:Has not given a warning notice to a governing body despite there being a need to.

    Has issued a warning notice but the school has failed to comply and the LA has not acted to address this issue.

    Has failed to address the fact that a school is eligible for intervention and has not responded to direction within the 2 month compliance period

    The SoS can now direct a LA to consider issuing a warning notice:

  • Local authorities have been tasked to share their plans for primary school improvement..ALL LAsOfficials are conducting visits to as many LAs as possible before their submission of Improvement plans at the end of March12 TARGETED LAsPrimary School Improvement plans have been assessed and we are in discussion with the SoS to determine the type and level of support and challenge that these LAs will receivePlans should provide robust evidence of:progress of all schools, especially most vulnerablehow data is used to drive improvementshow intervention powers are or will be usedthe LAs capacity to deliver planssustainability

  • Vision 2025Strategic plan to develop Dudleys education improvement programme

    Township development is at the heart of the document

    Targets more support to front line services

    Has school to school support as central feature of a revised school improvement policy

    Increasing move towards Childrens Services as a commissioner of services

    The underpinnings: curriculum and qualifications, funding, infrastructure, workforce development, leadershipA new system design: based on local partnership and integrated with wider childrens services through the Childrens TrustThe new improvement model: Accountability for wider outcomes, but sharper School Report Card and OfstedNew SIP role to support, challenge and help identify solutionsLateral support and the drawing down of school improvement products and servicesA learning system: the good to great, families of schools and teaching schools models for sharing practiceIntervention where needed


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