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Digital Storytelling Toolkit


About Women Win 3

About Digital Storytelling 5

What is Digital Storytelling (DST)?a. Definitionb. History and frameworkc. What makes it unique?

Building Young Womens Leadership Through Sport

Connecting DST and Leadership Through Sport

How We Work

Principles of DST

The Impact

Workshop Basicsa. Overall DST objectivesb. DST workshop expectationsc. Elements of a DST workshopd. 5-Dayworkshopoverview

Preparationa. Getting readyb. Choosing a venue c. Equipment and suppliesd. Facilitator readinesse. Participant readinessf. Facilitator success profileg. Supplemental forms:

IntroductoryE-mail,PreparationDocument,ParticipantPre-WorkshopSelf Assessment Survey

Day 1: Introduction to Digital Storytellinga. Objectives/Outcomes of the Dayb. ScheduleDay1c. PowerPoint presentation:

Introduction to DSTd. Tool: Sample DST videose. Homework assignment: Draft script

Day 2: The Art of Storytellinga. Objectives/Outcomes of the Dayb. ScheduleDay2c. PowerPoint presentation: Elements of

Digital Storytellingd. PowerPoint presentation: The Art of

Storytellinge. Tools:Productionschedule,Storyboard

Template,SharePlanf. Supplemental form: Consent Formg. Homeworkassignment:Refinescript,


Day 3: Creating Sounda. Objectives/Outcomes of the Dayb. ScheduleDay3c. PowerPoint presentation:

The Role of Soundd. PowerPoint presentation:

Sound Editinge. Tool: File organisationf. Homework assignment:

Finalise audio track

Day 4: Visualsa. Objectives/Outcomes of the Dayb. ScheduleDay4c. PowerPoint presentation:

Images & Photo Editingd. Homework assignment:

Finaliseimageselection, creation and edit

Day 5: Movie Makinga. Objectives/Outcomes of the Dayb. ScheduleDay5c. PowerPoint presentation:

Making a Movied. Tipsforreflectionsandwrap-upe. Supplemental form:

Workshop Evaluation

Hosting a DST Film Screening

DST Workshop Follow-up

Resources 64Supplemental Information Template

Workshop Cheat Sheets

Digital Storytellers Bill of Rights


Workshop Energisers

Other Useful DST Projects

B.A.C.K.S. Impact Framework

Running a Workshop 17

About Women Win


Women Win is an inter nationally recognised centre of excellence on gender and sport. We are a thought leader and global convener,strategicallypositionedat the intersection of womens rights,developmentandsport.

Women Win uses sport as a strategy to advance girls rights with a focus on three areas: Addressinggender-basedviolence Accessing sexual and reproductive

health and rights Gaining economic empowerment

Sinceour2007inception,wehavebecomemosteffectiveasacross-pollinatorofimpactfulstrategies,resourcesand innovative tools that address gender inequity while empowering adolescent girls and young women.

Our WorkWomen Wins strategy to achieve our mission is based on a constant interplay between our three organisational pillars: Strengthen,LearnandImpact.

Our Vision: One Win Leads to Another:

By 2016, 1 M adolescent girls realise their leadership potential through sport

Our Mission: To equip adolescent girls

to exercise their rights through sport


Through grants and capacity building we invest in organisations to deliver sport and empowerment programmes for girls. We partner with both flagships,well-estab-lishedgloballeaders, aswellassmaller,grass-roots groups that are employing fresh and innovative approaches.


We collect promising practices and learn from the field with the aim of being a centre of excellence in identifying innovation,building tools and catalysing dialogue that advances organisations ability to address girls rights through sport.


Wedeliveraworld-class,evidence-basedmonitoring and evalua-tionsystem,driveaninnovative research agenda that bolsters qualified research and substantiatedproof,andreportwithconsistency,accuracy and efficiency.

Our Values: Girls are our purpose

Sport is our powerInnovation is our edge

Collaboration is our strengthChange is our promise

About Digital Storytelling


What is Digital Storytelling?A. DefinitionDigitalStorytelling(DST)isaworkshop-based methodology that focuses on the everyday persons ability to share aspects of their life story. It is grounded in the storytellers' control over the medium words,imagesandaudiosothattheprocess of learning and production is as powerful for the storyteller as the end product is for the audience.

Afinaldigitalstoryisashortvideo(24minutes)ofimages,voice,textandmusicstitchedtogetherusinglow-tech,afforda-ble and accessible technology. Participants narratefirst-personscriptsthattheywriteand then match with personal photo-graphs,drawings,musicandsoundeffectstotelltheirstory.Oncecompleted,DSTstories are easily published online and can be made available to an international audience,dependingonthetopicandpurpose of the project.

ThepowerofDSTisintheprocess,nottheproduct. Its an opportunity to build young womens communications and leadership skills,andamplifytheirvoices.

B. History and FrameworkTheCenterforDigitalStorytelling,basedinCalifornia,emergedfromtheartisticferment in the United States during the 1970sand1980s.Practitionersandeduca-tors challenged the notion that art should be reserved for the gifted or educated.

As they worked to increase access to artisticexpression,thewaveoftechnolo-giesinthe1990sofferednewtoolsforexpression and fertile ground for experi-mentation.In1994,theDigitalMediaCenterwasfounded,whichlaidthefoundationforthe1998launchoftheCenter for Digital Storytelling. The basis of their work is the ...power of personal voice in creating change.

Manyorganizations,includingdevelop-mentandwomensrightsorganizations,have adopted participatory media method-ologies,includingDigitalStorytelling.Atoolofactivism,healing,conflictresolu-tionandempowerment,DSThasbeenadoptedtoaddressgender-basedviolence,landrights,womenlivinginsituationsofarmedconflict,sexualminoritiesandsexworkers.

In2007,Women'sNetoftheAssociationforProgressiveCommunications,basedinSouthAfrica,tookupthismethodologyinworking with women living in situations of domestic violence as well as young black lesbians facing sexual violence due to their sexual orientation. They used the method-ology to encourage women's rights activ-ists to expand their ICTs skills to tell the stories that had the power to influence policy change. Women Win partnered with experts from APC to develop a DST frame-work that could emphasize girls leadership and sport experience.

AbOuT DigiTAl sTOryTElliNg

Digital stories are rich, layered accounts of human experiences.


C. What Makes DST UniqueThe most important characteristic of a digital story is that it no longer conforms to the traditional conventionsofmedia,reportingandstorytelling.The expressive capabilities and accessibility of technology offers a broad base from which ordinary people have the ability to craft and share their own story.

Narrative Control: The DST methodology differs fromallothermedia(documentaries,film,radio)inthat the storyteller is in complete power of the process-theparticipantchoosesexactlywhattosayandhowtosayit.Asaprocess,theactoftellingones story can have a profoundly empowering impact on the storyteller. Participants actively construct and reconstruct themselves and their stories through the process of narration.

ICT Skill Building: Through the process of partici-patinginaDSTworkshopandproducingastory,young women are equipped with computer and Internet skills. Beyond the personal empowerment oftheexperience,theintentionofthistrainingisthat young leaders will share these skills with others and integrate digital storytelling into their activist work.

Enabling Access: Comparedtotraditionalmedia,the digital medium is a relatively affordable and approachableformoftechnologyfornon-experts.Noprevioustechnicalexperienceisnecessaryto participate in a workshop and create a digital story. Non-professionalequipmentandfreesoftware

applications are used to craft and edit stories. Alternative Research Tool: Digitalstoriesarerich,layered accounts of human experiences. Unlike traditionalresearchmethodssuchassurveys,theycancapturethecomplexityofgrowth,challenge,tradition,etc.whichcanbelinkedtotheimpactpathway and M&E framework.

Feminist Methodology: The goal of empowerment istoenablewomentoparticipateinsociety,influ-ence their own situations and have equal chances as men have. All the unique qualities of DST described above allow for DST to become a very powerful tool for women's empowerment. The Association of Progressive Communications Chat Garcia Ramilo describes the digital storytelling itself asafeministmethod,aswomengetthechancetospeak their minds. The separation between a female private sphere and a male public sphere can be destabilized as marginalized women become visible through their digital stories. Through this visibility and increase in women's stories' media coveragemorefemalerolemodelsemerge,who,intheirturn,willinspiremorewomenonacommuni-ty,nationalorevengloballevel.Whatisalsoimpor-tantisthat,throughDST,womenandgirlsnotonlybecomemorevisible,butalsohavethepowertodeterminethewaytheyarerepresented,havingcomplete control of both the process and the product of DST. Inaddition,theprocessofDSTdisruptstradition-al hierarchies in multiple ways. By putting story

AbOuT DigiTAl sTOryTElliNg



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