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By Bruno Pellegrini, Userfarm. Presented at Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2014. Join us at the next event:



2. OUR GOALTo be the first choicefor content creationby major brands,publishers, broadcasters, e-tailers. 3. OUR MISSIONTo galvanise the skills and creativity ofour global network of filmmakers,and produce compelling and qualityvideos with rapidity and scale. 4. VIDEO RULES, EVERYWHERE!Video is no longer a nice to have. Today, any large global orlocal brand produces hundreds of videos every year as part ofits communications approach:Video Advertising for OnLine, Mobile and Social channels will grow up to $20BN in 2017(global media spending) and recent data confirm the need for local adaptation, personalizedmessages, real time communication.A constant stream of fresh and original Video is a must for growing and engaging Socialaudiences on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, G+, etc.Video is more and more used for product tutorial, corporate presentation, CSR activities,customer reviews, private convention or public event, top management comms, in-storeinformation, consumer insight to name a few.Video Contests are frequently included in marketing campaigns as a tool to maximiseengagement and visibility. 5. Production experienceVideo Amateur: little experience or newVideomaker: active usersFilmmaker: chosen for quality and skillsPro Teams: professional production teamsSkillsAdvertising: TV ads, virals and promovideoFiction: short movies, web series,Animation: animation, illustration and CGIVideo Art: music videos and digital artNarrative: documentaries, storytellerWHO WE AREWe are a global network of55,000+ content creators.Our creators come from 120+countries with extensivepresence in US and Europe.Our team classify each creatorbased on his profiles and pastcontributions. 6. OUR STUDIOOur studio is a state of the artdigital collaborative spacewhere content creators getinfo on open projects, creategroups, participate, findmaterial and tips, receiveassignments, complete tasks,discuss with moderators,submit proposals, win prizesand get paid. 7. WHAT WE DOWe work with leading brands, agencies, publishers and broadcastersto produce tv commercials, on line video advertising, viral video,corporate and product video, web series, tv shows, documentaries,Call For VideosCreativity / VisibilityPro PitchQuality / CreativityDirect AssignmentQuality / Time 8. CASE STUDYCandy Crush SagaAmong 60 approved submissionsKing selected 5 winners. 24 hoursafter posting the winning video onthe Candy Crush Facebook Pagethere were more than 41,000 sharesregistered. The post furthergenerated over 48,000 likes and5,500 comments (all organic, no paidpost promotion) resulting in a total of1.13 million views. 9. CASE STUDYFerrero Kinder PinguThe client wanted to produce a webseries around the main character ofKinder Pingu (ie Charlie the penguin)so we launched a pilot contest onUserfarm receiving more than 60proposals, a dozen of very highquality.At the end of the process Ferreroacquired the rights of 2 pilots and isnow publishing the first seriesachieving the highest results inorganic views and customerengagement. 10. CASE STUDYNokia Lumia 925Nokia France asked for 5 viralvideos to highlight 5 differentfeatures of the new Nokia Lumia925.In less than 1 month, through a ProPitch, the brand selected 5 ideasand we managed the production.Each video reached high levels ofviews and engagement onFacebook and YouTube. 11. CASE STUDYBarilla FactoryBarilla setup its own co-creationfactory which soon became a keypillar of its content creation andadvertising activities.On, the brandcontinuously engages creatives,filmmakers and customers on globalas well as local projects, on astrategic brand positioning level aswell as for tactical promotions. 12. OUR MAIN BENEFITSOur Smart Production Model allows to achieve significant better performancethan the Traditional one in terms of:Cost: our cost are 70% less on average vs traditional modelScale: there are no limits in quantity of content we can produceTime: we can activate creators in few minutes and produce real time videoCreativity: our clients can choose from a wide creativity and many point of views,Ubiquity: we can run global as well as city specific projects at the same timeUnder full management and total respect of code brand and values 13. ADDING A 3RD DIMENSIONParticipatoryStorytellingCrowdsourcing / CoCreation adds athird dimension of value to thecontent creation, enabling thePARTICIPATORY STORYTELLING.Nowadays all brands need toengage their customers, let thembecome the stars of the brandcommunication and ambassadors ofbrand values . 14. PARTICIPATORY STORYTELLINGRecent Case Studies 15. PARTICIPATORY STORYTELLINGRecent Case Studies 16. Bruno Pellegrini - 335 6191763THANK YOU