digital storytelling: connecting writing with new media

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Collaborative presentation for the Teaching Matters conference in April 2013


  • 1. Kelly Jones Mercer University Sydney Chalfa Middle Georgia State College
  • 2. Dana Atchley, Father of Digital Storytelling
  • 3. 1. Point of View 2. Dramatic Question 3. Emotional Content 4. Your Voice 5. Soundtrack 6. Economy 7. Pacing
  • 4. Narrative New Media Creativity and Critical Thinking Bridge to Academic Writing
  • 5. SYDNEY KELLY DS Course Traditional undergrads Mac Lab & YouTube Prompts Focus is on writing DS Assignment Nontraditional adults Shoestring technology Themes Focus is on writing
  • 6. Service learning Mobile learning (iPads) Study abroad Internships Research projects Oral history projects Capstones Portfolios Advocacy Community development K-12 Education NOTE: You may need IRB approval
  • 7. 1. Introduce the genre & play examples 2. Read the Digital Storytelling Cookbook 3. Draft a script 4. Story circle 5. Revise the script 6. Find images, scanning, photography 7. Storyboard 8. Narration 9. Software production 10. Story Showcase
  • 8. As a writing assignment RUBRIC Peer review Grade script separately Break assignment down into separately graded deliverables
  • 9. Images + Audio = Video iMovie Movie Maker Jing PowerPoint PhotoStory (for older PCs) Photo editor Mobile Apps (smart phones & tablets) Nice to have: audio recorder & scanner BE AWARE OF COPYRIGHT ISSUES
  • 10. Top 3: 50+ Ways to Tell a Story Wiki Center for Digital Storytelling University of Houston
  • 11. Kelly Jones, Instructor of Instructional Design Mercer University Phone: 478-301-2175 Email: Sydney Chalfa, Associate Professor of Theatre Middle Georgia State College Phone: 478-471-5771 Email:


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