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Digital Storytelling Bootcamp :. Learning the Basics of Using Digital Photos, Audio and Video as a Precursor to IncorporatingMultimodal Assignments in the Classroom . Presenter: Jennifer Sias, Associate Professor . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Digital Storytelling Bootcamp: Learning the Basics of Using Digital Photos, Audio and Video as a Precursor to IncorporatingMultimodal Assignments in the Classroom Presenter: Jennifer Sias, Associate Professor Facilitator: Jennifer Sias, Associate Professor and Director of Research, Information Literacy & Instructional Services (University Libraries) Abstract:Multi-modal compositions and multi-genre assignments are being embraced in higher education by faculty who are open to students demonstrating their knowledge, understanding and mastery of concepts through multiple literacies.Many students flourish when they have opportunities to express themselves not only in the written form but also through the visual arts, audio and video and are capable of producing persuasive and moving works, including public service announcements, podcasts, vodcasts (video podcasts) and digital stories. While many students of this generation seem adept in using (or at least have some familiarity with) various forms of technology to produce these types of assignments, professors who may not have a working knowledge of all things video, audio, etc. may be reluctant to incorporate digital storytelling and other multi-modal assignments in their courses. This workshop will be designed to give participants hands-on experience in taking digital photographs, recording digital audio and shooting digital video in teams to produce mini digital stories. Professor Sias will then demonstrate how to import participants digital photos, audio and video for basic editing using widely available audio and video editing software. This is a two-part workshop; participants for this session must also register for Part II on Wednesday, 8:45-10:45 (Workshop 5B).

AgendaDay One 945-1145945 1015 Introduction and DiscussionWhat is a multimodal composition?What is a digital story?How can digital stories and multimodal compositions be used in the classroom as alternative assignments?How might multimodal assignments and/or digital stories be assessed?What basic equipment is needed to produce a digital story?1015-1145 Creating and Gathering Content for Your Digital StoryDivide into groupsDistribute equipmentLearn how to operate equipmentDetermine story approachShoot video/collect artifacts, record

AgendaDay Two 845-1045845-1015 Editing, recording voice-overs, producing Organizing and Storyboarding your contentImport video, audio, etc. to computerEditingRecord narration if neededProduce Digital Story1015-1045 Group PresentationsReflections What is a multimodal composition?

Multimodal multiple modes, methods or typesMultimodal composition a composition or project involving multiple types of communication (written, audio, video, visual imagery, etc.)Related terminology: multigenre, multimedia, digital storytellingWhat is a digital story?A first-person narrative told with digital media (The Center for Digital Storytelling)A digital story is one told with the aid of any kind of digital device or software.Pictures/still images used to tell a storyAudio VideoGraphics/slides/annotationsGrandma JohnsonIntroduction to her digital story

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How can digital stories and multimodal compositions be used in the classroom as alternative assignments?

In place of a research paperIn addition to a research paperIn combination with a research paper (perhaps a shorter research paper combined with a digital story)

AssessmentRubricsSee PSA Assignment Rubrics and other materials provided by Dr. Cynthia Selfe: EquipmentComputer and software for editingPC Windows Movie MakerMac iMovie, Final Cut ProAudio - AudacityDigital camera and/or digital video cameraVoice/audioDigital Voice RecorderMicrophone connected to computerScannerIf you have print photos or a print image, you might want to use a scanner to scan and upload imagesStorage hard drive or portable hard drive or USB for storage of your story ingredients and for the final production

1015-1145 Creating and Gathering Content for Your Digital Story

Divide into teamsTeam One - DrinkoTeam Two - Old MainTeam Memorial Student CenterTeam Huntington, attractions & things to do nearbyDistribute equipmentLearn how to operate equipmentDetermine story approach

13Time: A simple storyBy Anne Davis, Kanawha County school teacher and participant in the Marshall University Writing Projects 2009 Summer Institute

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Go forth andShoot video/collect artifacts, & record!

BibliographyAlexander, Brian and Alan Levine. EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 43, no. 6 (November/December 2008)., Richard. A Teachers Guide to Digital Media in the Classroom. Berkeley, CA: Peachpit Press, 2009.James R. Squire Office of Policy Research. Writing in a Changing World: A Policy Research Brief. National Council of Teachers of English. September 2008: 15-22.Selfe, Cynthia. Multimodal Compositions. 3rd Annual Charles Lloyd Writing Symposium. Spring 2009. Writing Across the Curriculum. Marshall University. Multimodal Composition: Resources for Teachers. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Pres, Inc., 2007.---. The Movement of Air, the Breath of Meaning: Aurality and Multimodal Composing. College Composition and Communication 60.4 (2009).

Helpful websites: (For rubrics, activities and lesson plans you could modify) (Best value = FlipUltraHD $199. High Def and 8GB storage) (You can order these online or buy at Best Buy and no doubt other places locally) (WesternDigital and other external hard drives)

Sites for hosting finished videos/ (Example: