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Here is my digital storytelling assignment!


  • 1. If so, then Are you looking for new ways to engage your readers? Are your readers seeking out new ways to experience reading?

2. Digital Storytellingis for you! Im more involved in the learning process! Im taking ownership of my learning! 3.

  • Digital Storytelling uses computer-based tools to tell stories that focus on a given topic and from a particular point of view.
  • Digital stories usually include a assortment of computer-based images, text, audio, video clips, and/or music.
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What is Digital Storytelling? 4.

  • Technology is second-nature to the current generation of students in our classrooms
  • Todays students are more engaged in learning when interacting with technology

Why Digital Storytelling? 5.

  • Digital storytelling allows for more freedom for students to use their imagination.
    • When students are given a chance use their creativity and imagination in constructing knowledge
      • meaningful connections to prior knowledge and experiences bring learning to life!


  • Increased use of technology in the classroom takes advantage of student abilities to interact with technology in a learning environment

7. Instruction becomes more student-centered 8.

  • The teacher takes on more of a facilitator role


  • Students are more motivated than ever before
  • to read
  • to seek out ideas
  • to create
  • to explore

10. Students have complete controlover design, graphics,and other creative elements Students learn by reading, hearing, and interacting with subject content. 11.

  • Pre-writing:brainstorming, collecting images, researching, outlining, and storyboarding
  • Drafting:creating a script and developing form
  • Revising:modifying images and organization
  • Editing:timing, images, and narration
  • Publishing:the final product

The creative and learning processes come together through Storyboarding 12. Individual and cooperative learning through digital storytellingstrengthens the learning community helps students express themselves in a safe learning environment 13. Creating and watching digital stories can play a positive role inthe fundamentals of academics and increase information literacy in studentsand teachers 14. Watcha storyunfold today!