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Questions from the floor, answers from the panel - Network Rail, Technology Strategy Board, London Underground, FirstGroup Rail, Transport KTN


  • 1. Q&A session the panel answers questions from the floorThese are paraphrased in the next slides the answers (and questions) are much more wide-ranging - please listen in full on the SlideCast at answers-17720733 Transport Knowledge Transfer Network
  • 2. Question 1 Whose responsibility is the provision of a comms pipe connectivity for the railways?
  • 3. Question 2 How can a cross-organisational interface work?
  • 4. Question 3 Will the train operators open up data so that we can create APIs?
  • 5. Question 4 How can you square up GSM-R with safetycritical and non safety-critical
  • 6. Question 5 How can we be more innovative if we cant or wont be open, especially with our data?
  • 7. Question 6 How capable is the system of optimising routes for operators as well as for customers?