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<ul><li><p>Grow - Up Your Business with Digital Printing Technology Nowdays digital printing technology, printing companies are turning up with creative ideas to create banners and posters that can effectively help in the building up of any business. Companies offering large format digital printing which can rivet the attention of potential customers. These prints serve as mobile advertisements which are easily portable and put up anywhere. Every prints are attractive, economical and have a better quality compared to the large format prints produced by traditional printing technology. Today large format digital printing services are very high in demand. These type of printing directly printed from the computer and there is no need to intermediate medium such as negatives or photo plates. Large format printing is done with high-tech quality printers which guarantee unmatched photo quality. The colours are fade resistant since the inks used are of superior quality. Large format printing services can be availed of to create: - Posters - Banners - High impact presentations - Architectural drawings - Trade show displays - Charts This process is done directly from the computer with the help of sophisticated software's and tools. Inkjet, solvent and lightjet printers are used for the printing. It is very on demand process. The digital printing companies accept your files by email, or on CDs and DVDs. </p><p> The various advantages of large format digital printing are: - Superior image quality - On demand printing - Digital scan integration - Cost effective - Any size printing - Wide range of substrates - Fast turnaround time Large format digital prints are wonderful decorative options for your walls. Providers of large format digital printing services can create stunning graphics for the walls, both in the home or workplace. MYQSOFT is a large format digital printing company, based in INDIA and UK. Our large format digital printing services are best suited for tradeshows, exhibitions, art galleries, business events, and other public events. We use different-2 type of ink in printing technology. The inkjet printing technology is the most commonly used technology. The continuous jet type of method uses single jet or multiple jets for releasing ink and the drop on demand method involves ways such as Valve jet method, bubble jet and hot melt methods. </p><p> There are many advantages of digital printing. Conventional printing is more time consuming especially if high volumes of pages are to be printed. </p><p>In the case of a printing presses the conventional printing requires the pages to be dried before they can be cut and stapled to form books. On the other hand, in case of digital printing the pages are ready to be made into booklets as soon as they come out from the printer. </p><p>The materials used in conventional printing are more and it entails more waste compared to digital printing. Using a digital printer saves time as well as manpower. There are ecological benefits also as the number of print runs are dramatically reduced. </p><p> 2014-2016 MYQSOFT Limited (Hong Kong), MYQSOFT InfoTech Pvt. Limited (India) </p></li></ul>