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  • 8/4/2019 Digital Photography - Course Outline


    Digital Photography

  • 8/4/2019 Digital Photography - Course Outline


    Cost of the COURSE per PERSON

    (subject to availability - booking essential)

    For enquires of bookings Contact Gary on

    50% Non-Refundable Deposit required10% Discount for full payment up front.

    (Course must be completed within 6 months)Certificate of merit awarded on completion.

    = R2200.00 incl VAT

    Total span = 1 - 2 Months

    This Digital Photography course is an up-to-date and massivelycomprehensive course covering every aspect of Digital Photography.Don't be put off by all the jargon and terms associated with this excitingnew medium. Whether you want to pursue a career in the field or you

    simply want to be introduced or develop a better knowledge of themedium the course will offer advice and techniques that'll have to

    achieving your goals in no time. Your Lecturers, Julian Dale and GaryPeck have decades of experience behind them in the field of film

    photography and have made the transition to Digital seamlessly. You willfind the tutorials easy to follow with no formal examinations necessary.Only basic computer skills are required and you will find the course

    captivating and the assignments fun and interactive.On successful completion of the Digital Photography course you will

    have the skills and knowledge required to become a successfulphotographer either as a full or part-time career, as a profitable sideline

    or just as an exciting new hobby.
  • 8/4/2019 Digital Photography - Course Outline


    *Please note that any module can be taken individuallyon request at 10% of the cost of the total course.

    Course Duration = +-16 HoursSeparated into 8 (2Hour) Modules.

    The duration of the course will depend on the studentsunderstanding of the concepts covered.

    **BlackLeaf Design reserves the right to eliminate concepts beyondthe students ability depending on their progress

    during the course.


    Digital Photography

  • 8/4/2019 Digital Photography - Course Outline


    MODULE 1 Introduction and Overview

    01 Introduction - Cameras and Lenses

    01_01 Welcome Discussion + Formalities

    01_02 Tips for Learning Notebooks, Practice, Pack Discussion

    01_03 Understanding Digital Photography Vs Film Brief History

    01_04 Small, Medium and Large Format Cameras

    01_05 The SLR in Depth

    01_06 Does the camera and Megapixel Size Really Matter?

    01_07 What Equipment Should I have?

    01_08 Introducing Lenses

    01_09 Lens Faults Aberrations and Distortion

    01_10 The Wide Angle Lens

    01_11 The Telephoto Lens

    01_12 The Normal Lens

    01_13 Speciality Lenses and Accessories (MACRO)

    01_14 How to Care for Your Gear

    MODULE 2:02 Shutter Speed, Aperture and Exposure

    02_01 Different Types of Shutters and Their Characteristics

    02_02 Shutter Speeds

    02_03 Capturing and Freezing Motion

    02_04 Apertures and F / Stops Explained
  • 8/4/2019 Digital Photography - Course Outline


    02_05 Depth of Field

    02_06 Exposure

    02_07 The Sharpness Factor

    02_08 Exposure Limitations and Principles

    02_09 Depth of Field Preview Button

    02_10 Program Modes Shutter + Aperture Priority, Manual and Programme Modes

    03 Exposure and Metering

    03_01 Different Types of Light Meters

    03_02 Reflective and Incident Light Metering

    03_03 Spot Metering

    03_04 Understanding ISO Settings

    03_05 Dynamic Range

    03_06 Bracketing

    MODULE 3:

    04 The Film and Digital Process

    04_01 A Brief History of the Photographic Process

    04_02 A Brief Photographic Timeline

    04_03 The Development of Photographic Film

    04_04 Monochromatic and Colour Film Overview

    04_05 Special Use Films

    04_06 Digital Image Capture Overview

    04_07 CCD, CMOS and Scanning Backs Explained
  • 8/4/2019 Digital Photography - Course Outline


    04_08 How Does Digital Measure up to Film Really?

    04_09 How to Read a Histogram

    04_10 Disable Those Digital In-Camera Enhancements

    MODULE 4:

    05 Light and Colour

    05_01 The Colour Spectrum

    05_02 Colour Temperature (White Balance)

    05_03 Colour Thoery Development

    05_04 Additive and Subtractive Colour Systems

    05_05 RGB and CMYK Explained

    05_06 Filters

    05_07 Squinting

    05_08 Shadows and Highlights

    05_09 Black and White Photography

    05_10 Photoshops Channel Mixer

    06 Lighting, Daylight and Artificial

    06_01 Lighting Is Everything (Latin - Photo-Graph)

    06_02 The Sun

    06_03 Light Quality

    06_04 Colour Temperature Revisited

    06_05 Using Diffusers

    06_06 Lighting People and Objects Outdoors
  • 8/4/2019 Digital Photography - Course Outline


    06_07 Fill-Light

    06_08 Backlighting (Contra-Jour)

    06_09 Brief Introduction to Studio Lighting

    06_10 Bouncing Light

    06_11 Lighting Men and Lighting Women - Accepted Conventions

    MODULE 5:

    07 How to Take Better Photographs

    07_01 Exposure

    07_02 Camera Shake

    07_03 Zoom Zoom Zoom

    07_04 What Am I Trying to Say

    07_05 Who is My Audience

    07_06 The SES Rules ( Subject, Empasize, Simplify)

    07_07 Think Before You Shoot

    07_08 Its Photoshop Not Miracle the Shop

    07_09 Things to Be Aware of and Look Out For

    07_10 Be Honest to Yourself with Insightful Criticism

    07_11 Be Realistic in your Goals

    07_12 Plagiarism

    07_13 Developing Your Own Style

    07_14 Creating a Porfolio
  • 8/4/2019 Digital Photography - Course Outline


    MODULE 6

    08 Equipment and Software

    08_01 Advantages of Camera Formats (Digital Vs Film)

    08_02 Camera and Lens Advice Need Dependant

    08_03 Lighting Equipment

    08_04 Second-Hand Equipment

    08_05 Computer Power and Storage

    08_06 Image Editing Applications

    08_07 Adobe Photoshop Introduced

    09 Retouching, Resolution and Printing

    09_01 Photoshop or Whatever Else You Decide to Use(Its okay to be different - Remember Historys Famous

    Photographers Had Nothing but the Camera and a Lab)

    09_02 DPI Introduced

    09_03 RGB, CMYK and Gamut

    09_04 Colour Channels

    09_05 File Formats

    09_06 Using Camera Raw

    09_07 Adobe Camera Raw Visited

    09_08 Useful Retouching Tools

    09_09 Introduction to Photoshop Course

    MODULE 7
  • 8/4/2019 Digital Photography - Course Outline


    MODULE 8 The Studio and Conclusion

    10 The Studio

    10_01 How Big a Studio Do I Need?

    10_02 Rent or Construct?

    10_03 Tips

    10_04 Accessories

    10_05 Equipment and Demonstration

    11 The Studio

    11_01 Revision of basic Principles

    11_02 Extra Advice and Questions

    11_03 Aspiring Professionals and Photography as a Hobby

    11_04 Complimentary Programs and Other Courses Offered

    11_05 Website Blog (Critiques)

    12 Conclusion - Outro

    12_Goodbye and Good Luck!

    www blackleafdesign co za

    09_13 Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw Basics

    09_12 Less is More!

    09_10 Adjustment Layers, Levels and Curves

    09_11 Sharpening

    Unsharp Mask