digital notifications: capture and engage your audience

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Digital NotificationsCapturing and Engaging AudienceKelly OConnellSolutions Consultant


What are our goals?Capture AudienceOpensMobileSecond Send

@kelly_virginiaEngage AudienceClicksConversionsRelevance

OptimizeA/B Testing

40% of all email opens are now on a mobile device@kelly_virginia3@kelly_virginia

Too hard to readDifficult to respond toTedious to scrollEmail MarketingJuniper Research 2012Responsive Design



30% tempted to unsubscribe@kelly_virginiaAutomated Second Send

97% increase in opensTheyve Opened Now What?RelevanceROI@kelly_virginia9RelevancePreferencesTopic 1Topic 2Topic 3Topic 4BehaviorClicked activity on topics in email@kelly_virginiaPersonalization vs. RelevancePersonalizationRelevance

Hi Kelly!63% of consumers are numb to personalization-Economist Intelligence Unit 2013@kelly_virginia

@kelly_virginiaHow to OptimizeTestingFrom nameSubjectSend date/timeContentDesign

@kelly_virginia@kelly_virginia@kelly_virginiaThank you!Kelly OConnellSolutions Consultant