Digital Manuscript Interoperability Via Shared Canvas

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This is a presentation on digital manuscript (DMS) interoperability as an Open Annotation use case, presented on April 9, 2013 at the West Coast OA Roll Out at Stanford University. It includes both the DMS use cases as well as excerpts of shared-canvas slide decks and IIIF.


  • 1. Digital Manuscript (DMS) Interoperability Via Shared Canvas A Case Study in Open Annotation OA Rollout * Stanford * April 9, 2013Tom CramerBorrowing liberally from and->Ben AlbrittonChief Technology Strategist DMS Program ManagerStanford University Libraries Rob Sanderson Stanford University Libraries tcramer@stanford.eduLos Alamos National

2. Parker on the Web 3. Roman de la Rose 4. E-Codices 5. Walled Gardens: Custom, Func Framework -> Ecosystem Annotation & Cross Repository Search Transcription Tools & Delivery EnvironmentsParker App Gallica Image Trans- Image DeliverycriptionsDelivery SearchImageDes- ImageDes-DeliverySearch cription DeliverySearch cription IsIs Is IsAPAPAPAP Parker Data Oxford Data Rose Data BnF Data ImagesMDAnnot.Images MD Annot.Images MD Annot.Images MDAnnot. 11. Specic Use Cases for Interoperability 1. Drive a page turner with a sequence le (harder than you might think!) 2. Enable 3rd party transcrip


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