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Presentation at J.Boye Web and Intranet Conference in Aarhus Denmark #jboye12


  • 1. Digital Innovation:Rethinking the NO in InNOvation Innovation with no budget Sue Beckingham, J Boye Web and Intranet Conference 2012, Aarhus

2. The PERFECT website, intranet, VLE, PLE, CMS or LMSis as elusive as the pot of gold at the end of any rainbow..... 3. We need to acknowledge that there isntone correct answer to providing a singleone size fits all solution that meets theneeds of everyone 4. We therefore need to encourage, enable and embrace: The word innovation derives from the Latin word innovare "to renew or change, 5. Pushing (the edge of) the envelopeTo attempt to extend thecurrent limits of performance.To innovate, or go beyond commonly accepted boundaries. 6. BUT what about the barriers to InNOvation. 7. Pushing ( the edge of) the envelope ....... going beyondcommonly acceptedboundaries. 8. Stretched Budgets 9. Lack of time 10. Permission to stop to think? 11. InnovationDay = 20%working weekA Noogleron his firstFriday 12. Looking beyond communication justwithin your team.... STAFF INTRANET 13. Learning And Teaching Technology ExchangeUse Google Docs to develop an openon-going programme ofinformal sharing ofideas over lunch 14. Looking beyondthe horizon fornew ideas andinnovativesolutions 15. 16. A major shift has taken place on the Web. Web pages and Web search are no longer the centre of online activity andattention. Instead, the new centre of attention is messagingand streams. Nova Spivack 2012 We have moved from the era of the Web to the eraof the Stream. This changes everything. 17. Digital Technologies enablePersonal Learning Networksunconstrained by time and place 18. A shift from beingKnowledgeable to Knowledge-AbleMichael Wesch 19. Crowd sourcing opinion 20. YOUR GlobalPersonal Learning Network 21. CollaborationCommunity CollectiveCommunicationIntelligenceSharing is caring 22. Communicate Draw people into your website/intranet/portal 23. Enhancing, Extending and Engaging - using an active poster wallto provide a richer learning experience.Peter Walder, Andy Barnes, Robin Gissing, Tom Jolley and David Malpass (student).Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, Sheffield Hallam University 24. Communicate Disseminate crisis information 25. Continualupdatesare key 26. CollaboratePlan and write a conference proposal 27. CollectiveIntelligence Curateinformation 28. Community Share updates,projects and new ideas 29. Community Newsletters, Tweet Chats 30. Security + ControlTalking about ideaswith IST have been vital to enabling 31. Is it so BLACK or WHITE ??? 32. Run with those light bulb moments ofinspiration but accept you have todiscard other ideas or rework them 33. The illiterate of the 21stcentury will not be thosewho cannot read andwrite, but those whocannot learn, unlearn,and relearn.Alvin Tofler 34. Sue BeckinghamSheffield Hallam University, UK@suebecks


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